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Published on August 1, 2007

Author: funnyside


Sports Algebra :  Sports Algebra Basketball Slide2:  Math Content Converting Ratios to Equivalent Fractions to Percents Predictions based on Ratios and Percents Slide3:  Basketball Stats for the Charlotte Sting Slide4:  Set-up Place empty trashcans around the room Put a piece of tape on the floor at least 5 feet from the trashcan Groups of 5 or 6 Slide5:  Directions Both teams will play two halves and an overtime Keep track of the shots that your team makes during each half by COUNTING OUT LOUD Slide6:  First Half Take 10 shots as a team After 10 shots have been taken, calculate the ratio of shots made to shots taken Use the ratio to calculate the team’s shooting percentage Record team results on the overhead Slide7:  Second Half Use results from First Half to predict how many shots your team will make out of 15 Shoot 15 shots, record team ratio and shooting percentage Record team results on the flip chart Overtime:  Calculate team results for the entire game (both halves combined; 25 total shots taken) Using the stats calculated from the entire game, predict how many shots your team will make out of 7 (to match your player) Shoot 7 baskets and record your team’s results Overtime

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