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Published on December 22, 2008

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B2B, B2C, B2E andE-Commerce Intranet : B2B, B2C, B2E andE-Commerce Intranet Erin Whitney MBA 624 06/09/2004 E-Commerce Definition : E-Commerce Definition Technology- mediated exchanges between parties, individuals, or organizations as well as the electronically based intra or inter organizational activities that facilitate such exchanges. Jaworski & Rayport E-Commerce Subdivisions : E-Commerce Subdivisions B2B (Business-to-Business) B2C (Business-to-Consumer) C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer) B2E (Business-to-Employee) B2B Definition : B2B Definition Companies buying from and selling to each other online While B2B exists both online and offline, the acronym is used to describe the online variety B2B has evolved to encompass supply chain management as many companies outsource parts of their supply chain to their trading partners B2B Requirements : B2B Requirements Negotiation – Buyer and seller must negotiate price, delivery, and product specifications. Integration – A company’s system must be able to communicate with the system of their customer without human interaction. B2B Exchange : B2B Exchange A website where many companies can buy and sell to each other using a common technology platform. Many exchanges also offer additional services such as payment or logistics to help members complete a transaction Exchanges can be public or private Public – owned by industry organization or independent investors and have their own board of directors Private – run by a single company for doing business exclusively with established suppliers and customers Collaborative B2B : Collaborative B2B A business and its trading partners give each other real time access to ERP systems, product design, inventory, and other systems Integrating the supply chain Benefits of B2B E-commerce : Benefits of B2B E-commerce Manage inventory more efficiently Adjust more quickly to customer demand Get products to market faster Cut the cost of paperwork Obtain lower prices on some supplies B2B Growth : B2B Growth B2B market is expected to experience significant growth B2B E-commerce is expected to reach $207 trillion in 2004, up from $406.2 billion in 2000. (Forrester Research, Inc.) B2C Definition : B2C Definition Business that sells its products or services to consumers over the Internet for their own use. Online Retailers (Amazon.com) Online Banking Travel Services Health Information Real Estate Difference between B2B and B2C : Difference between B2B and B2C The customer (business vs. individual) B2B transactions are more complex B2C does not require: Negotiation for price, delivery, and product specifications Integration with other systems Challenges of B2C E-commerce : Challenges of B2C E-commerce Getting browsers to buy things Building Customer Loyalty Order Fulfillment Security Privacy Addressing these Challenges : Addressing these Challenges Getting Browsers to Buy Things Improve navigation Simplify the checkout process Send e-mails with special offers Building Customer Loyalty Focus on personalization Create an easy-to-use customer service application Focus on making your site easy to use Addressing Challenges (cont.) : Addressing Challenges (cont.) Fulfillment Increase focus and investment on logistical systems and supply chain technologies Security SSL Technology Digital Signatures Privacy Make privacy statements readily available to consumers Opt-out policy for collecting personal information B2C Growth : B2C Growth B2C E-commerce is expected to grow from $38.8 billion in 2000 to $184.5 billion in 2004 (Forrester Research, Inc.) C2C : C2C A consumer sells products or services to another consumer via the Internet. B2E Definition : B2E Definition An intrabusiness network which allows companies to provide products and/or services to their employees. Companies generally use B2E networks to automate employee-related corporate processes. B2E portal is a customized home page or desktop for everyone within an organization One URL for everyone in the organization A mixture of organization-specific and employee-defined components The potential to be customized and altered to suit the needs of a particular employee Examples of B2E applications : Examples of B2E applications Online insurance policy management Corporate announcements Online supply requests Special employee offers Maintain employee resume Update employee records E-Commerce Intranet : E-Commerce Intranet 3 distinct Web-based technologies Internet Intranet Extranet Internet : Internet Global computer network Everyone has access Intranet : Intranet A private network that is open only to employees of a single organization. Internal communication vehicles and knowledge bases that serve as a company-wide information system. Intranets can improve information flow and keep costs down within a company. 3 Key Elements for Intranets : 3 Key Elements for Intranets Intranets must be relevant and useful. Find a balance between what executives want the employees to know and what the employees are interested in Intranets must be updated frequently. Employees should get the news first Intranet should be more dynamic than the external site Intranets must be backed by strong internal communication programs. Must have support from top-level management Training Extranets : Extranets A mechanism based on Internet and Web technology for communicating both privately and selectively with customers and business partners. Extranet extends a company’s network beyond its boundaries to predetermined business partners, customers, suppliers, and others. Extranets provide a safe way to allow transactional business-to-business activities and can save time and money. References : References Aber, Robyn. “Internet, Intranet, Extranets: What’s What?” January 13, 2003. www.entrepreneur.com Jaworski, Rayport. Introduction to E-Commerce. McGraw-Hill Company. New York, NY. 2004 Kirsner, Scott. “Intranet Marketing 101.” CIO Magazine. Dec. 1, 1999. Patton, Susannah. “The ABCs of B2C.” www.cio.com Varon, Elana. “The ABCs of B2B.” www.cio.com Wailgum, Tom. “What are Extraverts.” CIO Magazine. March 15, 1998 Questions : Questions

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