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Information about bakery

Published on November 2, 2018

Author: eretail


slide 1: Retail POS Software Bakery Store Software slide 3: Unlike any other food business a bakery’s success depends on the accurate forecasting of its inventory since large volumes of raw materials need to be procured. From dough sugar to other crucial ingredients the procurement volume depends upon the sales figures. However a bakery might suffer losses or minimal ROI if the inventory is over-procured or under-procured. slide 4: Inventory Tracking:  Know in advance about the materials in hand batch production items and real-time inventory status. You can identify your most used material and order precise quantities as per the inventory status. slide 5: Order Sales Management:  Just log-in to the dashboard and create edit or remove orders. You can also manage online orders takeaways and tender orders from within the dashboard. slide 6: Custom Orders:  Create custom bakery orders on the go Be it custom cakes bread or any other bakery-fresh item. Flexi FB gives you total control over your business operations.

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