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Published on March 28, 2014

Author: ormitausa



Barter your empty airline seats for things that you need with the Ormita Commerce Network Barter Exchange Platform. Visit today to learn more.

© Copyright 2013 - Ormita Commerce Network BARTER FOR YOUR AIRLINE Turning your airlines empty seats into advertising space and more... © Copyright. Ormita Commerce Network Limited

Recovers Value from Unsold Time and Space Time and excess production capacity are priceless non-recoverable, non-recyclable limited commodities. Selling these via Ormita provides a mechanism for businesses to achieve greater wealth. Brings New Customers Ormita brings new customers to a business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by the company. This may result in more “word-of-mouth” referrals, an increased work-portfolio, more recommendations, improved organizational skills, higher visibility and more cash sales. Improves Cash-flow There are two ways to increase cash flow – reduce costs and create additional sales. Ormita does both! Ormita provides business owners the opportunity to acquire what they need with what they have and allows them to preserve their working capital for other needs. Creates Wholesale Buying Power When members purchase using Ormita they are buying out of the profit margin created from new sales – not their existing cash income. Increases a Businesses Asset Base By adding new customers and additional revenue, a business can increase its overall profitability and improve the health of its balance sheet. Increased income will offset existing purchases, freeing up cash and contributing to an overall net-profit for the business. Increases Visibility More customers, a greater number of referrals, a bigger portfolio, more feedback, better signage, more promotional activities and new advertising campaigns funded from additional sales all contribute to improving a businesses atmosphere and visibility. BENEFITS OF BARTER

Get more customers Build brand value Take customers away from the competition Get first-mover advantage in foreign markets Generate referral sales Get a competitive edge

© Copyright 2013 - Ormita Commerce Network ADVERTISING USING BARTER

? WHAT SORT OF ADVERTISING IS AVAILABLE ON BARTER Radio Television Railway Bus Internet Billboards Magazine Newspaper ... and much more ... ALL TYPES OF MEDIA IN 54 COUNTRIES ON 100% BARTER

Media Planning & Buying Localisation, Translation & Design Post Analysis & Reporting Media Strategy OTHER MEDIA SERVICES ON BARTER Ormita provides traditional media services, as well as a highly accountable ROI optimisation model that will maximise sales volume, conversion rates and revenue per order. We also have a full service in house digital team, and are ahead of the game for digital and social media. We are proud to include a number of diversified services to our clients, over and above our specialised strategy, implementation planning and buying offering including sponsorship and activation planning and implementation. We are also able to offer our clients tailored data modelling and analytics, econometrics and data mining solutions through our international links.

BARTER MEDIA FULFILLMENT Barter Media Fulfilment We critically study every target audience, assign media consumption to it, and then creatively media plan, passionately negotiate and buy media, with the vision to achieve the best return on investment of clients’ barter agreement. We have a team of creative people who constantly deliver the best and we believe that we are in the business of building customer's business. A minor concern of the customer is a major concern for us. Volume buying earns us deep discounts that are then passed along to our clients, maximizing their return on investment. Lower rates enable you to benefit by improving your overall budgetary goals, so you increase campaign awareness and longevity. We are committed to:  Building your airlines brand.  Making your airline our business partner from Strategy to Execution.  Providing your airline a planned sequence of activities – Not, single unconnected shots.  Proactive approach to maximise PR opportunities.  Highly creative approach.  Creating a link with the media.  Dedicated to delivering results and a Return On Investment (ROI) for your airline.  Meticulous management of implementation.  Bringing a pool of talent to every job your airline gives us.

© Copyright 2013 - Ormita Commerce Network OTHER ESSENTIALS AVAILABLE ON BARTER

BARTER FOR IN-FLIGHT NEEDS Blankets Pillows Ear Phones Refresher Towlettes

BARTER FOR PRINTING All your printing needs on 100% barter

BARTER FOR DISPLAY ITEMS Standies Collapsible Walls Trade Show Displays Temporary Desks Sandwich Boards Engraved Signs

BARTER FOR CORPORATE CLOTHING We have uniform and luggage manufacturers in multiple countries all available on 100% barter Copy your existing design or Create a new design

© Copyright 2013 - Ormita Commerce Network USE BARTER TO REWARD YOUR CUSTOMERS, AGENTS & STAFF

AIRPOINT GIFTS ON BARTER Ormita can provide you with a turn-key airpoints gifts system for your clients. Gifts can be delivered to your clients inclusive of postage costs. Your airline can repay in air tickets.

BARTER FOR PROMOTIONAL ITEMS Luggage TagsUSB Sticks Key Rings Luggage Scales Stress Balls Model Planes Travel Safe Kits Foam Planes Custom Travel Kits Tote Bags Candy Don’t like what you see? We have lots more available!! Let us create a tailored solution for you!

BARTER FOR HIGH-END CORPORATE GIFTS Don’t like what you see? We have lots more available!! Let us create a tailored solution for you! Cuff Links Computer Mice Solar ChargerExecutive Puzzles Executive Putter Sets

© Copyright 2013 - Ormita Commerce Network ANCILLARY REVENUE OPTIONS

Why advertising on airlines works for barter traders  Captive Audience – 2 – 18 hours  Focused attention - no distractions from home life/work  Reach large demographic of people including business travellers, vacationers, men & women  Large advertising space.  Clients can take some types of ads with them – Cups, Napkins, Boarding Pass Sleeves & Samples.  Caters to a wealthy & highly educated demographic with a median wage of $82,822 MORE BARTER OPTIONS TO REPAY

BOARDING PASS INSERTS Printing is also available on 100% barter via Ormita

BACKS OF BOARDING PASSES Printing is also available on 100% barter via Ormita

FOOD TRAY LINERS Printing is also available on 100% barter via Ormita

CARE COVERS Overview The idea was inspired by public sanitation fears, which reached a pitch last fall during the swine flu scare. How it works A regular tray table is covered with special clear laminating film that releases silver ions, which attack bacteria to prevent it from growing. The ads appear on the tray table, underneath the film. What product categories do well Frequent ad categories include telecommunications, travel, personal care products, financial services, auto, consumer electronics and web sites. Who’s already on airplanes Recent airline advertisers include Hilton hotels, Tylenol, Verizon, Apple, FedEx, Sony, Crest, Ford, Microsoft and American Express. Printing is also available on 100% barter via Ormita

HEAD REST COVERS Printing is also available on 100% barter via Ormita


REFRESHER TOWLETTES Towlettes and printing is also available on 100% barter via Ormita

OTHER IDEAS  Airsick bag printing  Beverage cart side stickers  Cocktail napkin printing  Check in counter display advertising  Seatback inserts  Branded snack bags  Coupons inside boxed meals  Overhead bin advertising  In-flight announcements and give-aways  Lavatory door stickers  Beverage cup printing  Amenity kit handouts  Email advertising (reservation confirmations, boarding passes, email destination guides, frequent flier programme member emails, email lists)  Online confirmation banners Following are some other methods of monetising space on board the aircraft:

© Copyright 2013 - Ormita Commerce Network THE BARTER PROCESS


The Ormita barter exchange platform serves several functions:  Allows access to our closed network of more than 220,000 business barter traders  Provides a multi-lateral matching system of wants and needs  Helps source new customers  Gives each business an international platform to sell their product and source new supplies  Promotes existing participants (nationally and globally) through blind matching  Acts as a third-party to mediate between delivery of goods and services for the best price  Finds alternative (non-cash) suppliers for you to make purchases from  Records the values of transactions  Issues account statements to show the transactions Ormita brings new customers  These customers do not replace existing cash customers  Customers are those who would otherwise not purchase from you using cash  These customers generate new revenue Ormita provides each member with an account which:  Offers access to interest-free lines of credit  Records the value of every purchase or sale  Issues account statements  Allows 24x7 online access Ormita provides a new revenue stream for your airline. We provide a new way to pay for things you need. THE ROLE OF ORMITA

$0 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 -$3,000 -$2,000 -$1,000 SELLING ON BARTER When you sell, your Ormita barter account is credited for the value of the sale – just as if it had been sold for cash Prices are the same as if you are using cash  If something is usually priced at €1 cash then it will be priced as €1 barter  The software calculates exchange rates between customers in different countries

$0 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 -$3,000 -$2,000 -$1,000 When you buy, your Ormita barter account account is debited BUYING ON BARTER

-€10,000 +€10,000 -€8,000 1. You purchase €10,000 of advertising on barter using Ormita. 2. Your account is debited €10,000 barter The media companies account is credited €10,000 barter Instead of paying cash, you now owe the Ormita network €10,000 of your airline tickets. 3. The media company buys €8,000 of corporate gifts from someone else in the network. 4. The corporate gift company spends that €8000 credit back with you. The process is simple and every time you make a purchase you are guaranteed a matching sale from another member of the network. +€8,000 EXAMPLE TRADE (You wish to buy €10,000 of media) EXAMPLE TRANSACTION

ONLINE ACCOUNT STATEMENTS You are provided with access to online account statements and can create sub-user accounts for other staff in your organisation as you require.

Get All Relevant Stakeholders Involved on Day 1 Getting buy-in from everyone involved in the process is key. This means talking to colleagues in procurement and sales to decide which products or services can be used to support future media campaigns. If you have a media procurement or design division then they also need to be involved early on. Understand your business environment This should go without saying, but as advertising impact is affected by lots of other factors, timing is crucial. Aligning advertising and promotional activity will trigger multiplier effects, while stronger seasonal leverage might be offset by adverse competitive campaigns. Collaborate and set goals Together with Ormita and our partners, you will be asked to review marketing objectives, media plans and other operating goals to determine the most suitable types of media in each location for its target market. It is during this process that Ormita will begin to develop a customised media plan suitable for your objectives. Ormita will also work with you to identify several approved sales channels for your airline tickets, so as to not interfere with your existing cash client base. The rest of process of planning and buying media remains the same as it would do without barter. STARTING THE BARTER PROCESS

STARTING THE BARTER PROCESS Sell Airline Ticket Credits Once a mutually beneficial agreement has been reached, Ormita buy a certain value of Meridiana airline tickets in an agreed pricing structure. Ormita may require a “barter agency of record” letter at this stage. This is to confirm that it owns credit with Meridiana and may sell this credit on. Utilise Trade Credits In accordance with the programme developed together, Meridiana utilises its trade credits to purchase media, hotel reservations, printing, corporate gifts etc through Ormita. Verify Performance Ormita establishes mutually agreed upon metrics and benchmarks, then carefully measures their performance against those standards. We reconcile invoices against orders, provide proof of performance, and guarantee the media delivery in accordance with market standards.

© Copyright 2013 - Ormita Commerce Network OFFICIAL VIEWS

Multi barter is experiencing a revival over the last twenty years, a renewal accelerated with the development of the Internet and electronic business platforms. “ ” "Potentiel et perspectives de développement des plates-formes d’échanges interentreprises" Report of the French Ministry of Finance, January 2013 Download Link: FRANCE

Companies that use multilateral barter networks, such as the WIR or Ormita, as an additive function to their existing sales strategies and inventory management processes reap its benefits, thereby maximizing cash flows. “ ”“International Trade Flows Facing the Global Credit Crunch: The Multilateral Barter Trade System” Report of the Univeristy of Turin, August 2012 Download Link: ITALY

Barter is viewed as a potential means of enhancing trade and promoting economic cooperation. “ ” OIC "Countertrade: Policies and Practices in OIC Member Countries“ Islamic Development Bank, Seminar Proceedings No. 24, 2002 Download Link:

In situations where tourism businesses need to save money there is the possibility to exchange their surplus for needed goods and services - like marketing - and thereby gain leverage in purchasing power. The gross margin becomes a form of discount on purchases when bartering that makes less cash needed for operating the company. “ ” SWEDEN “Commercial Barter and Local Currencies in The Context of Tourism” Karlstad Business School, Sweden, June 2012 Download Link:

Business people find that using capacity to source needed goods and services is an attractive alternative proposition to conventional sales and credit if it can increase sales, ease cash flow or reduce reliance on conventional credit. “ ”“Capacity Trade and Credit: Emerging Architectures for Commerce and Money” Report of the City of London, UKTI & Economic & Social Research Council Download Link: publications/Documents/research-2011/Capacity%20Trade%20and%20Credit_Full%20Report_Web.pdf UK


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