Baby Musk Duck

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Information about Baby Musk Duck

Published on May 30, 2008

Author: mrs_ob



Baby Musk Duck

Musk Duck

The habitat for a musk Duck is Permanent Swamps with dense vegetation (especially during breeding) , large open lakes tidal inlets and bays and occasionally the open sea. Musk Ducks Mainly eat animal food including insects such as adult larval water boatmen betters dragonflies mayflies midges and cadies flies and also snails crayfish and frogs. Plant food consists of a few aquatic plant seeds. About Musk Duck's Habitat Food

Baby Musk Duck Week 1 ! This is the little baby Musk Duck that just come out of the water with little drops of water on it. This is the little musk duck that is only 1 week old. And having fun in the water.

Baby Musk Duck Week 2 ! This is the mum Musk Duck and the little Musk Duck sleeping in the grass and having a rest from his long day. This is the little musk Duck that is 2 weeks old.

Baby Musk Duck Week 3 ! Here is the mum and the baby having a swim in the water. This musk duck is 3 weeks old now and likes his new home and has fun every day.

Baby Musk Duck Week 4 ! This is the baby musk duck grown up and is 4 weeks old and is growing fast and loves serenndip. This picture of the baby Musk Duck is swimming in the water probably getting to explore.

Baby Musk Duck Week 5 ! The little musk duck is 5 weeks old now its grown so much now The little musk duck is bending its back a little bit and swimming along the water.

Baby Musk Duck Week 6 ! The little musk duck is swimming with his mum in the water. The little musk duck is 6 weeks old now and nearly the size of the mum duck.

Baby Musk Duck Week 7 ! This is the little Musk Duck just sitting in the grass with its mum. The Musk Duck is 7 weeks old now and is a big boy/Girl now


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