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Published on March 4, 2008

Author: tufnelio



A cautionary tale for designers inspired by the bad usability calendar.

Bad, bad usability! horrible things happen to bad designers

A is for Albert who chose the wrong form for his content run into the Spanish Inquisition and expired, after some torment

B is for Bertha who tried to add value through personalisation went to Tajikistan on vacation and died of starvation

C is for Charles who hid novel choices in a drop-down and was murdered by a clown in a small town

D is for Derek who didn’t use video to support the user’s task, went off scuba diving and forgot his oxygen mask

E is for Edwina for everything required a log-in and contracted a deadly herpes after a bit of snogging

F is for Fernando who designed usable and boring, the poor man was splattered in spite of much imploring

G is Georgie who thought smaller was easier to click hired a plane for a week, couldn’t find the control stick

H is for Helena who believed more navigation was easy to use she went to Oliver’s party and died of carnal abuse

I is for Ignatius who copied every fancy web 2.0 feature and was strangled by his French teacher

J is for Josephine who evangelised oversharing and was swallowed by a big herring

K is for Katarina who always cloned Facebook, she traveled to Irak, just to have a look




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