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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: Jeremiah


Slide1:  The ILC Global Design Effort Barry Barish ILC Industrial Forum Japan 28-June-05 Why e+e- Collisions?:  Why e+e- Collisions? elementary particles well-defined energy, angular momentum uses full COM energy produces particles democratically can mostly fully reconstruct events Slide3:  A Rich History as a Powerful Probe Slide4:  The Energy Frontier Why a TeV Scale e+e- Accelerator?:  Why a TeV Scale e+e- Accelerator? Two parallel developments over the past few years (the technology) Designs and technology demonstrations have matured on two technical approaches for an e+e- collider that are well matched to our present understanding of the physics. Slide6:  GLC GLC/NLC Concept The main linacs operate at an unloaded gradient of 65 MV/m, beam-loaded to 50 MV/m. The rf systems for 500 GeV c.m. consist of 4064 75 MW Periodic Permanent Magnet (PPM) klystrons arranged in groups of 8, followed by 2032 SLED-II rf pulse compression systems TESLA Concept:  TESLA Concept The main linacs based on 1.3 GHz superconducting technology operating at 2 K. The cryoplant, is of a size comparable to that of the LHC, consisting of seven subsystems strung along the machines every 5 km. Which Technology to Chose?:  Which Technology to Chose? Two alternate designs -- “warm” and “cold” had come to the stage where the show stoppers had been eliminated and the concepts were well understood. A major step toward a new international machine required uniting behind one technology, and then working toward a unified global design based on the recommended technology. Slide9:  International Technology Review Panel Evaluate a Criteria Matrix:  Evaluate a Criteria Matrix The panel analyzed the technology choice through studying a matrix having six general categories with specific items under each: the scope and parameters specified by the ILCSC; technical issues; cost issues; schedule issues; physics operation issues; and more general considerations that reflect the impact of the LC on science, technology and society The Recommendation:  The Recommendation We recommend that the linear collider be based on superconducting rf technology This recommendation is made with the understanding that we are recommending a technology, not a design. We expect the final design to be developed by a team drawn from the combined warm and cold linear collider communities, taking full advantage of the experience and expertise of both (from the Executive Summary). The Technology Recommendation:  The Technology Recommendation The recommendation was presented to ILCSC & ICFA on August 19 in a joint meeting in Beijing. ICFA unanimously endorsed the ITRP’s recommendation on August 20 Slide13:  The Community then Self-Organized Nov 13-15, 2004 Slide14:  The Global Design Effort Formal organization begun at LCWS 05 at Stanford in March 2005 when I became director of the GDE Technically Driven Schedule GDE – Near Term Plan:  GDE – Near Term Plan Schedule Begin to define Configuration (Aug 05) Baseline Configuration Document by end of 2005 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Put Baseline under Configuration Control (Jan 06) Develop Reference Design Report by end of 2006 Three volumes -- 1) Reference Design Report; 2) Shorter glossy version for non-experts and policy makers ; 3) Detector Concept Report Slide16:  Starting Point for the GDE Superconducting RF Main Linac Parameters for the ILC:  Parameters for the ILC Ecm adjustable from 200 – 500 GeV Luminosity  ∫Ldt = 500 fb-1 in 4 years Ability to scan between 200 and 500 GeV Energy stability and precision below 0.1% Electron polarization of at least 80% The machine must be upgradeable to 1 TeV Experimental Test Facility - KEK:  Experimental Test Facility - KEK Prototype Damping Ring for X-band Linear Collider Development of Beam Instrumentation and Control Towards the ILC Baseline Design:  Towards the ILC Baseline Design Cost Breakdown by Subsystem:  Cost Breakdown by Subsystem Civil SCRF Linac TESLA Cavity:  TESLA Cavity 9-cell 1.3GHz Niobium Cavity Reference design: has not been modified in 10 years ~1m What Gradient to Choose?:  What Gradient to Choose? Gradient:  Gradient Results from KEK-DESY collaboration must reduce spread (need more statistics) single-cell measurements (in nine-cell cavities) Slide24:  (Improve surface quality -- pioneering work done at KEK) BCP EP Several single cell cavities at g > 40 MV/m 4 nine-cell cavities at ~35 MV/m, one at 40 MV/m Theoretical Limit 50 MV/m Electro-polishing How Costs Scale with Gradient?:  How Costs Scale with Gradient? Relative Cost Gradient MV/m 35MV/m is close to optimum Japanese are still pushing for 40-45MV/m 30 MV/m would give safety margin C. Adolphsen (SLAC) Evolve the Cavities Minor Enhancement:  Evolve the Cavities Minor Enhancement Low Loss Design Modification to cavity shape reduces peak B field. (A small Hp/Eacc ratio around 35Oe/(MV/m) must be designed). This generally means a smaller bore radius Trade-offs (Electropolishing, weak cell-to-cell coupling, etc) KEK currently producing prototypes New Cavity Design:  New Cavity Design More radical concepts potentially offer greater benefits. But require time and major new infrastructure to develop. 28 cell Super-structure Re-entrant single-cell achieved 45.7 MV/m Q0 ~1010 (Cornell) ILC Siting and Civil Construction:  ILC Siting and Civil Construction The design is intimately tied to the features of the site 1 tunnels or 2 tunnels? Deep or shallow? Laser straight linac or follow earth’s curvature in segments? GDE ILC Design will be done to samples sites in the three regions ILC Civil Program:  ILC Civil Program U.S., Japanese and European engineers are developing methods of analyzing the siting issues and comparing sites. The current effort is not intended to select a potential site, but rather to understand from the beginning how the features of sites will effect the design, performance and cost Parameters of Positron Sources:  Parameters of Positron Sources Positron Source:  Positron Source Large amount of charge to produce Three concepts: undulator-based (TESLA TDR baseline) ‘conventional’ laser Compton based Strawman Final Focus:  Strawman Final Focus Technologies for the ILC:  Technologies for the ILC Large Scale Project Characterization Large Project Management Precision Engineering International Coordination Industrialization Civil Construction & Infrastructure Cryogenics Superconducting RF structures, couplers, etc Electronics and Control Systems Large Scale Computing

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