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Published on July 2, 2009

Author: jdegaetano



Banker's U workshop presentation covers marketing skills and resources for new business endeavors; Build confidence and motivation in working for yourself or seek a broader job pool for the existing skills you have.

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Re-ToolingYour CareerA Closer Look At Fresh Options

About Us Banker’s U is the business Training, Marketing and Consulting resource for building profitability, employee retention and performance strategies Consultants have years of “hands on” retail banking and business operations experience. We come packed with knowledge, wisdom and objectivity… our collective experience spans every area of business. Because of this background, we are able to bring real world practical solutions to all types of clients – we provide training tools and strategies that are actionable and most important to improved profits

In this workshop, we’ll discuss re-toolingcareer options and related topics in; – Seeking a broader job pool for existing skills – Tactical steps to your resume or career objectives – Thinking about starting a new business – Pre-venture planning / potential business plan – Marketing skills for a new endeavor – Building confidence in working for yourself – Connecting with an Advisor

Retooling yourself can be a daunting task…

You might have the feeling thatyou’re starting over from scratch

But that’s not true.

You do have experience that will be valuable in your new or different job.Things like… – Knowing how businesses work – Getting along with co-workers – Important work habits, etc. They’ll give you an advantage over workers with no experience.

Economic fluctuations coupled by public panic have affectedthe corporate world, the workplace, and your own otherwisepromising career progression. These changes have beenswift and severe, with recent jobless claims rising to theirhighest since the early 1980’s.But there is good news; for you, the prospect of better timesahead can be the momentum for a new approach tomanaging your career and your fresh personal developmentinitiative to increasing your CAREER POTENTIAL.

Your potential is highly personal. To someit may mean a promotion to seniormanagement or impressive compensation,while to others it might mean gainingmarketable leadership skills or evenpursuing an entrepreneurial dream.Each of us brings a unique skill to the job market. How youpresent yourself to employers, customers, etc can contributeto your success and increase your career potential.Regardless of your interpretation, you can’t change theeconomy on your own. With this in mind, your value can beenhanced with a focused new and positive mindset. As youre-tool your career for a future recovery, you can capitalizeon your strengths and get beyond fear of the unknown.

If You are Working…Build On-the-Job Value Now

• Become indispensable.• Expand your skill set so that you can offer more to the company - an immediate way to increase career potential.• Align your objectives and activities with business objectives.• Your value to the company… rises equally to your contributions to the bottom line.• Explore moonlighting or freelancing if you feel your job may be threatened or believe its a good defensive move. This will give you an inside look into the outside world before you exit.• Extra projects. Be sure what you take on doesnt interfere in any way with the dedication or energy you put forth for your current position.• Be a promoter. When you sing the praises of your company, some of the glory is inevitably reflected back on you.• Consider writing; for the companys e-newsletters or Intranet, professional blogs, journals, and trade publications, or speaking at local business functions.• Being a proactive problem solver and office diplomat is a lifelong, transferable skill.• Learning hard lessons from tough times is helpful, but dont dwell on the negative.• Build positive energy and determination with the possibilities, you will increase your career potential as the recovery gradually takes hold.

Champions aren’t made in gyms. Championsare made from something they have deep insidethem – a desire, a dream, a vision.They have to have the skill and the will. But thewill must be stronger than the skill.” Muhammad Ali

This image is a mosaic of employees within a company. Although we can’t see exactly what they’re doing in each individual frame, their change in outcomes or image can transform the entire landscape of the overall company picture.

Transforming Yourself

So, how do you transform yourself?The most obvious is to go back to school or get moretraining. But before you spend the time and money,however, do a self-assessment to be sure you need it.Start by yourself… you might want to work with a careeradvisor if you get stuck. Advisors have tools that canhelp identify your skill strengths.Heres a suggestion to get started.

First, design your career objectives based on whatwould bring you the greatest long-term satisfaction.Your career journey could take you into un-charteredterritory as you gradually achieve greater marketablevalue.Todays economy necessitates taking practical actionsthat will move your career forward… toward your big-picture goals.

Start with the big picture of what you do and enjoy

Make a list of all the things you know how to do well. Don’t limit yourself to work-related skills. – Think of the things you do as hobbies, as a volunteer, etc. Your new job may be in a totally new field for you and use some of these skills.Make a list of what you know. This could include a specialized program or languages, designing an organic herb garden, how to apply theatrical make-up or talent of some sort. This list might be hard to make since we rarely think about what we know when we’re working on a task—whether at home or on the job.

Group Breakout Session Brainstorm about what jobs use the skills you’ve put on your two lists. Be wild and crazy when you’re making this list. You can always go back later and get rid of the totally “off the wall” ideas. Objective - Next, find possible leadership characteristics through personal experience in each selection. Split into groups. Activity - Share a story about the best or most influential careers you have encountered. Ask each other the question “What was it that makes this career or business concept important to me?” Then as a group, identify the traits that all business leaders seemed to share. Discussion - List common characteristics of a great job? What about the worst jobs you have encountered?

It wasnt as though I really made a commitment toit; there wasnt anything else around. So I wasntdriven to become an actor… it just seemed to bethe thing that I managed to do best. Paul Newman

Which Direction to Go? Organize your List of Brainstormed Ideas• Can you categorize them? Either by type or specific task of an organization that would use them and group them together.• Next, put them in order of preference—the one(s) you like best first, etc.• Do any of your top three categories require more training? If so, then find a program that gives you the skills you need (check out their job placement statistics as well as their courses).

Which Direction to Go? Potential Businesses or Employers?• Start looking for companies that use these skills categories. They might not be companies with job postings at the moment, but they are companies you should investigate.• The more companies you can put on your list, the more likely you are to find an opening for this career path. Use online and off ads to identify, area Yellow Pages, etc. Check business directories at the library. Visit one-stop career centers to check out their resources.• Your next job may be totally unrelated to your last. Or it may be a variation on it. Just be willing to change focus. Keep a positive attitude. And get help if you need it.

Focus On You

Tactical Steps• Dont update your resume, rewrite it… If you take a completely fresh look at the career objectives that best reflect your talents and passions, your background will naturally flow from them.• In addition, when you express your most valued accomplishments at each job, youll also attract the most suitable position for who you are and what you can contribute, boosting your career potential.• Keep an updated list of recommendations from colleagues and professional contacts handy so youll be ready if and when you need them.

Tactical Steps• Network relentlessly. One constant in business is that people prefer doing business with those they know and trust. When youre face to face with others, they get to know you as a person first, and a career professional second. Who you know is an important complement to what you know.• If you tend to be shy in social situations, commit to memory a few lighthearted icebreakers, or brief introductions and have business cards handy, but always ask how you can help the other person.

Take stock of your interests and aptitudes for career success Assessing your career choices from can be a valuable exercise. Whether you recently began new education or professional training or are thinking of retooling your skills to enter a new field, its important to take stock of your interests and aptitudes. The following website links are courtesy of Devry University to a few career assessment instruments. Some assessments are free, while others require a fee. Kellers career services staff can also offer career direction exercises.Human Metrics Assessment Tap into this site – at no cost – to take advantage of thought- provoking assessments that can provide insight into your skills, aptitudes, interests, strengths, etc.Career Learn more about yourself through this no-cost career assessment tool, designed to reveal your personality, aptitudes and interests, and the career fields that best correlate to these.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a popular assessment tool used worldwide, helps you understand your personality preferences and then, based on these characteristics, provides a list of career fields that potentially suit your personality. Fee requiredStrong Interest Inventory The Strong Interest Inventory is a respected career-planning tool used by career placement experts. 300-plus questions measure your interests in a wide range of career options, hobbies and leisure activities, as well as your compatibility with different personality types. Based on answers you provide in the 25-minute exercise, SSI lists potentially ideal career choices along with related career fields and sample job descriptions. Fee requiredMAPP Assessment A unique assessment that helps identify your educational and career potential. Results are delivered directly to your email address. Fee requiredTypeFocus This assessment tool helps identify personality strengths and how these strengths correlate with specific career fields. Fee required

What about startinga Business?

YOUR OUTLINEWriting Your Business Plan – Vision – Description of Product or Service, proposed features and benefits – What pain does your product or service solve for the customer? – Target market and size of your market – Primary competition and competitive advantage – Pricing strategy – Management team and professional advisors – How do you plan to fund your venture? – Start up costs and cash flow projections o How will you make money? – Exit strategy

But then… there areother things toconsider

GOVERNMENT REGULATIONSGeneral Business Commerce Regulations Taxation • Professional Licenses• Personal Income Tax • Business Registration• Business Income Tax• Sales Tax Zoning & Environmental• Property Tax• Business License Fees RegulationsEmployee Regulations Other Regulations specific• Payroll Tax/Withholding to your business• Employee vs. Independent Contractor• Wage and Hour Regulations• Hiring Regulations• OSHA

TYPES OF INSURANCEBusiness Insurance Covering Your Employees• General liability •Workers’ compensation• Product liability •Life insurance• Professional liability •Health/Medical• Key-person• Business property Specific to Your Business •Pension plans• Business interruption •Other benefits• Automobile• Employee Bonding

Writing a focused, well organized, detailed, andrealistic business plan - carefully thought out toconsider all sides of the business is your beststrategy.

You cant depend on your eyes when yourimagination is out of focus." Mark Twain

If you build it…

…they will come

When the president decides something onMonday, he still believes it on Wednesday.. nomatter what happened Tuesday. Stephen Colbert

OBSTACTLESEven if you’re on the right track, you’ll getrun over if you just sit there. Will Rogers

History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it. Winston ChurchillLife isn’t about finding yourself. Life’s aboutcreating yourself. George Bernard Shaw

On BusinessJust the opposite of this image…The only way to know how customers view yourbusiness is to hear their experiences, speak theirlanguage and look at it through their eyes. John DeGaetano

There are those who look at things theway they are, and ask why... I dream ofthings that never were, and ask why not? Robert Kennedy

For the full version of this presentation Please contact us Banker’s U is a training branch of: John DeGaetano Productions For licensing and other considerations Visit our Website: Amazon Author Page: All Rights Reserved

Thank You!Questions: 707- 338-2886

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