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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: deniselarangeira



first name, last name, nationality, occupation, Mr., Mrs., Miss

BAU1 “Getting Acquainted” SB /2 Review Titles: Mr. Senhor Mrs. Senhora Ms. Senhora / Senhorita Miss Senhorita Last name = family name (último sobrenome) First name = given name (primeiro nome) Nationality = nacionalidade Occupation = profissão

BAU1 I’m Ana Maria de Souza I’m a teacher. I’m from Brasília, Brazil What’s her first name? What’s her last name? Is she a doctor? What’s her occupation? Is she Italian? What’s her nationality?

BAU1 SB Exercise D / 3 1.I’d like to introduce you to... This is... 2.It’s a pleasure to meet you. Great to meet you. How nice to meet you. 3.Everyone calls me... Just call me... Please, call me...

Memory Game My name is Julia Watts. I’m an actress. I’m from The USA. My name is Juan Alba. I’m a student. I’m from Spain.

Test your memory. What’ her first name? What’s her last name? What’s her nationality? What’ his first name? What’s his last name? What’s his nationality?

BAU1 SB Grammar / 4 Who = quem Who’s =Quem é...? Where’s...from? = De onde...? What city... = De que cidade...? How old...? = Que idade...? SB Exercise A / 4 1) Who’s / she’s / How old is / she’s 2)What’s / name’s / Where’s 3)Who are / they’re / What are 4)How old are / What’s / He’s 5)What’s? It’s / What’s 6)What’s / It’s / Where are

Exercise 6 / 2 1. Who’s 2. What’s 3. How old is 4. What’s 5. Where are 6. Who are Exercise 7/ 3 1C 2D 3F 4B 5A 6G 7E

Exercise 8 / 3 1. Who are they? 2. What are their names? 3. Where are they from? 4. How old is the girl? Exercise 8 / 3 1.Denise Larangeira (My teacher is...) 2.It’s.... 3.I’m....years old.

Denise Larangeira

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