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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: gajananshirke


PowerPoint Presentation: BAR MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS   BOOK By Gajanan Shirke Author Of Various Hospitality Management Book Visit : GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: INDEX 1 Introduction to Bars 1.1 Types of Bars 1.2 Menu Composition 1.3 Briefing 1.3.1 Grooming and hygiene 1.3.2 Reporting ill health 1.3.3 Rules for clean conduct 1.3.4 Personal care and hygiene for waiting staff GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 1.3.5 Personality related attributes of a waiter 1.3.5 Briefing and De-briefing 1.4 Bar Professionals 1.5 Bartender 1.6 Bar Staff 1.7 Bar stewards 1.8  Check List 1.9 Storage of Glasses GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 1.10 Taking Order Of Beverage & Style Of Service 1.11 Procedure Of Service 1.11.1 Beer 1.11.2 Wines Wine List Sommelier or Waiter: Selecting Wine  Ordering Wine GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: Verifying the Selection Dealing with the Cork Tasting the Wine Pouring the Wine Reordering Wine 1.11.3 Champagne 1.11.4 Cocktails 1.11.5 Tequila GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 1.11.6 Spirits 1.11.7 On The Rocks Order 2 Fruits 2.1 Glassware 3 Bar Measurements 3.1 Essential Tools 4.00 Garnishing Fundamentals 4.1 Basic Syrups and Liquor For Cocktail GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 4.2 How To Shake Cocktails 4.3 How To Stir a Cocktail 4.4 How To Cure a Hangover 5 Five Important How- To’s 5.1 How to Drink Absinthe 5.2 How to Infuse Spirits 5.3 How to Host a Spirits Tasting Party 5.4 How to Chill Glassware GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 5.5 How to Rim a Glass 6 Basic Cocktail Techniques 7 Wonderful Vodka 7.1 Japanese Vodka: Shochu 8 Bracing Brandy 9 The Goodness of Gin 10 Tantalising Tequila 11 The Rum Drink GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 12 Whiskey…Wow 13 Bubbly Beer 14 The Wonders of Wine 14.1 Choosing the Right Grapes for Fine Wine 14.2 Terms commonly used to describe wines 14.3 Wine Producing Countries 14.4 Champagne Making Process 14.5  Reading Wine Labels GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 14.6 Service of Wines 14.7 Matching  Wine and Food 15 The Sweetness of Bitters 16 Luscious Liqueurs 16.1 What is Absinthe Liqueur? 16.2 Sours, Tropicals and Shooters 16.3 Popular Drinks Every Bartender Should Know 17 Sizzling Spirits At A Glance GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 18 The Story Behind The Spirits 19 Concocting Cocktails 20 Mindblowing Mocktails 21 Cheery Cocktails 21.1 Guidelines for Cocktails 22 Smashing Shooters 23 The Cigar Combination 24 Bar Operations: Legally Speaking GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: 25 Importance of  Good Service  Standards 26 Miscellaneous: Equipment GAJANAN SHIRKE : PowerPoint Presentation: GAJANAN SHIRKE : FOR BOOK PURCHASE KINDLY VISIT Or Write me /

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