Bangladesh Flood 2004

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Published on January 19, 2014

Author: YungBlackStarYA



This document explores the tragic natural disaster in Bangladesh.

THE DAILY MAIL WORLD’S MOST POPULAR NEWSPAPER -since 1879- FLOOD MANIA ‘04 Bangladesh is an LEDC. The land is densely populated, 154.7 million people and increasing. Most of the land forms a delta from three main rivers – Meghna, Ganges and Brahmaputa – and 25% of Bangladesh is less than 1 metre above sea level. Flooding is an annual event as the rivers bust their bank. The Bangladeshi Government working with non-governmental organisations provided emergency relief: rice, clothing, medicines, blankets and towels. United Nations activated a disaster management team to coordinate the activities of the various UN agencies. They supplied critical emergency supplies and conducted a ‘damage and needs assessment’ in affected areas. Bangladesh clearly needs to improve disaster response and preparedness at local level, with provision of immediate rescue resources, emergency funding mechanisms, and better information management and contingency planning. In the medium to longer term, more emphasis is needed on mitigating and managing future flood disasters rather than attempting to prevent them completely. However, the 2004 Flood was disastrous and unfortunately over 750 people confirmed dead and thousands injured. The flood was a month long as it was recognised as one of the worst natural disaster in their history. The flood caused more than 15.3 million homes to be destroyed as a result; more than 36.2 million people were made homeless by the flood. As education is the key to a better life, it was not going to help as the flood destroyed thousands of schools - 16,491 to be exact. Thousands of bridges and over 58,000km of road were destroyed. This was not going to be easy to repair as it cost the Bangladeshi Government £5.2 billion, making it the second most expensive flood to repair in their history. What might have caused such a disaster? Melted snow from the Himalayas, the ground being saturated by the monsoon/wet season, Deforestation of the Himalaya – reducing interception rates which mean shorter lag time and higher peak discharges.

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