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Published on May 28, 2008

Author: jabernethy


Slide 1: By: Nick B., Ben, Devin, & Brant Battle of Trenton Slide 2: Background of the Battle George Washington crossed the Delaware River from Pennsylvania on December 25,1776. The actual battle took place on Dec. 26,1776. The Americans ( under George Washington) quietly surrounded Trenton where Hessian Mercenaries and British Dragoons were staying. The British forces had been celebrating Christmas and were taken by surprise. Trenton was occupied by three regiments of Hessian soldiers commanded by Colonel Johann Rall for a total of about 1,400 men. Washington's army numbered about 2,400 and attacked in two columns: Major General Nathanael Greene's division from the north, and Major General John Sullivan’s division from the west. A third division never made it across the river because of the weather but was supposed to attack from the south. Slide 3: About the battle Before Washington and his troops left for Trenton, a note was found on his desk. The note said “ Victory or Death” The battle took about 1 hour from 8 till 9 in the morning. Rall was ordered to to a build a redoubt at the head of King street and Queen street the two main roads in Trenton. Slide 4: More on the battle The picture on the last page was the path Washington and his troops took to cross the the Delaware River. Now for more on the battle. Rall led his men and the Lossberg regiment, Under Lt. Col. Scheffer, out of the town to try to reorganize and retake the town. The Americans, by this time, occupied most of the buildings in Trenton. From these buildings the Americans fired into the Rall regiment. The regiment broke and took off back through the Lossberg regiment causing chaos. The 2 regiments were surrounded in an orchard south of Trenton and out of the smoke came the drums and standards playing the parley. Commander Rall could be seen slumped in his saddle, mortally wounded. Thus ended Johann Rall’s rein over Trenton. Slide 5: Setting of the battle The setting of the battle is Dec. 26, 1776. It was very cold and windy on the day of the crossing. There was also a blizzard too. It was held in the streets of Trenton. Trenton is located in New Jersey. Slide 6: Now here are some pictures that you can enjoy Slide 7: I hope you enjoyed our powerpoint Bye!

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