B2B Content Marketing Insights - What Does The Data Tell Us?

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Information about B2B Content Marketing Insights - What Does The Data Tell Us?

Published on October 26, 2016

Author: PierceComms

Source: slideshare.net

1. Data Driven Insights into Content Marketing and Staying Smart Sept 2016 www.buzzsumo.com

2. Stephen Walsh @stephentwalsh stephen@buzzsumo.com

3. Data Insights To Create Better Content

4. What content goes viral? What is everyone reading?

5. Elements of Viral Content

6. 1. Surprise People (938,000 shares)

7. 2. Leverage A Trend 1.5m shares & 400,000 comments

8. 3) Inspire people 1.4m shares

9. 4) Picture List Posts 522,000 shares

10. 5) Exploit Cute Animals & Babies 683,000 shares

11. 6) Be Amusing 1.4m Shares

12. 7) Be Controversial

13. 8) Quizzes 3.9m shares

14. 9) Tell Them The Secrets Of Success 127,000 shares

15. Viral Headlines

16. Elements of Viral Content

17. B2B Content

18. How Many shares does B2B Content get? Content Median Shares Top 5 Marketing & Technology Sites (Incl Moz, SME, Techcrunch) 803 95 Popular Marketing and Technology Sites (Incl Hubspot, Buffer, Search Engine Land) 106 Hubspot B2B Customer sites (127,000 articles) 22 1m Random articles 8

19. Distribution of B2B Content Shares (100 top sites) Only 4% (4,500 of 114,000 posts) got more than 3,000 shares.

20. Social Networks

21. B2B Shares By Network (100 top sites)

22. Short Form v Long Form

23. However….. 45 of top 50 most shared posts less than 1,000 words 81 of top 100 most shared posts less than 1,000 words Big opportunity for quality, short form content

24. Q:How many articles does the Washington Post Publish every day?

25. A: 1200 And they’re short

26. High Volume, Short Form Content Reaches the Long Tail

27. So short works. What else?

28. IFL Science Short posts + single image, chart or video to get a concept across.

29. List Posts 30% of all B2B posts with more than 3,000 shares. List posts beginning with 10 averaged 6,398 shares List posts beginning with 5 averaged 5,214 shares.

30. ‘How To” posts

31. ‘How To’ Posts 15% of top posts were “how”, “how to” or “ways to”

32. Be The Best Answer Over 1,000 links from over 640 domains Forbes “What is content marketing?” 50 links

33. What works on Facebook?

34. Lessons from 1 Billion Facebook Posts

35. Leverage Trending Content What is trending in your industry today? And how can you filter out the noise?

36. Our new tool: Anders Pink

37. We all want to stay smart and learn every day. But there’s too much content and too little time.

38. We need better filters.

39. TEAM We need better filters.

40. Help teams learn continuously and collaboratively Share more, learn more, save time

41. 5 ways to get briefed like a President

42. 1. Create a simple keyword briefing 2. Refine with include words, influencers & domains 3. Add and filter RSS feeds 4. Discover and subscribe to public briefings 5. Stay on top with your daily digest email

43. Stay smart and keep learning on anything Influencer round-up Competitor watch Preferred sites and feeds Latest trendsPractical tips and how to Brand Tracker

44. Daily digest email Latest from your briefings and team activity

45. We need to be briefed like the President. 5 ways to stay smart as a team

46. 1. Create a team and invite people 2. Subscribe to and create briefings 3. Upvote, flag, comment and @mention to add value 4. Save content to boards, curate a knowledge base 5. Add URLs to Boards from anywhere

47. Native app for iOS and Android Chrome Browser Extension Clip and save any URL Slack Integration Push Notifications to Slack API : Now Live! Embed Briefings in any platform: CRM, LMS, WordPress, and more

48. Thank you! www.anderspink.com www.buzzsumo.com

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