Backpain and ayurvedic remidies

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Information about Backpain and ayurvedic remidies

Published on September 24, 2018

Author: saanvisaanu


Neck and back ache: Neck and back ache Lower backache is one of the most common and prevalent health problems. According to Ayurveda, neck and back ache arise due to bad or wrong postures and unhealthy diet, which subsequently consequences in lack of flexibility of the muscles producing severe ache in the lower, middle or upper back. Ayurveda is an extraordinary method of healing from ancient India that is re-emerging these days after several years of being repressed by the British sovereign in India. These are some of the effective Ayurveda remedies for back pain which works as miracle in lessening pain, specifically lower back ache. Ayurveda remedies for back pain: Ayurveda remedies for back pain Cut down intake of highly pungent spices Consuming highly strong spices in your meal, like green chilies, wasabi and red chilies can have highly drying influence on the body. Because dryness is one of the root cause of vata dosha , its enhances with drying elements and may cause constipation and lower back ache due to stability of the stools . Stay warm The main specification of vata dosha is that it is cold. Have you ever noticed we always desire to be warmly tucked in our bed while we are ill? This is due to the fact of warmth factor, which is also applicable in case of pain relief. Cont..: Cont .. Exercise Pedahastasana It is a substantial yoga pose for reducing back ache because it enables vata dosha to stream optimally all over the body, removing the tightening of the stool-carrying channels that result in both lower back pain and constipation. Whenever a person suffers from lower back ache that is not due to muscular reasons, this pose is quite effective to eliminate the pain. Exercise alternate nostril breathing It is the most effective breathing exercise for balancing vata dosha , also known as Anuloma Viloma . It considerably reduces the lower back ache and other aches associated to vata dosha situations like osteoarthritis, arthritis etc. Cont..: Cont .. Oil your body Lower back pain usually deepens during stressful times. Ayurveda teaches how stress, depletion, exertion and tiredness etc. enhances vata dosha , and excess accrued vata dosha causes early aging, along with pain in different parts of the body, specifically in the lower back. Oiling yourself with hot sesame oil before taking a hot shower bath makes the skin fit and robust, while diminishing the lower back ache and deflecting aging. Cont..: Cont .. Ayurveda backache treatment with herbs You would be glad to know that back pains can also be treated with these astonishing herbs Ashwagandha : It increases blood circulation and relaxes the blood vessels. It is highly valuable in case of autoimmune problems like rheumatoid arthritis. Just take a teaspoon of it and intake during the bed time. Garlic It is one of the most effective natural remedy for back ache because of its pain reliving feature. Fry some garlic cloves in sesame or castor oil. Cool and practice this oil to massage on the influenced parts. Slide7: Thank you..

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