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Published on January 11, 2016

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1. ;ll . asrigtcfl Karis, " anundtiwwiaglhnnnnuta. msh-ius , `v, -`-. A Ai ~ [VJ Q _, l' - gif] « Summer lnterns attitude in ministry. Josh and Viry Nuñez arrived in lndianapolis in mid-June and took off running. By Hispanic Internship Monday of the next week, they were ln our last newsletter, we mentioned our helping us in a VBS at the Castleton plans to mentor and train Hispanic leaders. Christian Church, one of our supporting More leaders are desperately needed congregations. They were such a blessing for ministry due to the fact that Hispanics that the church doubled their projected are estimated to reach 25% of the U. S. offering for Nuñez's plans to serve in population by 2050. Mexico. The mission of the Hispanic internship Their three and a half months in program we are developing is "to prepare lndianapolis included both mentoring and leadership for effective cross-cultural practical experience. We met weekly for ministry to both foreign-born and native- training and to talk about the nuts and born Hispanics living in the U. S." bolts of ministry. They participated with the Renacimiento congregation in the areas of Last summer's internship with the Nuñez youth, worship and evangelistic studies. family was different from what we foresee as normal because they plan to return to Josh's talent in leading worship was Mexico as missionaries. But they came with a big boost to our Sunday morning the same desire to be mentored in ministy Spanish service. He brought our praise as others have expressed. team together, which now includes both keyboard and guitars. ñry used her Josh and ñry's day-to-day activities computer skills to make a major revision focused on instruction and mentoring in Hispanic kids have come m ; Enjoy Halloween a! of the Spanish chorus book we developed a ministry setting. These will be the core. church Trunk and Treat during our years In Mexico. elements of the Hispanic Internship. Their time here allowed us to gain a glimpse into Using youthful and creative teaching styles, the possibilities of the internship program. they connected well with the Hispanic We came away convinced of its great value youth and got them excited about their in preparing leaders for effective ministry. classes during the Spanish worship service. Their positive interaction with the youth God has given us a big challenge. was greatly aided by the Hispanic youdi Thankfully we will be partnering with the camp they helped organize in July. North Central Church of Christ and others that share a similar vision. Through our All of us, and especially the Hispanic youth, many years in Spanish-speaking ministry, were very sad to see them leave. Both the we are confident that God has been Hispanics and the North Central English- preparing us for this task, but we still need speaking congregation appreciated their your faithful prayers and support. wonderful Christian spirit and servant Past and present leaders at 20th Anniversary of the church we started in northern Mexico City s H*: ,1»~ _, **tgL/ g i'. _, '>- ev . `_ . , t g A if” . s-s-F_ __ wes-. _, ___ %"“1`5ff: /»a zrfê`ñhigraiiflv "t . m'tzwnmllnsftçiusjvtélstuiiguIuiiêtuiñit-hrêlt- iflilllll `elt= xvt= lkiaiêbtit= iuitta. êlIJtie-"fblir ~5-in~zml'1=itnl= l, *Will HCXQBKTIIAKSf-f 'HAWU-'HIIIIP-*lii-Tifl

2. GOD IS GOOD Despite a year of challenges, Walter Castro, minister at the Renacimiento Hispanic congregation, has repeatedly ended his texts with the phrase "God is good. " lt started with the agonizingly slow process to secure a religious worker's visa for Walter, who is from Ecuador. After the North Central church finally received their non-profit status with IRS, application was made for the visa. US immigration said it would take three months for the visa process, but after that time it still hadn't arrived. Walter seemed anxious but hopeful because "God is good. " ln the meantime, God granted the Castros a miracle. Twelve years earlier they had a daughter, Kristine, despite doctor'5 predictions they could have no children. Now Mariela was expecting again. She was hospitalized due to preeclampsia in her seventh month of pregnancy. Lucas was born September "' " **ter medicines and a week in the hospital were unable to New Mission Systems International ttuvtsfcrming ma: çiubnll, 2701 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 200 Fort Myers FL 33901 Ministry Update Fi om theBantas Mission Services control her blood pressure. Lucas made steady progress during his first weeks in pre-natal intensive care. lt looked like he would be out of the hospital in one to two months. "God is good. " ln late October, the sought-after visa arrived. Walter and Mariela needed to travel to Ecuador within a 60-day window to receive their visas, but Lucas was still in the hospital. Even if he were released soon, doctors recommend they not travel internationally with him. After much prayer, they decided to travel to Ecuador immediately. lf all went as planned, they would return to lndianapolis before he was released. Then the unexpected happened. The doctors decided to release Lucas. But Walter and Mariela were still in Ecuador waiting on their visas. Lucas was released to the care of one of the leaders of the Hispanic ministry. Eight days from Lucas' release from the hospital, they returned to lndianapolis with visas in hand. Dad, mom, sister Kristine and baby Lucas were reunited. Truly "God is good! " Non-Profit U. S. Postage PAl D Ft. Myers, FL 2004 E Magnolia . Ave Knoxville, TN 37917-8026 Castros with Lucas in pre-natal intensive care. They have even bigger smiles now that he is home with them. iiiliiriiwivlrrlllzlullizilllzfrziii/ iii”'iliiii/ i"l5i'”i= prayer pralse request report - God's Spirit to workinthe - Grantine of gvorkyvisas for hearts of Hispanics in three Castm? Wmlstenng studies who have shown Renacimiento congregation. interest in the gospel. ' Mariela Castro. HOW d0ing Well. d bab L ` h añe we eve op t e ispanic , . . . . - Opportunity to speak at 20th ministry internsh1p program. anniversary ofchumhwe -Safety and wisdom in the started in nor-them Mexico City. presence of terrorism : :ft/ Ikewéiéhdzgaêeéltem d h ' ' an ummutanan needs continue thatwork presented by refugee crisis. - For you, our prayer and financial partners, who have given so unselñshly this past year. -Strength for Kathy and I to continue to meet ministry opportunities Permit No. 11'"

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