Bacterial growth and food poisoning

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Information about Bacterial growth and food poisoning

Published on March 12, 2016

Author: JewelJose2



2.  Bacteria's are Microscopic in nature.  Visually can’t see by human eyes.  Helpful and harmful Microorganisms present.

3.  Food handlers (especially their hands).  Raw foods, such as meat, poultry, shellfish and vegetables.  Pests and animals.  Air and dust.  Dirt and food waste.

4.  Water.  Food.  Correct temperatures.  Time.  Most, but not all, need oxygen

5.  Multiply by dividing in two every 10-20 minutes.  After 6 hours, 1 bacterium can multiply into 262,144 bacteria

6.  Food poisoning is the illness caused by eating contaminated food

7.  Food workers with good personal hygiene  Food cooked or held at correct temperature.  Prevention of cross contamination.  GHP and GMP

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