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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: geodebs



Presentation for Sustainability and Tourism in the Azores for Discover the World conference. Embedded video links on some slides and notes on a separate page.

1. Sustentabilidade e ecotourismo nos Açores

2. Jo Debens @geodebs Curriculum Leader for @eggarsgeog


4. “Geography matters - the planet will still be here when the politicians are long gone.” (Ken Grocott)


6. Autumn 1 8lessons Autumn 2 9lessons Spring 1 9lessons Spring 2 9lessons Summer 1 8lessons Summer 2 10lessons 7 Amazing Places Iceland Dubai Stonehenge China – Great Wall & Gobi Azores Careful focus on mapping skills basics Use Discover Geography resources Assessment: Landscape in a box 11lessons Coasts Landforms Processes. Human influence. Geology & weathering. 6lessons Our Place Settlement Including OS GIS Photo Orienteering / Space Explorers. Land use and industry focus. UK landscapes. Urban models. Assessment: How distinctive is the UK? 9lessons My Stuff What links me to the world? Food, sport & geography of stuff. Interconnectio n / inter dependence 6lessons GG – Little people , magic glasses, space explorers 3lessons Moving Stories Diversity on site Mexico / USA migration Data handling, travel literacy and extended writing. Link to hot desert landscape Focus on social, economic and physical geography Assessment: Migration Diary 8lessons Welcome to the Jungle Location, climate, animals & plants, adaptation, human use. Soil erosion. Focus on resource use / management. Tribes & conflict. Madagascar & Indonesia Assessment: Design your Animal 10lessons 8 Weather and climate Types. Air masses. Cycles. Microclimate. Build our own data loggers (STEM club) On-site fieldwork Climate zones & change. Protest. Fotobabble / weather videos Link to India monsoon Compare climate zones for region in Africa, Asia, Russia Assessment: Microclimate Enquiry 12lessons Extreme Environments Cold & hot desert. Everest. South Africa desert. Environmental conflict. Include Everest expedition extended writing. 8lessons Risky Resources! Resource management and conflict. Natural resources including water, oil, shale gas fracking. Include places – UK, Middle East, Africa, Russia. Link to geology. Assessment: Decision making exercises on fracking. 9lessons GG - colour swatch nature, mini-beasts. 2lessons Rivers Hydrology Landforms Use by people Conflict Include places – China 3 Gorges, Africa (Nile), etc,. Management 7lessons Watery world Oceans of the world – polar and tropical. Conflict. Resources. Climate & sea level change. Fishery & food security. Ocean crimes. Piracy in Gulf of Aden / Somalia. Use Digital Explorer Oceans resources Assessment: Why is piracy such a problem in the Indian Ocean? 10lessons Experience the East Focus on the physical landscape and climate of China and India, as well as issues of population (link back to development) and industrial changes here. Compare to other regions. 8lessons Eggar’s Geography Key Stage 3 2014_16 Curriculum Outline

7. Sustainability and tourism. SO WHAT DO YOU CURRENTLY DO?

8. Sustainable Development…

9. Sustainable Development “…achieving economic growth, environmental protection and social progress at the same time”. Oxfam



12. Furnas

13. Terra Nostra

14. Centrale Geothermico de Pico

15. Sete Cidades

16. Ferreria

17. Pico

18. Whaling

19. Vineyards

20. Gruta das Torres

21. Faial Botanical garden

22. Capelinhos

23. Teaching about the Azores…free resources

24. e.g. Resource 23 -Categorising card sort -Locating onto map / GIS -Holiday planning -Evaluating potential impact of each activity

25. e.g. from Resource 15 BACKGROUND Graciosa plans to be 100% renewable by the end of 2014. Corvo has traditionally been totally dependent on non-renewable energy and is aiming for 75% wind and solar energy. RELATIONAL: Use the weblinks to create an action plan for Corvo by learning what Graciosa has done. Analyse the info and make suggestions. Explain how sustainable the plan is. EXTENDED ABSTRACT: As above but also Use the weblinks to evaluate Graciosa’s plan – can 100% be achieved? Make a prediction about how successful Corvo may be. Reflect on what can be improved and make recommendations.

26. e.g. from Resource 27 ‘What are the challenges that lie ahead if tourism in the Azores is to be sustainable?’ • Create a ‘mockumentary’ about tourism in the Azores. • Clarify what sustainable means. Refer to S.E.E. • Consider different social groups and their view points – research their views and ‘interview’ them • Consider the impact of increased travel & transport to the Azores if tourism increases • Consider the infrastructure of the island: roads, electricity, accommodation, services, guides and suggest how these will cope with increased tourism

27. e.g. from Resource 25 Tourism trends BRONZE task: Draw a line graph to show the pattern of tourists travelling to the Azores as a whole. Describe and suggest reasons for the pattern of tourism. SILVER task: Compare the seasonality of tourism between islands. Create a chart to show this information & suggest possible reasons for why the pattern exists GOLD task: Represent the data from Figure 2 in a pie chart. Use Figure 3 to create a flow lines map (or even a proportional arrow map) showing origin of tourists. Describe & explain reasons for the pattern.

28. What’s the connection? Beat the teacher.

29. e.g. using Resource 24 • Whaling was banned in 1986 in the Azores • How do you think this had an impact on the local economy and society? • Which is more sustainable – whale watching or whaling? Why? Discuss.

30. How does this office control the future of Sao Miguel?

31. The same but different: what do Iceland and the Azores have in common, and what is distinctive?

32. Hotspots: Azores vs Iceland Why can you swim here… …but not here?

33. Review of the trip -

34. Example general activities

35. Do now… Suggest how this image links to sustainability / tourism. Think, pair, share.

36. Tell me a story about the picture. It must include: a dramatic moment, a hero and a villain, and some ‘heavenly’ words.

37. 1 2 3 Diamond 9 4 5 6 7 8 9 Important Not important

38. Decline of fishing Fishing was once the main income for the Azores but is in decline, loss of jobs Public transport Parts of the Azores have small roads and limited public transport. Congestion. Concerns about waste Increase in tourism will lead to an increase in waste and landfill areas Urbanisation Only 5% of Azores is urbanised, but increasing pressure to build & develop means resources imported Marine environment Whaling has now become whale watching. There is potential sea level rise in future. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve European Geopark status, Blue Flag beaches, etc. Renewable energy Geothermal, HEP & wind power contributed 55% of Sao Miguel’s energy 2013. Water management Eutrophication and mineral leaching into lakes. Invasive species. Social responsibility Poor pay and living conditions for construction workers in tourist developments.

39. Economic – Jobs and Money Social – People + Communities Environmental – Built and Natural Just economic Benefit. Environmental Protection. Just social benefit Social and environmental What is sustainability? S 

40. Which is more sustainable? Place each letter on the appropriate section of the Venn Diagram. Be prepared to defend your placement. Which would you choose? Justify. A. Trees are planted around Lago de Furnas. This creates habitats and creates a source of quick growing timber that can be used for wood pulp. In addition, the trees intercept more precipitation therefore reducing eutrophication. B. A huge dam is created in a river valley above the lake. The village will have to be flooded and residents will be compensated and offered homes in a nearby town. The reservoir behind the dam will create recreational opportunities and can create Hydroelectric Power. C. Any building development is banned on the flood plain, restricting the settlement’s economic growth. D. Local farmland is drained and purchased by the Landscape Laboratory. This reduces water movement to the lake & use of fertiliser but there is a high maintenance cost and farmers must be compensate.

41. Can you design a sustainable solution for the Azores? Scenario: You are a city planner for Sao Miguel, Azores. There has been an increase in tourism and in 2014 more than 36’000 tourists visited. 59% of the Azorean population live on Sao Miguel already. You must produce an island tourism plan and a report (presentation) to argue the case for how to ensure the island has a sustainable future. Taking into account the needs of the environment, economy and society. Consider: - The weather and climate (how will the island and its buildings cope?) - Energy efficiency - Waste reduction - Appealing to local and visiting public - Financial costs (E.U. funding) Ensure you: - Tackle the issues that currently cause a problem - Identify strategies for sustainable development - Explain sustainability - Compare to real places

42. Links to numeracy REGION 2002 2008 2011 % Variation 2002-2011 Portugal (all) 239903 273975 289107 +20.5% Algarve 94089 98724 102462 ? Azores 5388 8662 8871 ? Madeira 26853 28093 28500 ? Number of accommodation beds available. BRONZE task: Calculate the percentage variation for the regions between 2002-2011. Which region has increased the amount of accommodation most rapidly? SILVER task: Can you plot this information effectively onto a graph? What is the pattern shown? GOLD task: Can you create this graph in Google Earth? Or locate your own on an annotated map?

43. Describe the trend. Is developing the Azores for tourism sustainable? Use evidence to explain your answer. 45.00% 40.00% 35.00% 30.00% 25.00% 20.00% 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% Number of tourists in Azores 2002 2008 2012 Number of tourists Linear (Number of tourists)

44. Where are we going? Use map evidence to describe the location of the Azores. How might this link to sustainable tourism?

45. How do I go about a geographical enquiry? Present / Share Ask questions Gather Information Select the best Information Produce your work Evaluate Have you answered Yes No the question? Start Here Who? Where? When? Why? What? How? What evidence could you use? How will you collect it? Does any of your evidence fail to prove what you want to say? Write your answer using the writing frame provided. Try again Reflect What went well? What will you improve next time?

46. Wordle

47. Tagxedo

48. Flickr stimulus

49. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Link to sustainability S.E.E. Current land use Impacts on transport 3/5ths population live with Sao Miguel Azorean government view Refer to data 2 Refer to data Link to sustainability Local hotel owner Potential new jobs (tourism related) Young adults traditionally migrate out of rural areas to urban areas Local builders 3 Services (including health, shops, facilities) Brain drain of migrants to Portugal itself Link to sustainability Residents (NIMBIES) Geothermal power plant owner / workers Airline staff 4 Rural areas are largely quite traditional Impact of increased trekking / hiking on landscape Local farm owner Link to sustainability Refer to data Tourism accounted for 8% Azorean $GDP 2012 5 Unemployment rate was 14.9% in 2013 Decline of traditional work in fisheries / tea Potential impact on crime and safety Refer to data Link to sustainability President of Portugal 6 Better internet / 3G access in rural counties National economy Refer to data Natural habitats Urban Home Owners Link to sustainability


51. Scenario: You are an entrepreneur in the Azores. Portugal is in a recession but you have some options for how to invest your money. You want to ensure your investment is beneficial long-term. You are also under pressure from your family to maintain a quality social experience and natural environment. You must make a decision & justify your choice by linking to S.E.E. sustainability and considering viewpoints. Do you: Introduce a new mass tourism Volcano Tour programme including super-jeeps, helicopter rides, large hotels. Similar to Iceland. Develop eco-tourism shelters and encourage camping & hiking in wilderness areas rather than hotels. Do nothing. Return to your job on the mainland and wait for the economy to improve.

52. Improve your writing…with VCOP! MEDC LEDC rural urban physical features human features climate sustainability social economic environmental resident tourist government however likewise whereas even though on the other hand unlike contrasting to in addition to despite because so as to nevertheless although similarly Tourism in the Azores can be considered………………. Sustainability means that………………….. In order to be sustainable, the Azores’ tourism must……………………… The social/economic/environmental impacts of tourism include……… Tourism causes….however this is sustainable because…….. ocabulary onnectives peners unctuation

53. Encouraging progress & deeper learning SOLO THINKING

54. Prestructural. ‘I don’t know’ Unistructural. ‘I know one thing’ ‘I can do it with help’ DEFINE SIMPLY IDENTIFY NAME STATE

55. Multistructural. ‘I know many things’ ‘I can list lots of ideas’ Relational. DEFINE CLEARLY OUTLINE DESCRIBE LIST ‘I know what to do & why’ ‘I can make connections’ COMPARE EXPLAIN RELATE QUESTION SEQUENCE ANALYSE

56. Extended abstract. ‘I have many ideas’ ‘I can link my ideas together & extend my thinking’ EVALUATE RECOMMEND REFLECT IMPROVE THEORISE PREDICT CREATE

57. e.g. I’m confused about sustainability. e.g. Sustainability is when resources are used in a way that is beneficial long term. e.g. In the Azores, sustainability is being developed due to the use of renewable energy, provision of jobs in tourism, and building new infrastructure. e.g. To be sustainable there needs to be a balance between social, economic and environmental needs. The Azores is developing geothermal energy where over 65% of energy on Sao Miguel is created, which brings environmental benefit & provides jobs…. e.g. The Azores is similar to Iceland in that it is attempting to be sustainable through creating renewable energy, reducing the use of non-renewable sources, and developing a long-term income from tourism. I predict that in future the growth of tourism will bring jobs and income, however the impact of increased flights on the environment globally is a problem… Increasingly complex answers….. Describe & explain sustainability in the Azores e.g. E D C B A

58. Making connections: SOLO hexagons

59. 65% of Sao Miguel’s energy is from geothermal power Sustainability is when resources are used to benefit S.E.E. long term Tourism is increasing bringing income & jobs Unemployment is still high in Azores Eutrophication happened due to farming Eutrophication is being tackled at Lago de Furnas by new Geo Centre Land is being bought from farmers for Geo Centre, loss of income Lago de Furnas is now cleaner and species are being re-populated

60. Make & describe your point Point 1 The Azores was named the second most sustainable location in 2013 Point 2 65% of energy on Sao Miguel is from geothermal (renewable) power Point 3 Eutrophication is being reversed at Lago de Furnas Use place specific evidence (Prove it) Explain (So What) Link back to question Describe & explain how sustainability can be encouraged in a location you have studied. 9marks


62. Google Earth Placemarks & tours

63. Pinterest boards

64. Digital Explorer – Ocean acidification, fishing & climate change resources

65. Ocean Health Index

66. Over to you. Discuss. Plan. Share! YOUR IDEAS?

67. Jo Debens @geodebs Curriculum Leader for @eggarsgeog

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