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Published on March 3, 2014

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Event management words of wisdom

Pocket Guide Event Management Words of Wisdom

Question: If you could give only one piece of advice regarding Event Management, what would it be?

“Meticulous attention to the smallest detail. Try to imagine what could go wrong and make sure it doesn't!”, Maria Lazarimou, CEO of Advocate/BursonMarsteller

“Fate is fickle: if anything CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong, so start planning with that premise in mind, have all your back-plans in place, in advance, in good time, and then you'll have a chance of creating a successful event!” Aidan Ford , Managing Director at Wedgewood Britain

"Be extremely detailed oriented and meticulous in your communication with attendees regarding travel arrangements in order to avoid misunderstandings pre and post event" Yesim Attack, Marketing & Communication Officer, Gide Loyrette Nouel

“Establish a 'concrete date' at the beginning of your project and hang on to it. By concrete date, I mean a date after which you stop making changes to the scope of the event. After that date, your work needs to be 95% execution, and save the rest for responding to elements that aren't controllable." Jason Ewing, Freelance Event Specialist

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"The only stable thing in event management is change, therefore never stop learning, exploring and experimenting. You and your customers will thank you for it!" Hannah Eckinger Marketing Manager ADVA Optical Networking SE

"Remember the importance of having a professional photographer and videographer cover your event for a lasting legacy of the event. Photos can also help you to gain future sponsorship and increase brand awareness. Don't overlook the power of photography at your events - remember a picture paints a thousand words - what photos are currently going out about your event?" Dianna Bonner, Event Photographer

"Be kind! To everyone!! It's the most unlikeliest of people that help and support you when you really need it and sometimes the pressure is so intense it's challenging not to be a bit snippy. But, if you are a natural event manager, you'll love people and be nice to everyone as a matter of course." Jacquie Rogers Business Tourism Consultant, Partner at Veggies4Venues

"Put all energy and care in your preparations. Once an event starts you can fix the small things that don't go right (and they will because you will always work with externals for instance) and accept that there are things you can't fix. Continue with "the show" and enjoy it!" Anna Kocks Events and Social Media Manager @ OCOM

"Pack a first aid kit for event managers. Simple things like scissors, batteries, tape, powerstrips, a spare phone and headache pills go a long way." Bruno Marx The Expert for Excellence in Event Venues

POSTAGE STAMP It is a union of 5 E's:  - Engagement - Expectations - Enviroment - Experience And the most important of all ENJOYMENT Mr. P. P. Khanna Director at Diplomatic Travel Point P Ltd

"Never make assumptions. Discuss, investigate, validate and base your decisions on feedback and data. Don't forget that technology can also help you in this process..." JP van der Kuijl, CEO Azavista

Still looking for the right event management solution? We know how hard it is to pick. So we will make it a little easier... Manage your first event with Azavista Free of Charge No strings attached. Claim Offer Now No credit card or contract required.

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