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Information about BALANCED DIET intro

Published on August 19, 2009

Author: tandairos


BALANCED DIET. : BALANCED DIET. L.O; What is a balanced diet. There are 7 elements. What do you think they are? By the end of the lesson you should be able to; D- explain what a balanced diet is. P- Explain the 7 different elements. M- Analyse which foods contain the elements. Slide 2: We all need to eat lots of different foods to keep healthy. We need to eat a balanced and varied diet. What do you think this means? Balanced diet. : Balanced diet. You need to work in groups of 3. WE WILL ORGANISE THE GROUPS. You need to have in your books a character for each of your elements of a balanced diet, and where you would find them. Water! Example of a character. : Water! Example of a character. Found in nearly All food. We need this to Survive. We would Only last a few Days if we did not Have water. Your brain is 74% Water. Essential for digestion And cooling. Where is this going? : Where is this going? Next lesson you will have to put together a comic strip using your characters. PLENARY; : PLENARY; In no more than 10 words; What is a balanced diet? Healthy eating leaflet. : Healthy eating leaflet. L.O; Apply knowledge of balanced diet to a leaflet for the public. D- Basic leaflet with 7 elements. P- Detailed leaflet explaining why you should eat well. M- Explain why you should eat well and the dangers of not eating well. EXAMPLE OF A HEALTHY EATING LEAFLET. : EXAMPLE OF A HEALTHY EATING LEAFLET.

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