BAr Problems and Solutions Audit

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Information about BAr Problems and Solutions Audit

Published on December 1, 2016

Author: Prestonrideout


1. Senor Frog Problems & Solutions

2. Zero Tolerance Drug Policy Under No Circumstance should any employee or manager consume any type pills on premise? It doesn’t matter if it’s Amino Acids or Molly’s. We have a Zero Tolerance Drug Policy. Any one under the suspicion of narcotics will be escorted off property and taken to a 24 hour drug treatment emergency care to undergo a Urine Test then Suspended Pending Investigation. The Suspension concludes upon test results. At which time, an employee will be reinstated or terminated. Alcohol / Drug Suspicion supersede Union Verbal Warning and Initial Written Warning. Any employee deemed under the influence is subject to random testing.. Upon suspicion, witness statements will be taken and appropriate SPI paperwork will be completed. There is only one exception. Anyone under the supervision of a Dr is encouraged to bring a zerox copy of the prescription to HR. The zerox prescription will be turned into HR and placed in your employee file. At no time, will prescribed medicine use be discussed among managers and employees. Zerox Prescription will be delivered to HR, at which time, Primo will be notified and will determine if you can or can not full fill your job duties as outlined in your job description. To be clear, prescriptions include pain killers not nasal decongestants or over the counter allergy medicine. However, over the counter meds are to be consumed before arriving on property. SOLUTION: Draft a Standard Operating Procedure. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

3. Open Beer Containers Under No Circumstance should we ever store open draft beer containers? Storage of Open Beer containers is a Direct Health Code Violation. Any Storage of open containers is forbidden.. There are NO exceptions and there are NO Excuses. Storage of any open containers will result in disciplinary action.. Instead of storing, please pour down a Dump Sink not a Hand Sink and ALWAYS throw away the container in a Garbage Can not a bus tub. We need to Police ourselves. If you see an open container in a beer cooler, reach in or back bar please remove, pour contents into a Dump Sink then Always, Always, Always discard all Plastic Bottles and Yards. DO NOT ever rewash or reuse any plastic serving containers. The primary purpose of a plastic container is to be used once and only once. SOLUTION: Draft Standard Operating Procedure Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

4. Portable Ice Bin Portable Ice Bins are a Health Code Violation waiting to happen. Portable Ice Bins require constant sliding lid coverage protecting ice from debris. The Lid must remain closed at all times accept when being used. The Ice scoop is required to always be upright so the handle does not contaminate the ice. The bin requires constant drainage via plastic hose to appropriate floor drain. At all times, the hose must be secured to ground so that it is not a safety hazard. Per the Health Department, there can never be standing water in the bottom of the Ice Bin. SOLUTION: NO more Portable Ice Bins Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

5. Patio Gun Placement Per the Health Department, a soda gun and holster can NOT be fastened directly above the Ice Bin. SOLUTION: TI needs to relocate soda guns out and too the left Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

6. Reusable Glassware Per the Health Department, we can not use unlabeled glassware that doubles as glassware for customer consumption. Pens can not be stored in plastic drinking mugs. Pour Spouts can not be stored in draft beer pictures. Receipts can not be stored in drinking glasses. We can never store any items in glassware, tumblers, pitchers or mugs that can be confused with reusable glassware intended for beverage consumption. SOLUTION: I will go to Office depot and purchase pen holders and receipt treys for each terminal and we need to store extra pour spouts in a bus tub clearly labeled Pour Spout Storage. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

7. Employee Personal Beverages Per the Health Department, there can be NO personal beverages on premise during operating hours. On premise includes; behind the bar, serving station, storage room. Per Internal Theft prevention, employees should never consume alcohol behind the bar therefore it’s necessary to eliminate all open containers. Solution: As per the Health Department, employees may consume a beverage at once, discard the empty container then wash their hands. Cost Prevention Solution: $1 Employee Water / Monster Bump to be self policed. If an employee wants to consume product they should be willing to cover the cost. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

8. Dirty Money / Straw Bucket’s We can NOT continue to use the Pabst Blue Ribbon Buckets to store both Dirty Money and Clean Straws. All the Buckets are contaminated with Lime Rust. We can not Co Mingle Dirty Money and Clean Straws within the same containers. Also, the Buckets have no place on the bar top or the back bar. They impede the customer’s line of sight and disrupt the back bar bottle storage. Solution: Throw Away the Metal Buckets. I will purchase plastic cylinders to use as tip buckets & we need to brainstorm a new straw container. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

9. Personal Item Storage Personal Item Storage is not a Health Code Violation. It’s more for Theft Prevention. In fact, it’s multi purpose. It’s instills order and sets the tone for what we are trying to accomplish. Liquor Bottles, Pour Spouts and Blenders all belong somewhere. Everything has a place where it belongs. Personal Items, Back Packs, Cell Phones and Purses do not belong behind the bar or in the liquor room. Solution: We need employee lockers. The room adjacent to Primo’s office is perfect for Lockers, Employee Bulletin Boards, Sign in Sign Out sheet, 86 List, Upcoming Event Reminders, Sheriff Card Sheets…etc. We need to convey order and placement to our employees from the time they step foot on property, through out the duration of their shift and at closing. Employee Lockers and personal item placement coupled with administering Standard Operating Procedures w/ Consequences will enable us to achieve order. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

10. CO2 Tank Chains Per the Health Department, All Full or Empty Tanks must be chained together and securely fastened to the Wall. SOLUTION: Designate Tank Areas and have TI Drill a Chain Harness into the wall. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

11. 6 Inches x 6 Inches Per The Health Department, everything has to be 6 inches off the floor and 6 inches away from the wall. There are NO Exceptions. Bus Tubs, Yard Boxes, Bag in The Box, Cases of Liquor… can NEVEREVER sit on the floor. Everything must be elevated on a dungeon rack, wire shelf, or Trey Table. SOLUTION: Stop using so many bus tubs behind the bar and purchase more wire shelves if possible. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

12. Clean the Bottom of the Service Well We have to constantly clean the Bottom of the Service well upon opening, throughout the shift and at closing. Not cleaning the entire well and wiping down all standing water is not acceptable. Standing Water is a magnet for Fruit Flies: SOLUTION: Manager on Duty is responsible for walking all the Service Wells and inspecting them for cleanliness. If, for any reason, the bottom of the Service well is not wiped and cleaned to perfection disciplinary action should be taken against the Closing Manager on Duty and Bartender. Extended Solution: I will come in at 9am and spot check all the bars and issue write up’s based on the previous nights schedule and lack of cleaning. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

13. Credit Card Procedure I spot checked the bars multiple times in the past 2 weeks and found countless credit cards behind the bar from the night before. SOLUTION: Get w/ Tom Tynin and develop lead security protocol for closing, collecting and delivering to Treasure Island Lost and Found Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

14. Stainless Steel Cleaning We have to constantly clean the Bottom of the Service well upon opening, throughout the shift and at closing. Not cleaning the entire well and wiping down all standing water is not acceptable. Standing Water is a magnet for Fruit Flies: SOLUTION: Manager on Duty is responsible for walking all the Service Wells and inspecting them for cleanliness. If, for any reason, the bottom of the Service well is not wiped and cleaned to perfection disciplinary action should be taken against the Closing Manager on Duty and Bartender. Extended Solution: I will come in at 9am and spot check all the bars and issue write up’s based on the previous nights schedule and lack of cleaning. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

15. Ceiling Tile Vent Per the Health Department, All Ceiling Tile Vents and Ducts must remain locked and secured at all times. At no time can there be a breach in the ceiling. SOLUTION: Contact TI and have maintenance fasten and secure ducts. Educate employees to let a manager know when a ceiling tile, duct or vent has malfunctioned. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

16. HAND SINKS w/ Debris As per the Health Department, A Hand Sink has One Purpose… to wash Hands. Under NO circumstance is a Hand Sink ever a Dump Sink. There is NO reason for a Hand Sink to ever contain any debris, ice, lemons, limes or receipts. However, a Hand Sink always contains Soap and C Fold Towels. At All Times, a Hand Sink must be free and clear of all Obstacles above, in front of or below. SOLUTION: Employees must pay attention to detail and under no circumstance ever use a Hand Sink for anything other than washing their hands. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

17. Back Bar Fruit Flies Fruit Flies are a Health Code Violation. If they are dead on the back bar then they are dead in the Bottles. SOLUITON: The Entire Back Bar needs to be wiped, down bottle for bottle, at the beginning and ending of every shift 7 days a week… without exception The Entire Back Bar should be Free and Clear of All Debris and Dead Fruit Flies at all Times. Bartenders need to spot check bottles for Fruit Flies and discard contaminated bottles immediately without prejudice. Extended Solution: We need to move away from Saran Wrap and start using paper snow cones. Proactive Extended Solution: I will come in at 9am and spot check all the bars for cleanliness and issue write up to everyone working the previous shift. We are a team and it’s everyone’s responsibility to clean and maintain our Health Grade. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

18. Knives, Forks, Spoons, Menus ….etc Every Knife, Fork and Spoon has a proper storage bin. Under No circumstance, should a bartender ever discard a clean or dirty knife anywhere on the bar, next to the register, underneath, beside or on top of the Frozen Drink Machines. SOLUTION: We need to provide different colored, clearly labeled bus tubs for dirty and clean utensils in the back storage area located on the wire shelf… NOT at the BAR ever! Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

19. Beer Cooler Storage Per the Health Department, All items in a chiller, beer cooler or refrigerator are required to be placed on a storage rack. No Item is allowed to sit on the bottom of the cooler in direct contact with the cooler surface. Also, all chillers, coolers and refrigerators require working thermometers. SOLUTION: Get w / TI and order the storage racks, Extended Solution: Order the Thermometers that we can harness to the coolers with wire cross ties preventing them from ever being removed. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

20. Hand Towels Dirty Hand Towels do not go next to clean glassware nor do we place 3 hand towels in a sanitizer bucket and we NEVER EVER crush a dirty hand towel into the Hand Sink. We discard Dirty Hand Towels into a Dirty Hand Towel Bin. We do not continue to use the same dirty hand towels through out the entire shift. We use clean hand towels when ever possible. SOLUTION: Place Dirty Hand towel Bins in each of the storage closets on the patio and main bar. However, there needs to be a Standard Operating Procedure in Place for Dirty Hand Towel Closet Removal upon closing. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

21. Safety Hazard Stacking Glass is a Safety Hazard because it might chip and unknowingly be served to a customer. I have seen it occur and it happened in an instant. SOLUTION: We need to Brainstorm about proper glass handling, glass storage and glass stacking. I have witnessed employees dip glassware into service wells and portable ice bins instead of using a scoop. Extended SOLUTION: Get ride of all glassware. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

22. Floor Drains / Chemical Storage All Floor Drains must remain in tact at all times. At NO time can we have unsecured chemicals on premise. All Chemicals, when not in use, are required to be locked in a Fire Proof Chemical Cabinet per the Fire Marshall and the Fire Marshall requires a chemical storage map on the outside of the cabinet. SOLUTION: Train employees to pay attention to detail and exercise common sense so that when they see a drain is not in place they stop what they are doing and firmly attach the drain to its upright position. Also, we need to buy a chemical cabinet and build a chemical list for the Fire Marshall. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

23. Fruit Flies in Frozen Drink Machine This is definitely a Health Code Violation but honestly I have never seen fruit flies this bad within the machine. SOLUTION: We need to speak with sales REP and administer a combination cleaning program. For example, if he comes once a week and cleans then we need to bleed the machines 3 additional times. We have to clean these machines at least 4 times a week if we are going to be open 7 days a week. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

24. First Aid Kit / EOE poster / Ear Plug First Aid Kit needs to be hung on the Wall in The office next to the Equal Opportunity Employment Poster and OSHA Ear plugs. SOLUTION: Just Do It! Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

25. Stainless Steel Contact Area Per the Health Department, All Stainless Steel contact areas used for cup storage and dispensing requires NeoTex to form a barrier between plastic cups and surface: SOLUTION: Order NeoTex Bar Mesh Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

26. Soaking Soda Guns Under No circumstance do we ever soak soda guns in blenders. Blenders are to be used for making frozen drinks. They are not multi purpose and can not be used to soak guns over night. SOLUTION: Implement Standard Operating closing procedures requiring Bartenders to soak soda guns in red buckets. Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

27. Drainage Hoses Per the Health Department, All soda gun drainage lines shall always remain connected during operating hours otherwise the soda gun drains into the ice bin contaminating the ice. SOLUTION: Don’t ever unhook the drainage line Notes: Action Plan: Responsibility:

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