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Published on February 9, 2014

Author: sureerat1

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Personality traits and Facebook Use

ทายนิสัยจาก Facebook ?! (Personality traits and Facebook use) @makissy 1



Social Network Sites (SNSs) http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/infographic-social-media-stats-2013/ 4

Social Network Sites (SNSs) and Human Behavior • The use of an SNSs can allow an individual to find others with similar interests, whether it be for romantic ❤ or social purposes. • The other major use of SNSs is to maintain pre-existing social connections. • Facebook is by far the most popular SNSs, making it the logical place to begin investigating the patterns, causes, and consequences of the social processes associated with SNSs usage. 5

The Big Five Personality Traits • • • • • Extraverted Open to new experience Conscientious Agreeable Neuroticism Introverted Closed-minded Disorganized disagreeable Emotional Stability 6

 The types of interactions which are made possible through an SNS may actually result in a stronger relationship than might be possible through face-to-face methods. 7

Online interactions generated more selfdisclosures and fostered deeper personal questions than did face-to-face conversations. 8

Many relationships formed online eventually result in real world contact 9

 Individuals who are low on the trait of Extraversion (i.e., are introverted) are more likely to utilize technology such as an SNS for their communication needs   Those who were high on the trait of Neuroticism were likely to use the Internet to avoid loneliness  10

People who are introverts or neurotic because of their difficulties in social interactions will locate their REAL ME through the Internet  11

Extraverted individuals generally have more Facebook Friends, and belong to more Facebook Groups than introverted individuals 12

Individuals who are high in neuroticism are more likely than emotionally stable individuals to prefer using the Wall 13

Those who low in Neuroticism preferred posting photos on their Facebook wall 14

People with high levels of narcissism engage in frequent use of Facebook 15

Shy people spend significantly more time using Facebook than non-shy people  16

Facebook users have higher levels of total narcissism, exhibitionism, and leadership than Facebook nonusers  17

Individuals with higher scores on exhibitionism also have higher preferences for Photos and Status Updates  18

Less emotionally stable individuals not only reported microblogging more frequently, but also expressed more emotions in their microblogs  19

Reference • Who uses Facebook? An investigation into the relationship between the Big Five,shyness, narcissism, loneliness, and Facebook usage (2011) • Personality and motivations associated with Facebook use (2009) • A Review of Facebook Research in the Social Sciences (2012) • Facebook Therapy: Why People Share Self-Relevant Content Online (2012) • “On the Internet No One Knows I’m an Introvert”: Extroversion, Neuroticism, and Internet Interaction (2002) 20

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