Batteries Not Included: How to Supercharge Student Motivation

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Information about Batteries Not Included: How to Supercharge Student Motivation

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ECTutoring


Batteries Not Included: How to Supercharge Your Child’s Motivation by Ann Dolin, M.Ed.

What’s Fueling Our Anxiety?  Worried about the future:   2005 UVA average incoming GPA 3.7 In 2013, UVA average incoming GPA 4.21 There is a trickle down effect to grades  We swoop in, pay for grades, punish  Relationships are defined by academics  2

What the Research Says 6.3 Million dollars  261 Schools in NYC, DC, Chicago, Dallas  Paid students for:       Report card grades Reading books Going to class Completing HW Standardized test scores 3

Why Carrots Sometimes Work  Rewards   Work for short-term, simple tasks Do not work for complex, long-term tasks 4

Establishing Expectations: Daily  Use the “When, then” approach” “When you have studied for 20 minutes, then you can take the car up to the store.”  “I’ll know your responsible when I see that you’ve completed your spelling. Then you can play outside.”  Consider a formal agreement  5


Establishing Routines: Long-Term  Younger:   “When you’ve shown me your assignment notebook and completed HW, Mon-Thur, then you can go out with your friends”. Older:  When you maintain a 3.0 GPA then you may have use of the family car. Bar should be set low to ensure success  Put in writing  7

Consequences  Use the SOS technique    Schedule a time to meet Open the dialogue Set up accountability Avoid taking away activities such as sports or clubs  Allow natural consequences to occur  8

Getting From Here to There Be realistic about expectations  Success is the motivating factor  No quick fixes  9

Make the Environment Ripe for Learning  Routine for HW       Place   Time to Start Designated HW Time Launching Pad Clean Sweep Location can vary, not in bedroom No Tech Time 10

Limiting Distractions  The myth of multi-tasking   Music   Never a good idea Computer    Not good for retention Television   Really task-switching In a public place Reduce open applications Phones   FOMO Tech break 11

Communicating to Motivate  Praise effort every turn   Carol Dweck Notice your child’s strengths  “I’ve noticed…” Mention them often  Spend 15 minutes a day with the activity they like  12

Opportunity to Turn the Tables 80% of feedback students with ADHD receive in school is negative  Opportunity to turn 80/20 around  To be a coach, not a critic  At home, boys shut down; girls fight with their moms  13

The Push & Pull of Academics  “Do not sacrifice your parent/child relationship on the altar of academic performance.”   Russell Barkley, PhD When in doubt, get outside help 14

Contact Info  Contact Info      Ann Dolin 703.934.8282 Thank you for attending! 15

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