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Published on September 25, 2012

Author: ankush85


PowerPoint Presentation: Photography Basics Light is the ink, Camera is a pen and photo plane is like a paper 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Photo – Light Graphis – Drawing/Recording Recording fix images on a light sensitive surface 2 What is Photography! ! PowerPoint Presentation: 3 Principle of Camera Film and Digital Camera: Film and Digital Camera 4 Film is now replaced by Digital CMOS Sensor: Film is now replaced by Digital CMOS Sensor Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor 5 What i follow and want everyone to follow!!: What i follow and want everyone to follow!! “Camera doesn’t matter, what matters the most is your eye ” 6 Photography is all About: Photography is all About Freezing a moment with the help of Light on a photosensitive surface. It used to be chemically enabled optical sensitive surface earlier. It has been replaced now by electronically photo sensitive CCD or CMOS to freeze the image 7 PowerPoint Presentation: “Types of Photography” 8 Nature Photography: Nature Photography 9 Landscape Photography # Wildlife Photography # Underwater Photography : Seascape Photography # Cloudscape Photography : Nature Photography: Nature Photography 10 For Complete Course, join Online Photography course for beginners on at: : For Complete Course, join Online Photography course for beginners on at: Contact:

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