Bali Bike 2013 Event Detail & Report

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Information about Bali Bike 2013 Event Detail & Report

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: masqitri


advertisement | #BaliBike13 “KOMPAS Jelajah Sepeda“ activities has been held three times since 2008.The first event in 2008 was for a distance of 1,200 kilometers between Anyer-Panarukan. The second event with the same distance, was between Surabaya-Jakarta held in 2010, and the third was between Jakarta-Palembang as far as 820 kilometers in 2011. In the year 2012, the event has also been held between Bali-Komodo for a distance of 610 kilometers. In 2013, the Kompas Bali Bike as part of “KOMPAS Jelajah Sepeda” activities, again held with partici- pants from various countries of origin such as Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Netherlands, and Switzerland. A cycling journey surround the island that combines healthy living campaign, adventure, and touring for a stunning view of Bali BACKGROUND | #BaliBike13 To be a forum for the business communities to feel biking on the track wild with the concept of traveled while venturesome To create sustainable community program, in the form of a reunion and Kompas bike community gathering, with unique and venturesome events OBJECTIVE | #BaliBike13 TIME PLAN Reunion Reunion Aug ‘13 Sep ‘13 Jun ‘13 Oct ‘13 May ‘14 EVENT PASCA EVENT 1. Bali Bike 2012 Reunion was held in August 2013, located at Sentul, Bogor 2. Bike Bali 2013 Reunion was held in October 2013, located at Gunung Bunder, Bogor 3. Kompas Jelajah Sepeda Sabang - Padang was held in September 2013 4. Minang Bike 2014, will be held in Padang | #BaliBike13 ELEVATION max elevation 1383,15 m above the sea 8,25 13,16 853,26 1311,21 6,68 34,24 1383,15 1144,58 386,7 193,39 70,65 34,33 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 587,18 36,51 105 km 71 km 86 km | #BaliBike13 PARTICIPANTS BALI BIKE 2012 PARTICIPANTS 32% 68% NEW PARTICIPANTS female male Top Level senior mid level student 17 - 25 26 - 35 35 - 50 51 - 70 Ages | #BaliBike13 RESULT 97 % participants Bali Bike 2013 is a business man, with breakdown 50% top level management and the rest of middle management. With total mileage is 262 km elevation maximum 1.383 m above sea level to weather conditions rain above average or extreme 32 % is participants who is loyal praticipants The agenda reunion and programme of community : 1. Bali Bike 2013 Reunion, in August 2013 2. Bali Bike 2013 Reunion, in October 2013 3. Expedition Kompas“Sabang – Padang”, in September 2013 Incoming event : 4. Minang Bike 2014 will be held at Padang in May 2014 | #BaliBike13 OUTPUT NEWS 09 June 2013 07 June 2013 08 June 2013 | #BaliBike13 TWEETS 07 Juni 2013 979 conversation | #BaliBike13 TESTIMONIAL “Shall we?” “OK Boss, but I need sponsor”, she answered with that irresistible smile. “Done!” We commited ourselves to a 300 kilometer bike-trip along de sawa’s of Bali. “Ningrum, you arrange everything, I take care of the bikes.” We do not have many bikes. There is a 1980 Koga Myata, Dutch handmade, a museum piece some mountain bikes of several ages. So went to the village-shop and bought a flat-bar road-bike. Whether that was the right choice we see later. On the mountain bikes I put some narrow tires. Last Bali International Triathlon, our twelve year son finished second between the big guys. He pedalled a 13 year old bike with new gears, bearing and tires. (For the money spent on that bike we should have bought a new one ofcourse) Meanwhile, Jamy, my wife, joins the team and we start training every morning. 30 km up-and-down to Tanah Lot. Saturday morning we climb the western route to Ubud for a cup of coffee there. And I stopped smoking! Ningrum is far more trained and experienced. The team is ready for Bali Bike. Joost Van Der Post, Director at PT. Good Wood Interior | Jamy Van Der Post-Tafinine | Joost Weimar Letter from Participant | #BaliBike13 GALLERY

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