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Published on July 8, 2019

Author: UrminGroup


slide 1: BACK TO SCHOOL WITH BANSIRAM Now that schools have commenced once again after a long summer break kids are back in form and are looking forward to an active and energetic session at school once again. They will face the same demanding routine of studies and the same hectic pace of lessons and a tough curriculum. Parents will be at their wits–ends once more as they will be faced with the headache of deciding which snacks will be right for their children while they are at school. So what is the right thing to do Should mothers spend hours at end in the kitchens to prepare dainty snacks for their school-going children or should they go in for a ready-meal solution This very problem is multiplied manifold especially if both parents hold jobs. In the hustle and bustle of the morning rush it is often the kids’ snacks which do not get the requisite attention. Often mothers cannot decide which would be the right snacks for their children during school hours. Parents need not worry since the leading snacks manufacturer in Gujarat – Bansiram Namkeen has come out with a range of lightweight snacks that are easy on the pocket as well as great for a quick munch while children are at school. These lightweight snack packets can easily fit into the school bags and children can easily carry them off to school. While children enjoy their break time they can easily tuck in these Bansiram snacks which will take care of their hunger pangs. It is easy for them to pull these snug snack packets out of their school satchels and quickly grab a mouthful. slide 2: Rather than going on a hungry stomach to school intelligent mothers can add a Bansiram Namkeen to their mealtime retinue which can go a long way in helping the children meet their calorie intake requirements. Bansiram snacks come from Bansiram Namkeen who is amongst the best-in-class namkeen brands in Gujarat India. If you are looking for these Indian snacks online or for namkeen manufactures in India simply Google for Bansiram snacks and they will show up prominently in the search engine results. So let kids enjoy their Bansiram snacks while mothers can rest assured their kids would not face a hungry moment while at school

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