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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: pakkaily

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Best practices for B2B form optimization. Forms are the interface between you and your web site visitors and requires all your attention for your business. In this presentation know what are the fundamentals when building a B2B form and the errors to avoid. See a concrete study case and the very positive outcome from the change made. Optimizing B2B form is an easy way to boost your online business.

Form optimization Pascal Ly Head of Web Marketing – APAC Online Lee Sock Chian Online Marketing Researcher

B2B best practices

Forms are constituted by 6 majors components CONTENT FIELDS CALL TO ACTION IMAGES DESIGN SECURITY/PRIVACY • Signing up is a big commitment for most people • When ready to make a purchase 85% of visitors would fill up a form • Getting users to fill out a form is all about trust and comfort

Retain attention, build trust, expose benefits and guide user on requested actions CONTENT Retain attention Give clear idea of what we are offering. Build trust Constantly keep visible a phone number or contact details so that people know that your business is real and they can reach out to a real human. Expose benefits Appeal to users by clearly stating and showing what is the offer and the benefits they’ll get from submitting their details. Relevant content People will be more willing to complete a form if they feel that in return of providing their contact they would get expert content.

Only ask for information you need and use relevant, non intimidating text for your CTA FIELDS Stick to the most necessary information Users gets suspicious if information being asked are not legitimate from their point of view. 1. Explain reason of the needed field if any doubt may exist 2. Ask people who are dealing with the information collected, what do they really require to keep their business going on. Easy to fill Give clear indication of what fields are required among those that are optional. Ideally remove the optional fields to keep the form short. Explain how to fill the fields: Clearly explain how to solve error issues Nothing more frustrating than being left with an error without knowing how to solve it. Explain how to solve the error. The must – indicate errors in real time, even before the form gets submitted CALL TO ACTION Appealing Call-To-Action Final action on the form and the most critical. The CTA must be a reminder of what will they get after submitting.

Image and design speaks a thousands words and directly influences the perception IMAGES Use an image summarizing strength of your product/service Using a self sufficient picture that would explain or describe what would the user benefit from signing up for your service/product would be the best. Do’s • Connect to positive emotions and feelings • Visually appealing DESIGN Fields shapes and colors do impact completion • Use round shape for fields and buttons • Place field labels either on the left or top of the field • When an error message shows up: highlight in red the field that needs to get corrected • Short and easy form • Simple layout • Mobile friendly Principles for effective CTA • • • • • Above the fold High contrast to grab attention Stand out size Use button, instead of text links Copy should: convey value, create urgency and be direct Don'ts • Images that would mislead • Use generic images without any values

Data is the currency in forms: build trust and transparency SECURITY PRIVACY Offer the most secured environment • Use https protocol • Use third party seals certificate to certify secured connection free of malware and legitimate (Norton secured Verisign, and Trust-e) • Display logos and copy providing information of secured form (when forms are opening in lightbox, there is no indication about an https connection) • Give details on how data is secured once submitted • CAPTCHAs purpose is keeping spam off of forms • Everyone feels comfortable knowing there is a human you can be talking to on the other end – propose chat Address potential concerns • • • • Provide easy way for user to delete or modify their data State data policy: what are the data going to be used for State privacy policy: communication preference Comply with local privacy law

How an ideal form is looking like 1 1• Curve shape: on the form format and the fields 2• Title: attractive title explaining what is the purpose 2 3 4 Prefer talking to a Sales Representative 000 before starting your trial, call us 1 800 000 Get your free xxx lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur 6 3• Introduction: short copy explaining what is the objective of the form 4• Visible phone number: build trust 5• Details: detailed content – the benefits, advantages, how to use… If we use any illustrations, it has to be in relation with what we are offering 6• Grouping of fields: ask about the person first, then about the company, and indicate which are the optional fields from the required one 7• Educational: explain why we are asking for sensitive information people are usually reluctant to provide such as email and phone 5 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi nec felis metus, at vehicula ipsum. Nulla dignissim justo tellus. Ut quis enim libero, in tempus purus. About yourself First name*: Last name*: Phone number*: We would reach out delivering the most Nulla eget interdum urna. Donec tincidunt laoreet fermentum. Quisque a ligula ante. Fusce gravida mi quis mauris scelerisque dapibus. 7 relevant information to your interest Business email*: Need a valid email address to send trial information Nulla eget interdum urna. About your company Nulla dignissim justo tellus. Ut quis enim libero, in tempus purus. Help us know more about your business to serve you better Company name: Number of employees: 8• CTA: need to make it appealing and avoid using SUBMIT 8 9• Privacy and security statement: address concerns people may have to fill in the form 10 Chat service: provide help if needed • Explanation on how to complete the form and what you would be the next step Get your free xxx now Privacy statement 9 Security statement HTTPS Opt in statement 10 Chat with us X

Analysis of forms

Analysis of Free Trial form Negative impact Positive impact Missing opportunity to say more to encourage user to fill in the form Clear and attractive copy, however the copy is too small Too many fields with some that might not look legitimate to ask for to take on a free trial Low value-add photo Induce confusion. Keep it simple Most won’t know their company’s postal code, and this information is seen as irrelevant to take on a free trial Small CTA Address security and privacy concerns

Analysis of Contact form Negative impact Positive impact Too many fields being asked Visible phone number, however the copy is not mentioning it’s for sales purpose 2 times repeated in the page No value-add. Unnecessary noise Address security and privacy concerns Space to express the need CTA too small Page is too long


Free Trial Prefer talking to a Sales Representative call us 1 800 000 000 or start a live chat with us now Get your 30 days free trial now Sign up today with no engagement, no credit card, no cost and no download Chat with us now You are a step away for your 30 days free trial. Request Your Free Trial Today Simply register with us right now and you’ll have access to a trial set of top features and capabilities of the world's most popular CRM application. First name*: See for yourself, with your own data and at your own pace how Salesforce CRM can work for your business. * All fields are mandatory Last name*: Phone number*: We would reach out delivering the most relevant information to your interest Business email*: Need a valid email address to send your trial information This is absolutely free, with no risk, no engagement, no credit card , no download and all done in a secured environment. See for yourself why more than 2 million users love Salesforce CRM. All data provided on this page are being secured through a HTTPS protocol Company name*: By submitting my details I agree to the Master Subscription Agreement and understand that salesforce.com may provide further information to me. Start My Free Trial *Salesforce.com does not share, sell, rent, or trade personally identifiable information with third parties for promotional purposes. Privacy Policy & Security Statement X

Contact Us For Sales enquiries call us at1 800 000 000 For support enquiries call us at 1 8000 000 How can we help you today? What you have to say is important to us About yourself Sales enquiries If you're considering one of our products, simply complete the form and we will contact you within two working days, or get in touch with a sales person right now at 1 800 000 000 or start a live chat with us now Support enquiries If you’re a concerned customer and need immediate help, you can call our support number at 1 800 0000 or visit our support portal Other enquiries Our local office address can be found here If you are looking for a partnership, please fill in this form Join us for an exciting career, apply for your #dreamjob here Have a feedback on our website, you can give it here All data provided on this page are being secured through a HTTPS protocol First name*: Last name*: Job title: Phone number*: Business email*: About your company Help us know more about your business to serve you better Company name*: Company Interest*: Number of employees: About your request Questions/ comments: Contact Us Now *Salesforce.com does not share, sell, rent, or trade personally identifiable information with third parties for promotional purposes. Privacy Policy & Security Statement X

Before / After & Results

BEFORE AFTER Form completion rate Increased by 6%

BEFORE AFTER Form completion rate Increased by 1% Quality of Contact Increased by directing traffic to the right location

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