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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: fusionm1

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While the right B2B marketing strategy will vary by type of product and industry, we do see distinct trends. The marketer’s challenge is to combine the right mix of programs to build market awareness and fill the sales funnel each month at a low blended cost per lead. With that in mind, we examined the recorded effectiveness of the many online lead generation options. Our experiences are summarized in this B2B marketing strategy infographic.

What key tactics best fit our Marketing Strategy?

What B2B marketing tactics are working now for others, and how well?

Where should we emphasize or deemphasize our marketing focus?

There’s no question that the right marketing strategy for your business will depend on your brand, your business capabilities, your solutions, and most importantly, your market. But knowing the distinct trends can and should influence your marketing priorities.

Top Trends in B2B Marketing Top Trends for B2B Marketing Strategies In working with leading B2B companies, the Fusion Marketing Partners team is extremely familiar with the cost/benefits of various lead generation programs. The challenge is to combine the right mix of programs to fill the sales funnel each month at a low blended cost per lead. Knowing the key trends can help you refine, adjust, or enhance your strategy. With that in mind, we examined the recorded effectiveness of the many online lead generation options. Christopher Ryan info@fusionmarketingpartners.com

B2B Marketing Lead Generation Strategies Sales prospecting, pay-per click, trade shows, conferences, print advertising, direct mail, paid webinars, web advertising, email marketing (purchased list), website, content marketing, social media, referrals, email marketing (house list).

The tactics required to drive inbound marketing results are rapidly changing. Content marketing is increasingly important to attract the online audience, build lead flow, and fully support the sales cycle. In many high performing Focus on Content Marketinghas displaced traditional has organizations, content marketing dramatically increased. budget. SEO in priority and Some of the tried and true marketing methods of yesteryear produce diminishing returns, and companies are changing their strategy accordingly.

Pull (inbound) B2B Marketing The increased importance of content marketing and social media. Yesterday, the focus was on SEO with some content marketing, PR, and social media. Today, the focus is on content marketing and social media with a lesser focus on SEO and PR. Search engine algorithms place increasing emphasis on content authority. View Full Infographic and Blog Post Here

B2B Lead Generation Trends Where should you increase/decrease effort? Increase: online offers, content marketing, and social media Decrease: Trade shows & conferences, direct mail, sales prospecting, advertising, and SEO. View Full Infographic and Blog Post Here

The balance of power is shifting and B2B buyers are taking more control of their purchasing process. With the explosion of information and social feedback available online, more buyers to find solutions, chose vendors, and self-educate before engaging with sales. B2B marketers must adapt to these changing dynamics by building online brand awareness and providing resources to support buyers’ needs. Lead generation strategies that leverage content marketing and social media are increasingly effective in providing prospects the information they want to become viable sales prospects. By providing educational resources, sharing solution details, and offering insights, companies are attracting and engaging potential clients to fill their sales funnel. View Full Infographic and Blog Post Here

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About Fusion Marketing Partners We Do This: Brand building/messaging Website optimization Content creation Lead generation You Get This: Much greater levels of awareness Higher quantities of qualified leads Ability to generate faster revenue Christopher Ryan, CEO info@fusionmarketingpartners.com 719-357-6280 Lots more information at: http://FusionMarketingPartners.com/ http://Greatb2BMarketing.com (blog)

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