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Published on February 15, 2014

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The British Academic Advisory Service is an independent consultancy based in England. We specialize in arranging quality educational programmes for overseas students from all over the world. Our years of experience with the British education system and strong connections with colleges and universities allows us to offer you unique options, which do not always advertise abroad, but have excellent reputations. BAAS can provide long and short term courses combined with sport, cultural activities, and the opportunity to mix with local students.

   Faced with the huge choice available, it can be daunting for prospective students living abroad to determine which school is most suitable. Here is where we can be of assistance. You can rely on our expertise not only to find the best school for your needs, but also to make all necessary arrangements. We offer advice for all ages and levels. We will guide you through the relative merits of both private and state run establishments, schools, colleges, universities and language schools. The schools we recommend provide high standards of education, excellent facilities, and extensive social and cultural opportunities. We will help you make an informed choice - the right one for you.  Jim Word Principal BAAS Education Ltd.

 The British Academic Advisory Service is an independent consultancy based in England. We specialize in arranging quality educational programmes for overseas students from all over the world. Our years of experience with the British education system and strong connections with colleges and universities allows us to offer you unique options, which do not always advertise abroad, but have excellent reputations. BAAS can provide long and short term courses combined with sport, cultural activities, and the opportunity to mix with local students. !



 Most British children are educated in the state system from the age of four. The school leaving age is currently being raised from 17 to 18, but the final two years can be spent in college or work-related training. Many pupils transfer to sixth form or further education college at 16 after taking GCSE or equivalent exams. Both state and private further education colleges are open to fee-paying overseas students. Some colleges will specialize in academic courses such as A Level or the International Baccalaureate (IB). Others run a full range of vocational courses. Most British universities are public institutions, largely funded by the Government. They are increasingly popular with fee-paying overseas students as well as those from Britain. This is the only part of the state education sector for which UK students have to pay. We also have a world-class high quality private education sector which is very popular with international students. This includes independent (public) schools, independent colleges, and private language schools. Language schools should be accredited under the Accreditation UK Scheme or on the Register of Sponsors. Private colleges should be accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). State-funded colleges and universities are officially inspected and regulated to ensure that they meet very high quality standards.

«UK is the home of the English language, and is renowned for the high quality of its education system.»
 There are many reasons why students and their families choose to study in Britain: Around 600,000 people come to UK every year to study English: that's an estimated 43 per cent of all the students who travel abroad to learn or improve their English. • • • • It has the best choice of English language courses anywhere in the world and British qualifications are internationally recognized. The UK is an exciting place to live, with a rich mix of history, culture and global influences. Most students love it here. They tell us how friendly British people are, and enjoy the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the people they meet. Students who come here to study English are far more likely to get a place at a UK university and continue their education here. The UK is a fantastic base for traveling and exploration. Britain is a comparatively small country with good travel links: there is lots to see and do here. Excellent transport links also make the UK a perfect base to explore Europe.

« We can help increase your reading speed and memory recall by up to 40% and your creative thinking by up to 200% »

 Every student has different needs, and BAAS’s partners - which range from universities to private colleges - can cater for all of them. Some of them specialise in short summer courses for teenagers, while other centres may concentrate on business English and the needs of different professionals. Our offers range from family-run operations where students live and work as a group, through the well-known private language centre chains, to departments in further education colleges and universities. Private language schools usually offer a range of different English language courses. They may specialise, for instance in business English or English Plus leisure courses. They can usually accommodate all skills levels and offer part time or full time courses, with flexibility about length and start dates. Independent schools and tutorial colleges offer a range of subjects and activities all taught in English. Some offer summer programmes. Further Education Colleges usually offer courses for students at all levels as well as careerbased training and academic courses in classes where other students will speak English as a first language. Higher education institutions and universities are generally geared to students whose language skills are intermediate or better. Many specialise in teaching English for academic purposes or foundation courses.


For over 100 years, students have been coming to the UK to enjoy the benefits of a student’s independence, confidence and faith in himself or herself is built up. You’ll see them everywhere. Poised, confident, socially assured, they have an aura of brightness, smartness and success. And whatever job they are doing, you know they are giving it everything, achieving in it and leading a successful life. Once you know what you are looking for, it is not difficult to spot people who have been educated at a UK independent school. There is a quality about them, a cool, individual, sometimes quirky, self-assurance that perhaps more than anything makes them a pleasure to meet and to get to know.

Independent or Public Schools are known as Private sector in British education. They are expensive and have very high academic standards which allows your child to go to top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE. Children live at school during term time, only returning home at half term and during the main holidays (Christmas, Easter and Summer). As children live at school, there is a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities, such as astronomy, chess, computers, debating, public speaking, photography. Music and drama play a large part of school life outside the classroom children are encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument or join a choir. Sport is also very much to the fore and nowadays the traditional games such as football, rugby, cricket, tennis, netball and hockey are complemented by activities such as aerobics, canoeing, horse-riding, rock-climbing, squash and swimming.  !   All schools chosen by BAAS have strong EFL (English as a Foreign Language) departments to assist children from overseas with extra English for the first term or as required. If you were to ask current parents why
 they chose Independent school for their son or daughter, they would tell you that the children here are cheerful, balanced, at ease with themselves and each other – yet excited and enthused by the challenges before them. They might add that co-educational college succeeds in combining academic excellence with a wealth of extracurricular opportunities, all underpinned by a deep commitment to the individual needs and enthusiasms of each child. As Head Master, I believe passionately
 in the importance of the individual. Every child at Independent school is valued for his or her own sake, encouraged to develop his or her talents to the full in a community where there are no stereotypes and where every achievement, however small, is noticed. Richard Cairns, Head Master of Brighton College


 When choosing a UK boarding school for your child, you will need to take into account the fees a school charges. The cost of a UK boarding education may initially appear high, but when you take into account the quality of the teaching, the small classes (the average teacher-to-pupil ratio in 2008/09 was 1:9.5), the high level of care and supervision, the good accommodation and food, the excellent academic and sports facilities, and the numerous extracurricular activities, it represents a very cost-effective package. Teaching at all levels at Independent school is characterised by passion. Pupils are inspired by gifted and enthusiastic teachers to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Fees vary widely from school to school. The 2009 Independent Schools Council Annual Census revealed that the average boarding fee per term for pupils at senior schools was £7,748, with day fees at around £3,428. Preparatory school fees are a little less, at an average of £4,511 per term for boarders, and £3,236 per term for day pupils. Fees are payable in advance and overseas account holders may be required to give a substantial deposit, generally one term’s fees. 
 Fees are charged per term – invoices are sent out before the beginning of term, and the fees should be paid in full by the first day of term. Many schools offer a variety of payment methods, ranging from lump-sum payments to monthly direct debit. All schools require at least one term’s notice of withdrawal of a child, otherwise another term’s fees will be payable.
 Fees will usually include tuition and most recreational activities, accommodation and food. Fees may also include basic laundry and textbooks, but uniforms will not usually be included. ‘Extras’ will be put on the bill for the next term, so be sure to find out what these may be before you incur additional expenses. Likely extras could be private music lessons, horse riding, dry cleaning and outings, such as theatre trips. In recent years, annual fee increases have been in the region of 5–6%, although they do vary from school to school.

“I learnt not just the facts, but also the ability to analyse and, confidently justify and explain my answers. The Medics Programme has been really helpful, I was able to get support with writing my personal statement, setting up work experience with a local Veterinary Practice and help with my interview technique. I’ve had to work really hard this year but now I have my place I can relax a bit! Without this Programme I doubt I would have achieved my place at Cambridge” Reimi Konda, Japanese A*A*A*A*
 IELTS 8.5 University of Cambridge, Veterinary Medicine

“I was always keen to study at a traditional boarding school and private college offered everything I was looking for but with the attraction of not being isolated in the middle of the countryside. I enjoy the flexibility
 of being able to take trips at the weekend or going out with my friends. Canterbury is very historic and with the countryside so close there is always lots of activities to do.” Eni Shemaj, Albanian A*A*A*
 IELTS 8.0 University of Manchester, Law


PERIOD: Academic year COURSE: ENGLISH EXAMINATION COURSES AGE: 8-13 (General - Intensive - Advanced) + EXCURSIONS Year round STATE SCHOOL PLACEMENT (family only) 13-18 (General - Intensive) + ACTIVITIES + EXCURSIONS 13th July - 27th July YOUNG CREATIVES (General English in Art Industry) 13 -17 (General) + Art & Design + EXCURSIONS March - August SPRING & SUMMER CAMPS (residence) 9-18 (General) + ACTIVITIES + EXCURSIONS June - August ACADEMIC SUMMER COURSES 14-18 (General - Intensive) + SPORT + EXCURSIONS April - December ENGLISH & TRAVEL (General) + EXCURSIONS There are more interesting courses available by your request. Please contact our office for more information. 14-18

age : 8-13 ENGLISH EXAMINATION COURSES There are lots of reasons why you might want to study English, for example, to improve your english and be more confident in school, your future career, university entrance or just to have an interesting holiday. We offer a comprehensive range of English programmes so you can learn what you need quickly and effectively. All our schools offer exam courses for the most important examinations. Student life isn’t just about studying – your learning continues outside the classroom. during your time at Language Centres we want you to get the most out of your stay and use your English in a natural environment. the school is your meeting point to make friends, share experiences and explore new sights together. Our English Examinations programs are the perfect way for young people to increase confidence, fluency and motivation in English both inside and outside the classroom in a relaxed and secure environment. No accommodation EDINBURGH GLASGOW DUBLIN MANCHESTER OXFORD CAMBRIDGE LONDON MARGATE EASTBOURNE BRIGHTON BOURNEMOUTH

age : 8-13 ENGLISH EXAMINATION COURSES No accommodation Cambridge English suite of exams – YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE - are internationally recognised by educational institutions and employers. CAMBRIDGE YLE (YOUNG LEARNER OF ENGLISH) FCE, CAE AND CPE Exam lessons for 8-13 year olds Exam preparation courses for teenagers and young adults • maximise your child’s performance • are 30 hours  (intensive and semi-intensive)  • timed to finished just before your child takes the exam • maximise your performance • timed to finished just before you take your exam • familiarise your child with the exam • familiarise you with the exam • practise all the papers and question types your child will meet • practise all the papers and question types you will meet • develop exam tactics and techniques • improve time management • provide tips and advice from experienced teachers • give personalised feedback on personal/specific areas for improvement • boost your speaking test skills • use a variety of motivating resources. • develop exam tactics and techniques • provide tips and advice from experienced teachers • boost your child’s speaking test skills • use a variety of motivating resources. The exams are held in March, May, June, October and December at over twenty venues across Britain.

age : 13-18 STATE SCHOOL PLACEMENT (family only) We aim to build up every student's confidence and ability to use English through an enjoyable and stimulating range of lessons. Each student is tested on arrival in order to place them in the best class for their age, level of English and nationality (class are mixed nationality as much as possible). Induction and orientation also take place on the first morning. Each class it taught by a qualified teacher, all native speakers and CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked as being suitable to work with children. Classes have a maximum of 15 students (amounts of students and the hours per class can be altered for groups by prior arrangement). English tuition is provided is for 15 hours per week Monday to Friday, 3 hours per day. Classes are available at four levels, upper intermediate to elementary (subject to demand). Advanced level can be catered for. There is an option of increasing the amount of tution to 21 hours. BRIGHTON BOURNEMOUTH

age : 13-18 STATE SCHOOL PLACEMENT (family only) At our schools we recognise that students are primarily seeking to use their language skills in communicative situations. Therefore the lessons encourage learners to communicate their ideas through speaking and listening. Learning a language requires more than simply studying isolated words and grammatical features. Throughout our courses all language is presented in context and students are encouraged to be aware of its use, meaning and form before putting it into practice. We provide materials that are specifically aimed at young learners on short courses and students are encouraged to keep diaries and vocabulary books. We also deliver project based lessons linked to interests. Our course syllabus is in line with the CEF (Common European Framework). Upon completion, each student is graded and awarded a course certificate. We hope then that each student returns to their country of origin proud of their achievements with us, with an improved level of English, some new friends from around the world, and some great memories!

age : 13-17 YOUNG CREATIVES (General English in Art Industry) The Language Centre and Central Saint Martins present a new type of residential summer school. We are looking for artistic, creative, motivated teenagers to study a practical art or fashion course at a beautiful English boarding school in the east of England. Be different. Your creative journey starts here. Choose between English Plus Art & Design Workshops or English Plus Fashion Design & Styling Workshops. Two week course starting on 13th July 2014 The courses take place at Royal Hospital School, which is a leading independent boarding school in the east of England. Royal hospital school

age : 13-17 YOUNG CREATIVES (General English in Art Industry) English Classes
 English language that you really need: project-based learning using creativity, film and drama to increase your confidence in using English. These classes will be linked to other parts of your course art or fashion - and the full day excursions to London. This part of your course will be taught by tutors from the Language Centre. Plus Art & Design Workshops
 Central Saint Martins tutors teaching: ! Drawing Still-life Tones Wire & modroc sculpture Painting Colour-theory Print-making  Collage Plus Fashion Design and Styling Workshops
 Central Saint Martins tutors teaching: ! Drawing techniques Research practice Fashion illustration Collage & paint techniques garment customising Styling Prop-making Fashion photo shoot set-up

age : 13-17 YOUNG CREATIVES (General English in Art Industry) Included in all courses: Excursion to London galleries and museums and a trip to visit Central Saint Martins Accommodation and meals at the Royal Hospital School Materials Pastoral Care and evening activities by Ardmore Language Schools Tuition by Central Saint Martins and Language Centre, University of the Arts London End of course art, design and fashion exhibition for family and friends Certificate of attendance

age : 9-18 SPRING & SUMMER CAMPS (residence) We provide the highest quality English Language and activity courses for young learners at 22 great locations throughout the UK. We have one simple aim and that is to send all of our students home HAPPY. Great Choice City or coast, prestigious boarding school or modern university campus, Classic or academic course, Football or Art & Design, we have it all. Exciting Activities We provide a full programme of on-site activities seven days a week at most destinations, which are planned and led by our dedicated activities teams. Popular events include sports, drama, art, games, talent contests, quizzes and discos, to name a few. Excellent Teaching All of our academic staff are fully qualified English Language teachers. They follow a proven curriculum, designed exclusively for us by our academic team that ensures wellplanned, engaging and successful lessons. EDINBURGH CAMBRIDGE OXFORD LONDON BRIGHTON BOURNEMOUTH

age : 9-18 Quality Assured All of our UK centres are accredited by the British Council, ensuring your guarantee of high standards. SPRING & SUMMER CAMPS (residence) Safety First The care and safety of all our students is our number one priority and all of our staff are trained to deal with any situation that may arise. We employ a team of dedicated Welfare Officers whose sole responsibility is to look after our students’ safety and welfare, 24/7. Fantastic Excursions Whether your groups want history, culture or just great fun, we have a full programme of excursions every week to meet everyone’s tastes and interests. In addition, we can usually arrange extra excursions to suit your group’s particular needs and interests. Reputation With over 20 years’ experience, we are confident that whichever centre or course your customers choose, we will do all we can to ensure that every one of them will go home very HAPPY. We look forward to welcoming your students on our Spring & Summer camps!

age : 9-18 SPRING & SUMMER CAMPS (residence) Popular English courses Classic Course Age (varies by centre): 9–18 years for groups 12-18 years for individuals (certain centres only) Duration: 2–4 weeks
 English lessons: 20 lessons per week (15 hours) Location: Most of our centres Summary This course includes a full programme of English tuition, supervised excursions, sports and on-site activities such as arts and crafts, drama and music. • Maximum class size of 16 students
 • 1 full-day plus 1 or 2 half-day excursion per week • Themed lessons prepare students for excursions • Full board accommodation, usually residential (homestay option in Brighton, Canterbury, Edinburgh). Age: 15–18 years
 Duration: 3 weeks
 English lessons: 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours) Location: Cambridge or Canterbury
 Minimum level: Upper-Intermediate
 Exam: Optional Summary This is a course specially designed for students who have been studying towards the Cambridge First Certificate Examination (FCE). Students will receive FCE practice materials, regular assessments and self-study guidance. The exam can be taken during the final week of the course. • Maximum class size of 14 students
 • Evening social activities included
 • One afternoon activity per week
 • Option to take FCE exam as part of the course Academic English 2 First Certificate (FCE) Pre-Exam Final Preparation Course Intensive English Age: 15–18 years (groups and individuals) Duration: 2–6 weeks
 English lessons: 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours) Location: Cambridge Summary This is an academic-focused course that provides students with the core language, study skills and confidence required before they begin A level, International Baccalaureate Diploma or University Foundation programmes at a UK school or college. • Maximum class size of 16 students
 • Evening social activities included
 • Optional full-day excursions available (extra charge). Age: 14–17 years (Canterbury: groups and individuals) 15– 18 years (Cambridge: groups and individuals) Duration: 2–6 weeks
 English lessons: 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours) Location: Cambridge or Canterbury Summary This course provides more classroom time for students to focus on their English Language knowledge and skills, with supervised activities and excursions. • Maximum class size of 16 students
 • Evening social activities included
 • One afternoon activity per week
 • 1 Full day excursion included per week.

age : 12-17 Courses Classic PLUS CoursesEnglish PLUS SPRING & SUMMER CAMPS (residence) Classic Plus Tennis Classic Plus Football Classic Plus Golf This course comprises 6 hours of golf coaching CLASSIC PLUS COURSES Classic Plus Rugby Classic Plus Horse Riding Classic Plus Art At several of our centres, we offer specialist tuition and coaching in particular sports, in addition to the standard Classic Course. Students at these centres have the opportunity to learn new skills, improve their existing skills, and put them into practice, all via the medium of the English language. Age: Age: Age: Duration: Location: Malvern Art tuition: Levels of ability: Beginner to Advanced Duration: Location: Felsted Coaching: Levels of ability: Beginner to Advanced Duration: Location: Coaching: Levels of ability: Beginner to Advanced Age: Age: Age: Duration: Location: Coaching: Levels of ability: Elementary (some experience Duration: Location: Cheltenham Coaching: Levels of ability: Elementary (some experience Duration: Location: Malvern Coaching: Levels of ability: Beginner to Advanced 11

SPRING & SUMMER CAMPS (residence) age : 15-18 Cambridge Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA) Art & Design | Drama is situated The school is situated in the heart of the city of Cambridge, one of the This specialist Art & Design and Drama School offers greatest and most famous centres of learning in the world. Duration: This Ages: specialist Art & Design and Drama School offers courses for students looking to combine creative disciplines (within Art & Design or excursions: London Drama) with activities using the Art & Design options*: school’s excellent facilities. Design Drama options*: * Please consult separate leaflet for dates of each option. Accommodation Cambridge CSVPA Visual & Performing Arts

age : 14-18 SPRING & SUMMER CAMPS (residence) Oxbridge Preparation Programme This unique, tailored programme is designed for international students aged 15-17, who are interested in progressing to the world-famous Universities of Oxford or Cambridge, or another top
 UK university, such as Imperial College London, University College London, or Durham University. What is included? Meet Oxbridge Admission tutors and students Study tours of prestigious universities English language and academic study Communication skills and interview practice Choosing the right A level and degree options Location: CATS College Cambridge Duration: 3 weeks
 29th June 2014 to 19th July 2014 Careers in Law, Business and Finance Taster Programme For those aged 14-16 years old who wish to enter the demanding professions of Law, Business or Finance, and want
 to learn about different career options before committing to those subjects at A level, International Baccalaureate or Foundation. What is included? Meet leading industry professionals Experience the workplace Mock interviews and skills workshops Study tours of prestigious universities Comprehensive social programme Location: CATS College Canterbury Duration: 3 weeks
 06th July 2014 to 26th July 2014 Academic Summer UK Education Taster Programme For 14-16 year olds considering high school in the UK, who would like to experience A level, International Baccalaureate and University Foundation programmes before committing to a fulltime programme of study. What is included? Broad subject syllabus covering Maths and Humanities, Science and Arts, Language and Literature English language and academic study Study tours of prestigious universities Mock interviews and skills workshops Comprehensive social programme Location: CATS College Canterbury Duration: 3 weeks
 06th July 2014 to 26th July 2014

Brighton CATS CSVPA Cheltenham Dundee Felsted London Bankside London Bloomsbury London Uxbridge Malvern Reading Excursions London Homestay Individuals Accommodation Groups Arsenal Soccer School Academic Summer First Certificate Academic English Intensive courses Specialist courses London Explorer Classic English Language and Activities Intensive English Type of Centre Location type Classic Course Locations

age : 14-18 ENGLISH & TRAVEL The English & Travel is the world’s first English adventure education program. Combining a rigorous academic curriculum with exciting adventure travel, we offering a truly remarkable experiential learning experience. With a custom-made curriculum that follows each day’s itinerary, students have a chance to learn and practice the English language in context, proven to be the best way to learn the language. Students are accompanied at all times by a CELTA qualified teacher as well as a certified guide who will lead students on hikes, mountain bike tours and canoeing sessions. The guide, who will also be able to recount the folklore and legends of the country, will lead students to some of the most magical places in their country. If you like adventure travel, and you want to learn English, this program is for you. ORKNEY ISLANDS ISLE OF SKYE INVERNESS EDINBURGH LONDONDERRY GALWAY GLIFFS OF MOHER KILLARNEY DUBLIN

c de n Three hours of English lessons each weekday, taught by a CELTA qualified teacher using a curriculum focussed on your daily itinerary 24-hour support of a certified teacher, ready to help you anytime you need it age : 14-18 students receive their own ENGLISH & TRAVEL With each course, copy of the Travelling Classroom textbook A certified guide with expert local knowledge Included in the Travelling Classroom Accommodation Shared dormitory rooms (split male and female) in some of the of English lessons each weekday, most unique hostels in the world Three hours taught by a CELTA qualified teacher using a curriculum focussed on your daily itinerary Transportation Never worry about how to get from one place to 24-hour you’ll be a certified in a private coach the next assupport oftravelling teacher, Tour dates 2014 2014 Tour Dates Scottish Adventure 14 days Sunday 20/04/14 14 days Sunday 18/05/14 Scottish Adventure 14 days Sunday 08/06/14 Scottish Adventure 7 days Sunday 06/07/14 Scottish Adventure 7 days Sunday 13/07/14 Scottish Adventure ready to help you anytime you need it 14 days Sunday 20/07/14 Ireland Explorer 10 days Friday 08/08/14 Scottish Adventure 10 days Friday 22/08/14 Ireland Explorer 14 days Sunday 14/09/14 Best of UK 14 days Sunday 12/10/14 Ireland Ireland Explorer Activities course, students receive their own With each All copy of the Travellingin tuition textbook fees are included Classroom A certified guide with expert local knowledge Prices Accommodationrooms (split male and female) Shared dormitory in some of the most unique hostels in the world 7 days 1,000 GBP 10 days Transportation how to get from one place to 1,400 GBP Never worry about next as you’ll be travelling in a private coach 14 days the1,800 GBP 2014 Tour Dates Activities All fees are included in tuition Scottish Adventure 14 days Ireland Explorer 14 days Scotland Sunday 20/04/14 Scottish Adventure 14 days Sunday 09/11/14 New Year ’s Trip 10 days Friday 26/12/14 Sunday 18/05/14 7 days 1,000 GBP 10 days 1,400 GBP 14 days 1,800 GBP 14 days Scottish Adventure 7 days Sunday 06/07/14 7 days Sunday 13/07/14 Scottish Adventure Prices Scottish Adventure Scottish Adventure nt u. Scotland Ireland 14 days Sunday 20/07/14 Ireland Explorer 10 days Friday 08/08/14 Scottish Adventure 10 days Friday 22/08/14 Ireland Explorer 14 days Sunday 14/09/14 Best of UK 14 days Sunday 12/10/14 Scottish Adventure 14 days Sunday 09/11/14 New Year ’s Trip 10 days Friday 26/12/14 Sunday 08/06/14


PERIOD: Year round COURSE: ENGLISH EXAMINATION COURSES AGE: 17+ (General - Intensive - Advanced - Professional) + EXCURSIONS Year round ENGLISH PLUS ART & DESIGN COURSE 16+ IELTS Exam + University application & Portfolio help Year round HOME-STAY 16+ (General - Intensive - Advanced) June - August SUMMER CAMPS (residence is limited) 16+ (General) + ACTIVITIES + EXCURSIONS Academic year FOUNDATION, A-LEVEL, IB COURSES (residence) 15+ IELTS Exam + Activities Year round TRAIN TO TEACH ENGLISH INTENSIVE ENGLISH There are more interesting courses available by your request. Please contact our office for more information. 18+

Year round ENGLISH EXAMINATION COURSES Good qualifications in English are now essential. Our schools provide a wide range of courses and examinations to help you achieve the English language qualifications you need. EDINBURGH ! We can help you prepare for: GLASGOW DUBLIN IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL Pitmans ESOL and SESOL exams Cambridge ESOL exams (CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, KET, BEC, BULATS) LCCI English for Business Examinations CAMBRIDGE OXFORD Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English Exam fees not included LONDON MARGATE EASTBOURNE BRIGHTON BOURNEMOUTH

Year round ENGLISH EXAMINATION COURSES Cambridge Examination Courses (CC) The Cambridge Examination courses are designed to improve your overall language ability in addition to developing the language skills necessary to pass your chosen Cambridge ESOL exam (FCE, CAE or CPE). They provide complete and careful preparation for all 5 papers of the examinations and include practice interviews with experienced Cambridge examiners. IELTS Preparation Course (IELTS) The appropriate IELTS score is now the standard requirement for entry to a UK university. This full-time course provides complete and careful preparation for all aspects of the academic module and includes guidance and practice in all 4 papers of the IELTS exam (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Year round ENGLISH PLUS ART & DESIGN COURSE University of the Arts London University of the Arts London consists of six Colleges – Camberwell College of Art, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Art, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion and Wimbledon College of Art. The University has been a leader in learning and creativity for more than 150 years, and has had many award-winning students and staff. Language Centre
 The Language Centre offers English and English Plus courses to students from all over the world. It also supports the international full-time students at the University. We are located in the University headquarters building in central London. As a student at the Language Centre you can experience university life, even if you are here for just a few weeks. You can choose courses in General English or Academic English, English for Exam Preparation or our unique English Plus programmes. English Plus courses combine General English classes at the Language Centre with practical art, fashion, design or communication courses at the Colleges. Our English programmes are accredited by the British Council, and we are members of English UK, the national association of English language centres. We are very proud of our well-qualified teachers. Many of them have additional qualifications in a range of academic subjects, including the fields of art, design, fashion and communication. LONDON

Year round ENGLISH PLUS ART & DESIGN COURSE English Plus Year-round Study between four weeks and six months, 15 hours of General English per week at the Language Centre plus seven hours per week of a practical option at one of our Colleges English Plus Art & Design English Plus Fashion English Plus Communication Language Centre and Chelsea College of Art Language Centre and London College of Fashion Language Centre and London College of Communication This option provides a mix of art and design suitable for portfolio preparation or general interest and enjoyment. You will be given an introduction to various art and design subjects. A different subject will be covered each week. The programme consists of practical work in the studio, group work and visits to museums and galleries. This course covers seven fashion topics, giving you the opportunity to try a different aspect of Fashion every four weeks. If you attend for the full 24 weeks you will have an overview of the industry and an idea of where you might excel if you are considering further study. This option provides a mix of communication subjects suitable for portfolio preparation or general interest and enjoyment. You will be given an introduction to various areas including advertising, design and photography. The programme consists of practical work in the studio, group work and visits to museums and organisations.

Year round ENGLISH PLUS ART & DESIGN COURSE Combine an English course with practical studies in Art & Design, Fashion or Communication for between four weeks and six months As a student at the Language Centre you will be part of a world famous University for art, design, fashion, communication and performance. There is a great social programme that takes place in the evenings and takes advantage of our exciting location. Our colleagues at the International Centre can give you expert advice about how to apply to full-time further or higher education courses at the University. Why choose one of these programmes? These programmes are ideal for you if: What is included in the English Plus year- round courses?
 15 hours of General English tuition
 per week, Monday to Friday, normally seven hours of College options over two afternoons/mornings per week, regular tutorials, free Wi-Fi access across all UAL sites, self-study facilities, Certificate of Attendance and insurance. Most materials for College options are included but some require specialist equipment, which we will list in your joining instructions. How many students in a class? For English language: average 10 students, maximum 14.
 For College options: average 12 students, maximum 16. Duration
 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 weeks. Materials
 Basic materials will be provided. Students are expected to bring their own pencils, brushes, sketchbook and a camera for recording design work and for visual research. you would like to combine the English language learning with a practical, hands-on art & design, fashion or communication course at one of our Colleges; What is the minimum age? 16. • you want to apply to a full-time art college course but do not yet have a portfolio of work sufficient to support your application; These courses are at introductory level but there is usually a range of skill levels in each class. • you are interested in one of the areas offered by the programme and would like to find out more about that area before committing yourself to further studies or development. Level of English required? Pre Intermediate or above. • Portfolio preparation for foundation level study: if you are preparing a portfolio we recommend taking 24 weeks of English Plus Year-round. • Do I need to have experience in the subject I want to study? No.

Year round HOME-STAY Full immersion in English language and British culture: live and study in the home of a qualified English teacher On this course, you will be treated as a real individual. You will be matched to a teacher who meets your needs and shares your interests. You will be able to practise English all the time in an English speaking setting, with a teacher who knows your strengths and weaknesses and who can design and deliver a programme to suit you. EDINBURGH Course options You can choose to have 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of tuition per week. This flexible approach means that you have control of the intensity of your course and schedule. In addition, you will normally be given homework to prepare for the next day’s lessons. Excursions can also be taken with the teacher where relevant to the course. ! ! Study what you want, when you want, for as long as you want Maximise language progress through individual tuition with a qualified teacher Enjoy a stimulating experience through full immersion in British culture CAMBRIDGE LONDON MARGATE EASTBOURNE BRIGHTON BOURNEMOUTH

Year round HOME-STAY The Home-stay experience includes accommodation and all meals, and you will participate fully in your host teacher’s social and family life after class. Most importantly, you will feel part of the family. As you are living in your host teacher’s home and using the language constantly, the learning process continues all day - not just during lessons, but all the time: during meals, on trips and when enjoying activities. The host family is chosen with your interests in mind, and diet or special requests are taken into consideration. There are more options available with this course. Please contact our office for more information.

Year round TRAIN TO TEACH ENGLISH “ Become a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language“ We offer Intensive Teacher Training and Teacher Development courses at our school, with built-in classroom observations and teaching practice (depending on which course you take). Cert TESOL Course - Trinity College, London This is a four-week intensive course designed for anyone wishing to improve their teaching skills and obtain formal certification in the teaching of English as a foreign or second language. The certificate awarded could be suitable for a gap- year student looking to work and travel at the same time, for an individual aiming to change career path, or for someone within the profession aiming to improve their standard. Teacher Development Programme (60hrs) This is a short, two-week intensive course designed for those wishing to acquire the relevant pedagogical knowledge, key skills and competencies to improve their teaching of English as a foreign or second language. It is particularly suit- able for primary and secondary school teachers overseas who teach or wish to teach their lessons in English (C.L.I.L. Content and Language Integrated Learning) The certificate awarded will stipulate participation in and successful completion of the programme. Observation of experienced teachers is included. EDINBURGH GLASGOW CAMBRIDGE LONDON MARGATE BRIGHTON BOURNEMOUTH

Academic year FOUNDATION, A-LEVEL, IB COURSES (residence) “Key to the College’s environment is inspirational teaching.” The College has a teaching body that must rank among the best in England. They care about the subjects they teach; they convey that enthusiasm to the children; and, together, they create a climate of learning that inspires the young people here to realise their dreams and to achieve more than anyone ever thought possible. That achievement is particularly noticeable in these courses, where excellent results are achieved alongside a stimulating and extensive range of cocurricular opportunities. The courses at the College provides a supportive environment in which pupils can develop their academic, creative and sporting interests. We place great emphasis on developing the individual interests of our students. We encourage them to be independent, whilst ensuring that they are supported as they make the decisions that will affect the future path of their lives. We want our pupils to be at ease with themselves and the society of which they are part: tolerant, caring and kind, but ambitious for themselves. Pre-university pupils apply to leading universities across the UK and, increasingly, the USA and Europe, with the vast majority proceeding to their first choice institution. The most popular destinations are Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Imperial and Manchester. Pupils are well supported through the university application process by the Head of school or their tutor. CAMBRIDGE LONDON CANTERBURY

Academic year FOUNDATION, A-LEVEL, IB COURSES (residence)

Academic year FOUNDATION, A-LEVEL, IB COURSES (residence)

Year round TRAIN TO TEACH ENGLISH Our teachers’ courses aim to meet your professional needs and are ideal for overseas teachers of English. These very practical courses are designed to: keep you up-to-date with developments in language teaching expand your range of teaching techniques encourage you to reflect on your personal teaching context EDINBURGH develop your fluency and knowledge of English experience different aspects of life and culture in the United Kingdom ! CAMBRIDGE Mixed nationality classes allow you to share ideas and experience with colleagues from other countries. In addition, you will refresh and extend your understanding and knowledge of English language and culture. COURSE INFORMATION
 Course length: 2 weeks, fixed dates
 Number of lessons per week: 30 lessons (22.5 hours) Maximum Class size: 12 Level: EPC: Pre-Intermediate (A2) to Advanced (C1). AT, LMC, CLIL, TBE: Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1) Minimum Age: 21


We have developed a suite of Executive Education programmes geared towards the most driven, ambitious candidates from around the globe. We work alongside our corporate partners to develop courses that reflect the needs of industry from an international perspective. Our Executive and Professional Development Programmes are designed to reflect today’s global business trends and to support you in responding to the challenges at each level of your career progression. Our Partners In Business Education We have a number of strategic partnerships with leading institutions. These partners include Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB), University of Lincoln, Edexcel, St Patrick’s College, the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Bradford University, Birmingham City University, the London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA), eCornell and Liverpool FC.

MBA STUDENTS EARLY CAREER UNIVERSITY GRADUATES UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS London Summer Schools Two summer school options focusing on International Business and Law, and accompanied by a social programme . Postgraduate Certificate Programmes (with internship opportunity*) Highly customisable 12 weeks professional development courses tailored to meet your career aspirations in: Finance Financial Investments Finance and Management Brand Management Management And more… Management Development Programme (with internship opportunity*) Four-week professional development course to enhance your competitiveness and leadership impact. Investment Management Programme (with internship opportunity*) Four to six weeks professional development course to sharpen your financial decision-making skills.

Advanced Certificate Programmes Financial Planning and Analysis Management Consulting & Project Management Investment Banking and Capital Markets Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship M&A and Private Equity Strategic Leadership and Change Digital Marketing and Social Media Oil & Gas: Management Consulting & Project Management Strategic Brand Management International Financial Bootcamp (with Sorbonne Business School) An advanced five-day programme and unique opportunity to receive certification from Sorbonne Business School. *3-6 month internships available to UK/EU nationals only. These are not the only programs we offer. If you need some more information on Executive education please contact our office and we will assist you on your request.


FASHION RETAIL AND LUXURY MANAGEMENT MA OVERVIEW ENTRY CRITERIA further their retail career within an international environment. QUALIFICATION Bachelor or equivalent MINIMUM AGE 18 Years LANGUAGE IELTS 5.5 or equivalent ALTERNATIVE Mature route with 2 years of work experience / Proof of English on work experience CAREER PROSPECTS enrol our work placement scheme management service supporting our manage their own careers. WHAT YOU WILL STUDY SEMESTER 1

WHAT YOU WILL STUDY SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 • Essentials and Principals of Fashion Marketing and Luxury Brand Management • Sustainable Fashion Branding • Fashion Marketing and Retailing in the Luxury sector: Store location and visual merchandising • Innovative tactics of fashion e-tailing: The application of new technology and its impact on supply chain • Brand Globalisation • Professional practise in the luxury brand (Internship focus module) • Final Major Project AT LCCA YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM • Specialist multi-arts institution • • • • • KEY FACTS International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (Italy) Learning 15 months Intakes 24 March 2014-6 Oct.


TOURISM, HOSPITALITY AND EVENT MANAGEMENT MSc OVERVIEW ENTRY CRITERIA This course will provide you with an advanced understanding of both the Hospitality and Tourism industries, as well as strategies on how to run these operations. After completion of this programme, you will be able to analytically develop a more strategic insight of the industry. QUALIFICATION UK Bachelor or equivalent The programme is structured in two semesters which will provide you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in such a competitive sector. modern tourism, hospitality and events organisations. The second one will focus on the application of all those theories through practical case scenarios. MINIMUM AGE 18 Years LANGUAGE IELTS 5.5 or equivalent ALTERNATIVE Mature route with 2 years of work experience / Proof of English on work and a strong personal statement.

WHAT YOU WILL STUDY SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 • Business Strategy • Marketing for Service and Hospitality Industry • Hospitality Operations Management • • • • Event Management International Project Management Managing Tourism Destinations KEY FACTS Awarding body International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (Italy) Delivery mode Full-time, Distance Learning Full duration Intakes AT LCCA YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM • • • • • • Specialist multi-arts institution Excellent location in Soho, Central London Creative multi-disciplinary learning environment Dedicated industry standard facilities and equipment Practical career-focused programmes Highly experienced course leaders, with strong industry experience 15 months 24 March 2014-6 Oct. 2014-9 Feb. 2015 Campus London, Manchester, Birmingham, Online* *Online study mode will be available only for October intake


KEEN STUDENTS PROVIDE US WITH A CV AND AMBITION We can assist you in preparing your CV and help you with the best way to write your letter of interest. If you are creative you can provide us with your portfolio of work too. STUDENT REQUIREMENTS • • • • ELIGIBLE TO WORK IN THE UK  MINIMUM INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH LEVEL SUITABLE ACCOMMODATION FINANCIAL SUPPORT WE SPEAK TO COMPANIES ABOUT OUR GREAT STUDENTS Professionals UK works with 100s of companies in many sectors, we also research new companies all the time in order to give you the best opportunity. STUDENT JOINS COMPANY After an interview with a company manager we will send the placement confirmation to you when you pass your interview.Sometimes more than one company will want to meet you.

Students often want a work experience placement in addition to their language course and we can assist you in guiding easily and successfully through the process. In our experience a placement is the perfect complement to a quality language course, adding value for life.  Companies are now increasingly asking students for previous work experience. Being able to show you have completed a placement in an English speaking company shows enthusiasm and focus on your career path. Showing you've worked in the UK will give you an advantage to boost your career. WHO ARE THE INTERNATIONAL CANDIDATES Most international candidates are EU students or Graduates studying at university level in their chosen subject and often have some practical work experience in their field already. AS AN INTERNATIONAL INTERN YOU WILL: • • • • • • LEARN ENGLISH IN A REAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT LEARN NEW PRACTICAL SKILLS LEARN ABOUT UK WORKING PRACTICES GAIN A WORK EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE AND LETTER OF REFERENCE ADD UK EXPERIENCE TO YOUR CV IMPROVE YOUR CAREER OPPORTUNITIES WHEN YOU RETURN HOME ACCOUNTANCY ADVERTISING ARCHITECTURE ARTS / MUSEUMS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CUSTOMER SERVICES ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL, RENEWABLE AND OTHERS EVENTS FASHION FASHION DESIGN FINANCE GRAPHIC DESIGN HOSPITALITY HUMAN RESOURCES LAW MARKETING MEDIA NGO / CHARITY PUBLIC RELATIONS SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING TECHNICAL / VOCATIONAL PLACEMENTS TOURISM TRADE / LOGISTICS WEB PROGRAMMING

WHAT OTHER STUDENTS HAVE SAID ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCES? SARA RODRIGUEZ MENDOZA Intern in a Fashion Company 'I learnt everything about the company. I worked in accounts, a little bit in marketing and every day I worked for one hour in the shop so I could speak to the customers. This helped me to improve my English' DESI NIKOLOVA Architect Assistant 'I liked the opportunity to show my skills as an architect. I enjoyed learning new skills. I am very thankful for the opportunity and very much appreciate everyone's help and support during the time of the placement. There is nothing else I could have asked for... It is exactly what I wanted and needed.' 5 EASY STEPS TO PLACING A CANDIDATE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. YOU SEND US YOUR APPLICATION & CV WE DISCUSS ABOUT YOU WITH SUITABLE COMPANIES WE ARRANGE AN INTERVIEW(S) FOR YOU PLACEMENT OFFERED PLACEMENT MONITORED AND CERTIFICATE ISSUED


THE SAFETY OF EACH AND EVERY CHILD IS PARAMOUNT Our guardianship service is designed to provide for every need that a child in a British school would require and which would normally be provided by their natural parents. We maintain contact with parents/agents by e-mail, letter or telephone, reporting regularly on each student’s progress and immediately should any particular event or incident merit attention. From Head Office, our staff co-ordinate the activities of a highly trained team of Local Coordinators throughout the UK who act as local guardians, living close to the child’s school and providing constant care and support. They maintain regular, individual contact with all of our students by telephone, e-mail and personal visits, passing a constant flow of information back to us for transmission to parents. This also means that if you have children at different schools within the United Kingdom, we can provide guardianship cover for all of them, meaning you only have to deal with one organisation. We hope to allay the understandable anxiety of parents whose children are many miles away from home and to provide the pupil with the friendship and security to enable them to fulfil their place at the school with the same confidence as their peers whose parents are close at hand. For private school students we arrange family accommodation during half term holidays and exeat weekends and can also provide host families for day children.

WHAT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR? Airport Reception Transport Arrangement charged to the Expenses Lodgement Host Family Accommodation Placement during exeat, half term, and longer holidays Regular Inspection of host families to ensure the highest standards Transport arrangement to / from the host family Close Contact with the child, host family and school Monitoring the child’s well-being and academic progress Attendance at School Functions on parent’s behalf Advice and Assistance with educational studies at higher levels Regular Written Reports to head office Immediate Contact in the event of any significant incident Control of Payments made from the Expenses Lodgement Necessary Travel Arrangements charged to the Expenses Lodgement Validation Documents of academic achievement if required Regular Reports to parents/agent 24-hour Emergency Service All our staff at Head Office, our Local Co-ordinators, Host Families and Transport Drivers are verified as safe persons to be with children by the UK Government’s CRB/ISA. Whilst conforming with the guidelines of the Children Act 1989, we also meet the professional standards of The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS). We are also proud to have become a Partner of Quality English (QE) and English UK.


Get in touch we’d love to hear from you! ! For more detailed information and prices you can contact us by e-mail: or call our head office in London: Tel: +44 020 7692 0589  BAAS Education Ltd. 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, United Kingdom, W1B 3HH  Our web-site: Copyright © 2013 BAAS Education ltd. is registered in England, number 8366712 and with a registered address of 29 Gildredge Road Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 4RU - All Rights Reserved

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