Backyard trampoline must haves, perks, and precautions

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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: JumpfitTrampo



As this fun device grows in popularity, so does the number of sellers. This is a good thing that consumers these days have a lot of options where to get their trampolines.

164 Victoria Street, North Geelong Call Us at: 03 52785200 or 1 300 985 008 Our Range of Trampolines Jumpfit Trampolines has a wide variety of both spring and springless trampolines which are ideal for all families and for various back yard sizes. Our springless trampolines, in particular, would make a great alternative to those which have high price tags. On a daily basis, we speak to parents who are looking to replace their trampoline parts. Unfortunately, they purchase their trampolines from stores which do not offer replacement parts in the event that something goes wrong with the device. To avoid the same predicament for our customers, we tried to make most trampoline replacement parts available for them from safety nets, trampoline pads, and trampoline mats. If you need parts for your trampoline, we are here for you. Have fun and happy jumping!

The Perks of Buying Trampolines from a Trusted Seller - oOo As this fun device grows in popularity, so does the number of sellers. This is a good thing that consumers these days have a lot of options where to get their trampolines. However, they should also be careful not to purchase from unreliable sellers of this product. People should be picky where to get their bouncing device and only buy from reputable stores or resellers. The following are the main benefits of buying from a trusted seller: the assurance that these replacement parts are of good quality as well. Wide Range of Products – Choose from among the many different sizes and designs available. This allows you to get one that perfectly fits your back or front yard and not just settle with what is available from a regular store. Normally, this item’s size ranges from 10 to 16 feet (diameter). Warranty – In case there is a manufacturing damage in the parts of your trampoline, you get to have a free replacement. You won’t have to worry about buying another part as well as the shipping fee as it is covered too. There may also be warranty on other types of damages for up to 18 months depending on the shop. Keep in mind that only selected shops offer warranty such as these. Insurance – Apart from covering device damages, consumers also can avail of insurance in case the goods are lost in transit. This gives you peace of mind that you will get your device or your money back. Top Brands – Trusted stores only sell brands which offer high-quality products. This is to ensure that they protect their reputation or to maintain a high level of service for their clients. In return, consumers are able to avail of items which pass, or even exceed, standards. Though popular brands may seem to be a little more expensive as compared to others, they are still worth it since they last longer and they are safer to use. Replacement Parts – Good shops offer replacement parts so you won’t have a hard time looking for a spring, a pole, a net, or any other parts when you need them. This gives you a lot of convenience since you will save time, money, and effort. Also, you can have Customer Support – Only top sellers offer customer support for all their clients. You can either chat with a live representative or contact them via phone or email if you have questions or concerns regarding the product you bought. Tips – Get tips by reading through some of the articles in the seller’s website. There may be even some instructional video you can watch. The best part here is that all these valuable information can be obtained at no cost. All you have to do is simply visit a website and go through its content.

Trampoline Accessories MustHaves - oOo We are all well aware of the fact that we all need our daily dose of exercise. Whether you're a child or an adult, you have no excuse; you need to have your regular exercise. It is not only about working on your physique and obtaining the elusive 6-pack abs; it's more on becoming a healthier you. You can't expect your body to be in its top form, if you just spend most of your time doing nothing. Of course, we can't expect everyone to have enough time to actually enrol themselves in the nearest gym. However, not having enough time is not an excuse. Even if you just spare a few minutes off your day to do some basic workouts, it will spell a huge difference down the line. As mentioned earlier, you don't really need to go to the gym; you can, however, adopt a fun hobby. If spending hours in the nearest fitness centre won't appeal to you, why not try acquiring a trampoline? Jumping on trampolines is a fun activity that everyone in the family can enjoy. Even your friends who will come over will be too preoccupied with your latest addition. Of course, you need to keep in mind that you also need to acquire the necessary trampoline accessories, in order to ensure everyone's safety. A lot of men, women, and even children have paid an unexpected visit to the nearest hospital emergency room, because they immediately jumped on a trampoline that was not completely equipped with the proper safety gear. With that said, you need to see to it that you also acquire the different accessories, if you have intentions of getting a trampoline. There are a lot of accessories for you to choose from; however, you will just need the basics. If you know that kids are going to be frequent users of this hefty piece of equipment, you should set it up with a ladder. Having one will minimize any injuries that could have been brought on by incorrectly climbing on and off the equipment. See to it that you opt for one that has great quality, so that you will be guaranteed that it won't easily get destroyed. You should also acquire safety pads, because these provide padding on the trampoline's sides, and also covers the springs at the same time. Aside from that, it can also bring in some added comfort for the jumper, and helps protect the individual from injuries. See to it that you purchase this accessory from reliable and established manufacturers, so that you will be certain of the product’s quality. In case it becomes defective, they can easily repair it or replace it with a brand new one. Making Sure Your Trampoline is Safe for Your Children - oOo Parents would always want the best for their kids. And as much as possible, they want to give anything that they would ask. But of course, they also need to consider if it is safe

for them. Just like a good trampoline. A lot of kids desire this piece of backyard equipment because it offers fun. Not only that. It also offers the children the physical activity that their body needs. To get them outdoors and be active is definitely a challenge that a lot of parents are facing these days. Now the question is, can you achieve this without compromising their safety? How can you be sure that they will be safe while playing on the trampoline? Here are safety tips to ensure your child’s safety. Adult Supervision. This is a must. Do not leave any one on their own while jumping on the equipment. We were children once and we know that we do some silly things or try something creative while our parents are not looking. Imagine what they would do when there are no adults around. They might do some somersaults that can cause them injuries so make sure that there are adults around to oversee them. One Jumper at a Time. Children would want it very much if they can jump and bounce along with someone. Try and explain it to them that it is for their own safety to allow them to play one by one. They might bump into each other and can cause accidents. Be firm about this rule. Age Limit. It is hard to say no to our children while they are giving us this look. If they want something so bad, they can be really persuasive but you have to put their safety first. Do not let anyone below the age of 6 to play on the trampoline. Location. Place the equipment in an open area. If you can, put it in your backyard. The grass will work as a cushion in the event that someone falls off accidentally and lose their balance. Make sure also that there are no debris, branches, or any obstacle that the children will bump into. Safety Accessories. There are additional parts that you can purchase so make sure that jumpers are safe. There are the safety net enclosure to avoid them from falling, pole padding to cover the metal frames, safety pads for the exposed springs, and ladder to make it easier for them to climb on and off. This might cost you a little more but you can have that peace of mind that your kids will avoid any dangers while jumping. If you implement these precautions, you don’t have any reason to have concerns over their safety.

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