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Published on October 17, 2014

Author: azizanzabi



Oil paintings by Aziz Anzabi to show social problem Mix surrealist style and Qajar art

1. Biography: Aziz Anzabi, original from Iran and London based, He was born in Tehran in 1970 and grew up between the Iraq and Iran's war and this has affected his art .He has finished his PHD degree in family counselling in Tehran His focus is art in sculpture and painting. Anzabi’s art have as main concept myths and rituals. Exploring these aspects and aiming for an unconscious emotional state within the viewer, Anzabi art takes form in both figurative and abstract styles. “My ultimate goal is to have the viewer feeling a sense of familiarity with the work, a sense of having experienced this before.” Anzabi art describes a fantasy that shelters the individual in order to lead him throughout life. With strong surreal influences, Anzabi creates a universe proclaiming harmony. Aziz Anzabi work has been displayed and purchased worldwide, from UK, USA, Spain, Italy and Dubai. Aziz Anzabi is also an academic, who also has written and produced books on the subjects of art such as mathematics, being previously a professor at Tehran University." Life Mind's eye is so powerful that it can visualize a lush green garden with flowing water just across a rugged desert. helpless man can do nothing but to take refuge in fantasies , exploiting dreams of his mature mind to lead him to throughout his life. Fantasies rapidly vanish into thin air. My fantasy is an complete universe, that every humankind can use their humanity. It is a wrong universe miscalculations about life right now . continually blaming my self for not sizing the day and for having to bid farewell to the departed one after the other. From dawn of creation, mankind has proclaimed the harmony "Look how clear water is falling down from between your fingers like the freedom that falls down from Humankind fingers!” Statement Myths... Rituals. I have long been intrigued and fascinated by these concepts. In my sculptures and painting, both figurative and abstract, I employ these aspects of a collective unconscious to evoke an emotional state within the viewer. In my figurative work, my goal is to capture the myriad changing state of the human condition through subtle changes in facial countenance and body language. The end result shows how the inner condition is expressed by the outward form while also conveying a timeless quality to human emotion. In my abstract sculptures, I have recreated the numinous quality of subconsciously shared images, stories, and ceremonial rites. The sculptures, themselves, are composed of abstract forms that are covered with a rich, textural surface. The end result is a complex organic piece that evokes a sense of ancient artifacts, of ritualistic objects from some unknown culture, or of imagined landscapes. However, be it figurative or abstract, my ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of having experienced this before. I believe this feeling of arises from both the collective unconscious and a mystical center we all share.........................

2. My dear peace I have used Qajar art marriage with Surrealism to show social problems In this painting I tried to show that war ruins peace. The statue of the man is the meaning of a man with a dogmatism. He is very cold and unfriendly and that is why I made him a statue (without any feelings). He thinks about war all the time and thinks that the solution to all problems are war and the pressure of power on people .The king with a horse jumping out of the statue is a symbol of follows this type of thoughts. Every time he demands or thinks of war the government obeys him without thinking, because they are a puppet to him. The women in the middle of the corridors with branches on the head represent peace that is damaged and this damage is shown by bits of walls on her body. The two hands that are dropped on the floor represent people reaching out their hands for help because of the war. The building is ruining, this shows that peace is falling to bits and ruining. The very dark corridors represent war is making peoples life miserable and dark. The little girl skipping represe nts how good peace is and everyone needs peace. Original Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 102cm x 102cm

3. Cage of life Cage of life In this painting I tried to show a king fishing. The fishes represent people. The king has kept all the humans inside a invisible cage that only he can see not the fishes (humans) and is using them to get power and Abuse them by using money to control them. The invisibility of the cage represents that this has happened since a long time ago and it still carries on, it also shows that people are very attached and dependent on money and they would do almost anything for it. The people are not aware of the invisible cage around them .They are trapped and their lives depends on money and the king's demands. This also shows that humans can fall into trap easily for money or demands of powerful people. Original Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 102cm x 76cm

4. Life that is forgotten In this painting I tried to show the Cause of migration of people or Self -imposed exile. The four people that have a disappeared face are the most Major world powers of the nation and the king is a sign of a Puppet government which for them the people’s life doesn't matter and they don't evaluate people’s life. They are all watching people fighting and they are like the watchers of a football match and don't care for their lives and what is happening in their lives. And the woman which is going with a suitcase and colourful balloons is a sign of her sweet wishes and with the thoughts and hopes she has she is leaving her country. I used a shadow the opposite way of her to show that even though she is leaving her roots and family are in her country for always Original Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

5. Sad but true The problem of people living in Kiribati Island which is a country in the lowest point of earth in Pacific Ocean and is constantly going under the water because of the global warming and this country is going to be gone forever. I try to show this problem for the people the two hands are a symbol of natural hazards that cause human Suffering that human do this themselves and the conclusion is the ruining of earth that makes humans die. and the pieces of the mirror are a sign to show that it can happen to yo u (the reflection) Oil on canvas 102cm x 102cm

6. The unknown world In this painting I tried to show the emotional feelings between men and women. The happiness inside some man's heart depends on women. When a drawer of a man's heart is open you can rea lize his feelings. Some people in the world enjoy of women all of the time and don’t think about anything else. They are unaware of social problems. In the left hand side of the painting there are people protest which are trying to achieve the goal of social and they accept the danger of the government. The person standing in the middle is the governor (solder) which is always looking at people to get them or arrest them to make other people think that he is a powerful person to make people scared of him Original Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 102cm x 102cm

7. One more step In this painting I tried to show from a Psychology point of view that in every man there is a woman and in every woman there is a man which either the woman is good in that person or man. In the pocket of the angel I have put a Qajar woman to represent a Psychology point of view. The thought that always angels are women has changed in my painting and I have shown that in this painting even a modern style man can be a angel. Original Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 102cm x 66cm

8. Battle in some nations like the middle east people are not allowed to express their feelings and thoughts. In this painting I tried to show this situation and the after of someone expressing their feelings and thoughts when they were not allowed to express their selves and what happened to them. The drawer which has opened in the Forehead of the man shows him expressing his thoughts which he is not allowed to express them. And in the bottom left hand side there is a Corridor which is the heart of the man and since he can't express his feelings he if fighting with his thoughts inside his heart. In this Corridor which is like prison the government is the Prison guard to keep peoples Freedom of speech. On the right hand side there is two people which are Iranians myth in Persian in a book called Shahnameh which a father ( Rostam ) kills his own son in war without knowing that he was his son (Sohrab) which at the end of Shrubs’ last words Rostam realizes that Sohrab was his own son . In this part the meaning of this is that people kill their own thoughts and feelings so they won't be killed. The other people in the painting are a sign of different social classes which without knowing the social problems carry on living. Original Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 100cm x 100cm

9. Beginning And End In this painting I tried to show after the industrial age humans started changing the majority in the world and these changes were good to human beings but not for nature. And when humans started creations and manipulation agent’s new problems and diseases around the world started. The horse and the elephant are a symbol of the earth changing in many different ways. The person who is leaning on the the horse’s leg is a meaning of people that think this change to nature is a support to them to live and it has to be there. When it only fits for humans and damages nature. In the sky there is two people a man and a woman which are going to opposite directions and they are a couple they have chosen to be separated from each other. This is because they had problems living their expectations from each other had gone higher because of the changes made on earth and they choose to be parted because they thought they should get a better living.The other people in the painting are the people who have their normal routine in life and don’t care about the changes made on earth. Original Oil on canvas 102cm x 102cm

10. Eye See You All Day In this painting I tried to show an eye of people that are aware of things around them and their feelings. The eye of the people is always aware of social problems. The people dropping off the eyes are peoples feelings about social problems that people see and their feelings drop down in different forms. On the left hand side the three soldiers are a sign of soldiers that help government which always are keeping the aware people save from the help of government without the government knowing. The eyelashes are like the jungle. The people in the world are living like a jungle Original Oil on canvas 66cm x 66cm

11. Two step up In this painting I tried to show a group of virtuous people which are immersed. But still when they are poor they don’t go stealing or other bad things and that is why they are two steps to get to the sky. This means they have only two more steps to get to the virtuous sky. Even though they have a hard living life (like the desert without water) they don’t do what usually other people do and try hard to make a better living life. Original Oil on canvas 102cm x 66cm

12. Secret City group exhibition USA 18 Jan 2014 A Social Commentary group exhibition USA 31 Jan 2014 Romance group exhibition USA 15 Feb 2014 Award winner cosmofunnel USA 2 Mar 2014 Interview Mars social USA 5 April 2014 Spring group show Jomar vision group exhibition USA 19 April 2014 Breath Whitepeaks fine art group exhibition London 7 May 2014 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION MAIL ART Italy May 2014 The Waiting Room group exhibition USA 9 May 2014 Black, White & Between group exhibition USA 17 May 2014 Interview New Art United London 12 Jun 2014

13. Show It, Don't Say It! group exhibition USA 21 Jun 2014 Your dreams... Our vision group exhibition USA 23 Jun 2014 Heat Wave- Techno & Art group exhibition USA 16 Aug 2014 Pulse JoMar group exhibition USA 19 Oct 2014 2013 Parfitt Cresswell Windsor UK 2013 Art De Solter group show Spain 2013 No mans land group exhibition London 2013 Help of the Azerbaijan - Brunei gallery london 2013 Rayne Fellowships for big idea London 5 March 2013 A French flair group exhibition USA 16 March 2013 Resistance Gallery group exhibition London 9 Jun 2013 Children of the Rainbow group exhibition USA 15 Jun 2013 Short and sweet art group exhibition USA 17 Aug 2013

14. We've got the blue group exhibition USA 21 Sep 2013 Strand Gallery group exhibition London 7 Oct 2013 Mad Recital group exhibition USA 13 Dec 2013 Holiday Art Sale group exhibition USA 15 Dec 2013 Fantasy Art Land group exhibition USA 21 Dec 2013 2012 Duke Gallery Off Spring group exhibition London 2012 Brunei Gallery group exhibition London 2012 Pollok Civic (Glasgow museum) Glasgow 2012 Castle Gallery group exhibition Stratford-upon-Avon UK 2012 The Stratford Fringe Festival Stratford Upon Avon Uk 2-10th June, 2012 Artreach group exhibition leicester UK 2 Nov 2012 Little thing in life group exhibition USA 20 Oct 2012 Lets all go out with a giggle group exhibition USA 21 Dec 2012 2011 Bespoke Art Bespoke putting the heart into art Glasgow 2011 Bespoke Art One Devonshire group exhibition Glasgow 2011

15. Laurit auction Denmark 2011 Graffiti wall in the Depo Art Glasgow 2011 Barnardo's group exhibition Edinburgh 2011 Bespoke Art gallery group exhibition Glasgow 2011 Chromatic gallery , group exhibition Murcia Spain 2011 Bespoke Art gallery group exhibition Glasgow 2011 Mctears auction Glasgow 2011-2013 And lots of other exhibitions and these are another sample of exhibitions in the past few years Gallery Mark Dubai Gallery Deira Dubai Gallery Hushmand Gallery Tehran art Museum ………………………………………………………….. These are some of the websites I've joined to c

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