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Information about Barn Owls

Published on March 17, 2014

Author: rsol68



Interesting facts about barn owls for elementary grades.

Mrs. Sol’s Class


Barn owls like to live in barns. That's how they got their name. They also like attics, silos, steeples, and, of course, man- made nesting boxes.

Barn owls are found on every continent except Antarctica!

Barn owls are one of the world's most common birds, but we don’t see them because they are awake at night.

The barn owl is a raptor, a nocturnal bird of prey like other owls. Eagles, falcons and hawks are also raptors, but they live by day.

nocturnal bird of prey

Because of their excellent hearing, barn owls can catch small animals in total darkness.

During flight, a barn owl’s left ear captures sounds below while her right ear focuses on sounds from above.

The female barn owl lays 3 - 10 eggs, which are incubated for 29 - 34 days. Young owls do not leave their home area until they are 3-5 months old.

Fledge is the stage in a young bird's life when the feathers and wing muscles are ready for flight. Barn owls fledge when they are 7 – 10 weeks old.

Barn owls have golden brown and white feathers. They have a heart-shaped white face and dark eyes.

A barn owl is about the size of a small cat, but only weighs 1 pound.

Barn Owls do not hoot - they

A barn owl’s 42 inch wingspan helps with slow and silent flight. He has special edged feathers that don't "swoosh" as they move. Watch out mice!

Barn owls have a short life span. Most only live for about 2 years in the wild. Vid


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