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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: gvrdn


3G DESIGN FOR ATM BANKING USING SIM: 3G DESIGN FOR ATM BANKING USING SIM Presented by R.Suresh(454) P.Govardhan(451) G.Naresh(436) S.Nagesh(456) Anu Bose institute of technology Existing system: Existing system ATM cards miss-used by other person Security based on pin number Multiple cards for different banks ABSTRACT: ABSTRACT In this proposed system we have created the new generation ATM machine which can be operated without the ATM card. By using this system ATM machine can be operated by using our SIM in the mobile phone. When we insert our SIM in the reader unit of the ATM machine it connects the mobile to the server. In server we can collect the related information of the mobile number (i.e) the users account details, their photo etc. the camera near the ATM machine will capture the users image and compare it with the user image in the server using MATLAB BLOCK DIAGRAM: BLOCK DIAGRAM SIM Scanning Device Alert Module Power supply FPGA Block Description: Block Description Mobile scanning device scans SIM number through GSM Modem Which data given to the Teller machine for further processing At the same time, web camera captures the images and captured images was compared using MATLAB If images and PIN number are same then further processing continued Otherwise it gives alarm through Alert module Hardware Components: Hardware Components FPGA GSM modem Web Camera GSM Modem: GSM Modem A GSM modem is a wireless modem that works with a GSM wireless network. A wireless modem behaves like a dial-up modem The main difference between them is that a dial-up modem sends and receives data through a fixed telephone line while a wireless modem sends and receives data through radio waves. an external GSM modem is connected to a computer through a serial cable or a USB cable It should be inserted into one of the PC Card slots of a laptop computer. Like a GSM mobile phone, a GSM modem requires a SIM card from a wireless carrier in order to operate. PowerPoint Presentation: With the extended AT commands, you can do things like: Reading, writing and deleting SMS messages. Sending SMS messages. Monitoring the signal strength. Monitoring the charging status and charge level of the battery. Reading, writing and searching phone book entries. Software Used: Software Used Xilinx ISE 10.1 Mat lab VHDL Language Used MATLAB: MATLAB MATLAB is a numerical computing environment and fourth generation programming language. Developed by The MathWorks MATLAB - meaning "matrix laboratory”. MATLAB supports classes, however the syntax and calling conventions are significantly different than in other languagues, because MATLAB does not have reference data types. For example, a call to a method Merits: Merits Intention recognition system Bank transaction based on mobile SIM Effective alert module Process intimation module Mobile communication technologies Applications: Applications Security applications Data transferring applications Image processing applications Banking applications Conclusion : Conclusion All the functions of the ATM, the authors are now concentrating on developing the intention recognition, mobile based processing and alert module. References: References M. Ejiri, T. Uno, M. Mese and S. Ikeda, “A Process for Detecting Defects in Complicated Patterns” N. Miura, A. Nagasaka and T. Miyatake, “Automatic Feature Extraction from non-uniform Finger Vein Image and its Application to Person Identification,” PowerPoint Presentation: ANY QUERIES

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