Baseball Fielding Drill - Pitcher Cover One

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Information about Baseball Fielding Drill - Pitcher Cover One

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: PracticePerfect



Youth baseball drill for teaching pitchers how to cover first base when a ground ball or pop fly pulls the first baseman away from the bag. Drill emphasizes the safe route for the pitcher to take, how the first baseman needs to lead the pitcher with his throw and how the second baseman needs to move to back up the first baseman.

Fielding Drill Pitcher Cover One This is a game scenario/ fielding drill designed to teach the pitcher how to cover 1B

Split team into three groups: • Group 1 at Pitcher • Group 2 at 2B • Group 3 at 1B

Coach hits ground ball that pulls 1st baseman to his right

Pitcher runs to 1B to catch throw from 1st baseman. 2nd baseman moves to back up 1st baseman.

Pitcher’s last few strides should be parallel with first base line to avoid collision with runner.

1st baseman needs to lead the pitcher with his throw so he can catch it in stride. Rotate players through all positions

This can also be a fast moving station drill with as few as three players.

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