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Published on July 9, 2007

Author: Saxophone


Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Using FGITBSR to display Current Fund Balance for accounts that carry funds forward at fiscal year end Displays fund balance before encumbrances (Banner commitments) Commitments displayed on FGIBDST Current Fund Balance on FGITBSR less Commitments on FGIBDST equals current available or spendable balance Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Cxxxx Account Codes on FGITBSR summarize activity on FGIBDST C0005 Budgeted Revenue Control C0025 Revenue Control (YTD actual) C0045 Budgeted Expenditure Control C0065 Expenditure Control (YTD actual) C0085 Budgeted Transfer Control C0105 Transfer Control C0165 Encumbrance Control Banner Finance:  Display Revenue checkbox on FGIBDST Banner default is to display revenue For Banner Indexes that do not have revenues (such as University budgeted accounts 2xxxxx)... click on rollback icon, uncheck Display Revenue box and click on next block icon. Will then display total budget available Banner Finance Banner Finance:  Banner Finance FGIBDST vs. Web for Finance FGIBDST is always current or as of the moment you query the form Budget queries using Web for Finance are as of the end of the period queried Web for Finance allows comparison to prior fiscal year and period Both provide ability to extract data to Excel spreadsheet Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Using FGITRND Very powerful form Navigation is tricky but powerful Easiest to start from FGIBDST FGITRND works from position of cursor on FGIBDST amounts: Budget amounts YTD Activity amounts Commitment amounts Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Query by account code or entire index Query by Fld codes: ABD (budget adjustments) OBD (original budget entries) YTD (actual activity) ENC (encumbrance activity) Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Query transactions by period: remember… period 01 is July, 02 is August, etc. What do dates mean? transaction date determines posting period, however FGITRND displays the activity date (or date transaction was entered) some month end entries will have an activity date of the subsequent month Banner Finance:  Banner Finance How to query info about an invoice? start from FGIBDST or from FGITRND select invoice transaction (document # Ixxxxxxx) and click on Query Document click on Invoice Header note Payment Due date click on Commodity Info for LPO # click on View Document Status note Open/Paid indicator Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Using FOIDOCH (document history form) Use with Invoice or PO number to view status of orders, receiving, payments... Use Options menu to view information To view check number and date: click in check number field then on Check information under Options menu enter FA for bank code, then perform next block function Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Using FGIBAVL to display budget available by pooled account codes 61700 Wage budget for 61710 (overtime), 61760 (wages), 61780 (student wages) 71000 General Office Operations 72600 Travel Budget 73200 Equipment Budget Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Using FRIGITD to view status of project accounts (grants and plant funds) Displays cumulative budget and activity from inception of grant or project Enter Grant Code to view these funds on Web for Finance FGIBDST will display only fiscal year to date activity for these funds Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Navigation from FRIGITD to FRIGTRD is similar to navigating from FGIBDST to FGITRND Transaction detail returned is 'inception to date' rather than only 'fiscal to date'. You can also use FRIGTRD to query transactions using the 'From date' and 'To date' fields. Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Reports FWRBDSC - summary budget status report. Also displays fund balance - current and beginning of fiscal year Only displays fiscal year activity, not project to date Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Reports (continued) FWRGITD - summary budget status report for grants and plant funds displays project to date budgets and activity Does not display revenues or fund balance Banner Finance:  Banner Finance Reports (continued) FWRODTA - list of transactions for the period reported includes subtotals by account code that agree to FWRBDSC report FZRODTA - list of transactions for grants and plant funds without subtotals by account code

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