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Information about Baroque

Published on February 26, 2008

Author: Tibald


Baroque Architecture:  Baroque Architecture Proportional but extravagant Fancy and pretty details A lot of columns, arches, domes and rounded shapes The scroll is especially baroque (like a cinnamon roll swirl) Architecture of Baroque:  Architecture of Baroque Luxurious chateaux Decorative motifs of Italian Renaissance Love of and emphasis on decoration Graceful, harmonious Versailles:  Versailles Hunting camp for Louis XIII Louis XIV made it a castle 2000 windows - Private zoo with elephants 700 rooms - Chinese carousel 1250 fireplaces - Gondolas on canal 67 staircases 1800 acres of park Entrance to the Versailles Palace:  Entrance to the Versailles Palace Hall of Mirrors-Versailles:  Hall of Mirrors-Versailles Bedchamber-Versailles:  Bedchamber-Versailles The Cathedral of the Smolney Convent:  The Cathedral of the Smolney Convent Francesco Borromini :  Francesco Borromini Rebellious, emotionally disturbed Bernini’s rival Concave & convex surfaces created motion Suicide – how? Fell on a sword Borromini:  Borromini Borromini San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane :  Borromini San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane Sir Christopher Wren St. Paul’s Cathedral (London):  Sir Christopher Wren St. Paul’s Cathedral (London) Details & Proportion:  Details & Proportion Scroll:  Scroll Gianlorenzo Bernini :  Gianlorenzo Bernini      More decorative than Renaissance    Painter, playwright, composer     Worked for Louis XIV     Considered greatest sculptor David in motion Created a bronze canopy/altar for St. Peter’s    -Taller than a 10 story building       -Columns with carved vines, leaves, bees Gianlorenzo Bernini:  Gianlorenzo Bernini Also an architect Fountains Palaces Churches Piazza in front of St. Peter’s Basilica Apollo & Daphne:  Apollo & Daphne Bernini altar:  Bernini altar Bernini Top of the altar at St. Peter’s:  Bernini Top of the altar at St. Peter’s Bernini Ecstasy of St. Theresa:  Bernini Ecstasy of St. Theresa She believed she had been pierced by an angel’s dart infusing her with divine love. Bernini’s David:  Bernini’s David Baroque Art:  Baroque Art Ornate and decorative No clear central figure Distorted origin of light Religious and secular Funded by popes and monarchs Baroque is sometimes used negatively to mean gaudy and over-decorative. Caravaggio :  Caravaggio Intentionally sought to shock and offend “evil genius” and “anti-Christ of painting” Went from city to city fleeing the law “Death of a Virgin” causes a problem Daring innovator Caravaggio Death of the Virgin:  Caravaggio Death of the Virgin Caravaggio: Sacrifice:  Caravaggio: Sacrifice Caravaggio Sacrifice of Isaac Peter Paul Rubens :  Peter Paul Rubens Worked throughout Europe with many people “Fat is beautiful,” many nudes Painted suggestive rape scenes Portraits with sentimental looks Work is said to be vulgar and insincere Admired but disliked Rubens The Descent from the Cross:  Rubens The Descent from the Cross Rubens The Three Graces:  Rubens The Three Graces Rembrandt van Rijn :  Rembrandt van Rijn Light and dark color contrasts Paintings looked like photos Almost 100 self-portraits Early works: detailed, physical action, many subjects Late works: done quickly, psychological, single subjects Rembrandt The Nightwatch:  Rembrandt The Nightwatch Rembrandt Self-portrait:  Rembrandt Self-portrait Jans Vermeer:  Jans Vermeer Indoor paintings as if you were there Subject is always holding something Use of indirect lighting Used texture to give depth Vermeer Lady writing letter with her maid:  Vermeer Lady writing letter with her maid Vermeer Woman Sleeping:  Vermeer Woman Sleeping William Hogarth:  William Hogarth English artist as a social critic Created the comic strip First political cartoonist Overcome England’s inferiority complex Hogarth John Wilkes, Esquire :  Hogarth John Wilkes, Esquire Bedlam Hogarth:  Bedlam Hogarth El Greco – Domenikos Theotokopoulos:  El Greco – Domenikos Theotokopoulos Emphasis on Counter-Reformation Mannerism Elongation of bodies Use of color – intense & unusual Madonna & Child:  Madonna & Child Holy Trinity:  Holy Trinity Diego Velazquez:  Diego Velazquez Spanish master Lifelike portraits Natural poses , no props Very influential and loved Velazquez:  Velazquez Pope Innocent X Juan de Pareja Velazquez Venus at her mirror:  Velazquez Venus at her mirror Velazquez, Las Meninas:  Velazquez, Las Meninas Chardrin’s Silver Goblet:  Chardrin’s Silver Goblet Gentileschi’s Judith Beheading Holofernes :  Gentileschi’s Judith Beheading Holofernes Self Portrait:  Self Portrait

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