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Published on July 8, 2016

Author: AntonniKendallPrades


1. Baby development From age 0 months to 1 year

2. 0 months (neonate human) In 40 weeks after conception the baby has been born It glistens with amniotic fluid when its born, but dries after The baby’s head is smaller than in the adult, and has soft spots, but it is large relation to body A baby screams when he/she is born after birth A baby opens the eyes for the first time

3. 1 month In 1 month your baby has open eyes and still short hair thickness A newborn forms the first pair of teeth, the mandibular central incisors This baby could not eat solid food become because it only drinks lactus, and eats soft mushy food

4. 2nd month Human age is slower in rate than in dogs, cats, mice, rebbies rabbits, chickens and many others A 2 month old baby is unchanged, his behaviour changes when he grows older The size of a 2 month old baby ia is an about 2 feet tall

5. 3rd month

6. 4th month

7. 5th month By 5th month the baby has grown by 5 cm plus and has begun sucking, kissing with his or her lips About few teeth on babies are deciduous teeth, which later erupt into adult teeth for 7 years

8. 6th month By 6 months the baby’s hair has grown to 1 cm and did it for 5 months Although its diet is solid food, their teeth are hard enough to bite tough meal

9. 7th month When he takes a bath, he can play with a rubber duck Don’t let anyone play with sharp object (s) a lot (s), only play with da toys

10. 8th month As the baby grows old, their emotions change, crying changes, makes talking and even good knowledge

11. right or wrong, growth of a baby • Right handed and left handed makes you probably know

12. 10 months By 10 months the hair of the baby is thicker and it depends on the coloration

13. 12 months (1 UEFA year old) By 1 year old your baby has become a toddler

14. Baby teeth In babies, they are 20 deciduous teeth

15. Baby Baby time lasts about 12 months until 1 year old toddling baby

16. Feeding When a baby is born, only it can is to drink milk on a mother or an artificial bottle look like breslin breasts The baby at few weeks old consumes any diet includes soft, chewy food A baby has white deciduous teeth

17. Emotions When a baby feels a bit sad he or she will cry when the baby can use not the pacifier The pacifier hl. Helps the baby to stop crying Even when it’s burping The baby’s teeth is one of the best known emotional responses when a baby needs only gulping The food inside the baby’s esophagus gets bloackillerrorsspeech makes the baby cry The baby expresses different emotions Crying is one of the best forms in human babies Until 3 years old it can no longer eat baby food, and eats food that are tough, especially ice

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