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Published on July 13, 2007

Author: johnbuckman



July 10, 2007 presentation at BayCHI, showing the 11 year evolution of the Lyris home page, the 9 rules of what a home page should have, and a bit about BookMooch

CHI: me John Buckman <> This work is licensed under a Creative Commons “Attribution” 3.0 license. See

3 parts: 1) Lyris home page retrospective 2) Magnatune design 3) BookMooch design

Lyris: the (d)evolution?

















re: Home Page 9 must-do items see “Magnatune, an Open Music Experiment” in Linux Journal

Where am I?

Why should I care?

What do you want me to do?

Why is this cool?

What's new?

Newsletter signup Whoops!

I want to know more

I want to steer

Other good things to do

Quick Payoff

Legitimacy, trust.


A human face


Our “No Privacy” Policy

BookMooch is a service with a high degree of transparency, and almost all your information and activities are automatically visible to anyone who accesses our web site. This includes, but is not limited to: all the books you want, own and have received, all feedback, your name, userid and photo.

The only personal information that is not automatically visible is: 1) email address 2) postal address and these are shown to people you exchage books with.

- if you abuse the trust of the community by attempting to, or succeeding at quot;gaming the systemquot;, violate the terms of use, or other forms of cheating or fraud, we reserve the right to publicly publish all your confidential details and identify you as someone we believe has betrayed the trust of the community.

Thanks. John Buckman <> This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution 3.0 license.

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