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Information about Bangalore climate change Gopakumar

Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Mertice


Slide1:  Earth by Galileo Slide2:  Clear felling in the Peruvian Amazon Slide3:  Madagascar: an aerial view of erosion Slide4:  What is Global Warming ? Oil – the greatest discovery ever ?:  Oil – the greatest discovery ever ? Seven billion tons of carbon burnt a year  CO2 CO2 in air: 400 ppm Slide6:  Eighteen of the twenty hottest years on record have been after 1980 Sea ice is now 40% thinner & covers 6% less area Rate of warming > in last 10000 years GHG concentration > last 420000 years Slide7:  Mauritius & other islands… India’s oil consumption:  India’s oil consumption Why should we worry ? In Million Tonnes Bangalore’s fuel consumption:  Bangalore’s fuel consumption Bangalore has 27 lakh vehicles on the roads that consume 260 million litres of fuel per year. For every litre of petrol used we release 2.3 kgs of CO2 Bangalore CO2 emission estimate from only private vehicles is close to 13,00,000,000 Kgs of CO2 per year. Aviation fuel per day : 1,200,000 litres. Brought from Chennai in tankers India’s consumption of power:  India’s consumption of power In India 67% of our power comes from coal power plants For every 1 MW of coal power used 970 Kgs of CO2 is released Therefore for every 1 MW of power used 650 Kgs of CO2 is released In 2004, Bangalore’s peak usage was 1000 MW, equal to over 20 MILLION KGS of CO2 released PER DAY……… Bangalore:  Bangalore Population : 8 million Ecological Footprint : 50 – 75 million So, is there no alternative ?:  So, is there no alternative ? the US economy grew 19% While total energy use decreased 6% Post oil shock in 1979-84 Savings in energy = 500% of new generation Is this an answer ?:  Is this an answer ? Slide14:  Or this ? The way we use water at home…..:  The way we use water at home….. 110 km 10 km 60% of BWSSB’s income goes into energy costs Slide16:  Earth by Galileo Chief Seattle ….:  Chief Seattle …. This we know All things are connected Like the blood Which unites one family Whatever befalls the Earth Befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth Man did not weave the web of life He is merely a strand in it Whatever he does to the web He does to himself……. So, What Can I do ?:  So, What Can I do ? Think before you buy Energy : Reduce your energy bill by 20% Switch off your air-conditioning at lunch and the lights in low usage areas. CFL in high-usage areas: Lifetime savings – 1 ton of carbon & 200 litres of fuel. LEDs for showrooms & display areas Solar water heaters Lower geyser thermostat to 350 C Harvest water at home Plant one tree per person a month Reduce your waste by 50%. Rule No. 1: Consume less Waste by 50% ?:  Waste by 50% ? Paper and plastic cups Reduce paper consumption at work Recycle envelopes Use cloth bags Plant seeds in provisions’ plastic bags Build a CSR program with rural schools Recycle school/college textbooks Slide20:  Your circle of influence Home Friends Work Rule No. 2: Influence others So, why do I tell you this story?:  So, why do I tell you this story? The Power of One…. We are the 3%….. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the World. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead. An old masai song……:  An old masai song…… The Sahara is slowly creeping Southwards. Beware those who live North of the Sahara. Do not be too complacent. The World is round.

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