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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: LokeshG37867

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:: Welcome to the world of Ayusante ::
Lets take Ayurveda Global.... Join THE MOVEMENT....

For more details contact :
Lokesh G. +91 9880188153. Bangalore.
Visit my personal website : www.purposebypassion.com

" Purpose Before Profits "
Ayusante - Powered by Ayurveda
Be a part of this Momentum
Lets take Ayurveda Global...

Inspired by AYURVEDA Powered by SCIENCE Propelled by EDUCATION

Purpose before Profits… Join the movement toTake Ayurveda Global…

the difference

Ayurveda     Industry  Icons   Corporate  Icons   Wellness  Domain  Exper9se   Global  Exposure  

Complete Eco-System Hi-­‐Touch   Ayurveda  Educa2on   E-­‐Commerce   Doctors  Community   Ayusante  Centers   • Entrepreneurship  Dev   • Educa2on  System   • Ayurveda  Academy,  USA   • Educated  Wellness  Advisors   • Pull  Marke2ng   • Futuris2c   • Independent  Doctors   • Doctors  opera2ng  Clinics   • Ayurvedic  Center     • Brand  Center  

Ayusante Sales & Marketing Plan SMP Rewards – Retail Sales – Team building – Business Generation – Consistency in Business – Leadership Development – Mentorship – Promotion of Education

The Process •  Anyone above the age of 18 years can Join as an Independent Distributor •  You don’t need to pay any Registration Fee and there are No compulsory Purchases. There is no Renewal Fee to keep your distributorship live. •  Once you get your Distributor ID No, you can start purchasing the products of your choice at Distributor Price and sell at MRP •  One person can have only one Distributorship. Husband and wife can have only one Distributorship. •  You can also create a Sales Network by sponsoring new people as Independent Distributors. It is your responsibility to train those Distributors on Sales, Products and Leadership. For these efforts you will be paid various incentives and bonuses based on the Sales created by the people in your Sales Organization.

Creating a Sales Network •  You can sponsor any number of distributors and they will be placed in two teams in a Global Distribution Organization (GDO) •  GDO will have people sponsored by you and also those sponsored by your sponsors and placed under you. •  Out of the two teams, the one with higher sales in a week is called as Primary team and the other as Secondary team •  The Sales Organization starting with you and the people whom you have sponsored and all those who come under them is called Personal Distribution Organization (PDO) •  Your Income will be a combination of –  Retail Profit from selling the products to customers –  Commissions and Bonuses based on the sales volume in the GDO and PDO •  Your income will have no bearing on the number of people within your Sales Organization.

Become aWellnessAdvisor (optional) •  Become aWellnessAdvisor by buying an Optimal Health Package (OHP) - This is optional. –  OHP contains 9AyurvedicWellness Products –  Total cost is Rs.8500/- In addition you get –  Admission to Certification Program‘Basics ofAyurveda’; Online Education/certification program fromAyurvda Academy. USA and –  Online test and Certification •  Sales of OHP will be reflected only in the GDO. Rest of the purchases will be reflected in the PDO •  You can buy the OHP anytime after becoming an Independent Distributor, there are no time restrictions Note: Purchase of OHP is optional. One can join Ayusante as an Independent Distributor without any investment and start his business by purchasing any product of his choice. OHP is designed with an objective to give distributors a deeper understanding of Ayurveda and Ayusante products.

Advantages of being aWellnessAdvisor •  Getting Certified byAyurveda Academy. •  Becoming a part of theWellness Community and can build aWellnessAdvisors’Team •  An exclusive‘Wellness Promoter Bonus’ for promoting OHPs and for creating moreWellness Advisors •  Can benefit by servicing the Online Customers •  Can go for higher level Certifications in Ayurveda.

Different types of Income/Incentives •  Retail Bonus •  Super Distributor Bonus •  Wellness Promoter Bonus (WPB) •  Sales Generation Bonus •  Leadership Bonus •  Mentorship Bonus •  Coaching Bonus •  Lifestyle Bonus •  Crown ClubAwards •  Overseas Leadership Seminars

  An  Independent  Distributor  of  Ayusante  can  create  Income  based  on  his/her  ac2vi2es  and  roles  at  various   stages  of  the  business  based  on  the  Ayusante  Sales  &  Marke2ng  Plan  (SMP).  All  bonuses/incen2ves/commissions   are  linked  to  the  actual  sale  of  products,  and  have  no  bearing  on  the  recruitment  of  people  into  the  distribu2on   network  or  the  number  of  people  in  one’s  distribu2on  network.  ‘Super  Distributor  Bonus’  in  the  ASMP  is  an   example,  where  a  Distributor  gets  paid  as  high  as  55%  of  the  BV  even  when  he/she  has  no  Sales  network.     One’s  Retail  sales  efforts  are  incen2vised  through  Retail  Profit,  Super  Distributor  Bonus  and  Sales  Genera2on   Bonus,  while  his/her  efforts  to  build  a  Sales  Organiza2on  and  to  train/  mentor/coach  the  people  in  his  organiza2on   to  create  higher  sales  volume  is  rewarded  through  Leadership/Mentorship/Coaching  Bonuses.  Wellness  Promoter   Bonus  (WPB)  is  paid  to  the  Distributor  only  if  he  par2cipates  in  the  ‘Wellness  Advisor’  program.    This  bonus  is  paid   on  the  sales  of  OHPs  one  generates  on  a  weekly  basis.    SMP  has  treated  this  bonus  special  because  Ayusante’s   stated  purpose  of  ‘Taking  Ayurveda  Global’  will  happen  only  when  Ayusante  has  good  number  of  of  its  sales  force   trained  in  Ayurveda  and  also  on  the  products  and  services       All  bonuses/incen2ves/commissions  are  based  on  the  Sales  of  products  generated  personally  and  within  one’s   sales  organiza2on  and  have  no  bearing  on  the  number  of  people  in  the  sales  organiza2on  or  the  ranks/posi2ons   they  have.    Hence  the  income  is  directly  linked  to  efforts.              

1. Retail Bonus   All products carry a Retail Margin of 20%on MRP

2. Super Distributor Bonus •  This is a unique income which rewards those who are heavily into retailing. One can achieve this bonus without even sponsoring a single person into the business. •  This is in addition to the 20% Retail Margin •  The incentive structure is – 501 PV to 1000PV – 15% of BV – 1001PV to 2000 PV – 25% of BV – 2001PV and above – 35% of BV •  Paid monthly PV is the PointValue assigned with every products. BusinessVolume is theValue in Rupees associated with the products. 1PV= 40BV. (This ratio is not applicable on the OHP.) Ayusante has the right to change the PV/BV ratio at any point of time.

3. Wellness Promoter Bonus •  Once you buy OHP, you become part of a GlobalWellness Community •  One OHP costing Rs.8500/- at MRP will carry 100 Points •  You can createWellnessAdvisors on both the teams in GDO •  Wellness Promoter Bonus will be paid onWeekly basis based on the OHP sales only. •  You will get 10% of the total Points generated in the Secondary team. •  Profit Factor (PF) is Rs.75/- •  Upper limit forWPB is Rs.2,00,000 per week –  Upper limit upto Ruby is limited to Rs.1,00,000 per week

Example: In a week you created a sale of 10 OHPs in your SecondaryTeam. Volume in your Secondary team is 1000 Points. You get 10%, ie 100 PFs One PF = Rs.75/- Income = 75 X 100 = Rs.7500/- If theVolume in Primary team is 1500 PV, balance 500PV will get carried forward to the next week Upper Limit is Rs.2,00,000.00 per week Note:Only OHP sales volume will be counted for this bonus Carry forward in PrimaryTeam is capped at 1000000PV You Team 1 1000 Points Income = 10% of 1000= 100 Points 100X 75 = Rs.7500/- Team 2 1500Points Carry forward of 500 Points

PERFORMANCE BONUSES Various bonuses based on the SalesVolume generated in the Organization. *  Should  be  ACTIVE  with  50PV  personal  sales  every  month   *  Personal  Sales  Volumes  of  more  than  500PV  of  the  distributors  in  an     organiza2on  won’t  be  counted  in  these  bonuses    

Rank Requirement Duration Conditions Remarks Bronze 1000 1 month Not more than 70% from one team 1000 (GDO) Silver 3000 1 month Same 3000 (GDO) Gold 7500 1 month Same 7500 (GDO) Ruby 15000 2 months Not more than 60% from one team 2 out of 3 Consecutive months Emerald 30000 2 months Same Same Diamond 40000 3 months Not More than 40% from one team In 6 months/2 months consecutive Exe. Diamond 75000 3 months Same same Royal Diamond 120000 3 months Same same Crown DMD 200000 4 months Not more than 30% from one team same Exe Crown DMD 400000 4 months Same same Royal Crown DMD 800000 4 months Same same Crown Ambassador 1500000 5 months Not more than 20% from one team same

4. Sales Generation Bonus •  This bonus is based on the SalesVolume generated in your Personal Distribution Organization (PDO).Volume from OHP sales won’t be counted for this Bonus •  Paid upto 6 levels in your PDO based on your‘qualified’ rank •  Any Personal PV above 50 will be added to Level 1 •  Paid Monthly

Sales Generation Bonus Rank Level % of BV Distributor 1 6 Bronze 2 6 Silver 3 4 Gold 4 4 Ruby 5 2 Emerald & Above 6 2 Leadership Bonus from 7 onwards The levels are compressed levels. Only the‘Active’distributers will be counted as levels. For instance:A sponsors B and B sponsors C;B does 20 PV and C is Active with 50PV. So for A,the first level is C and A gets the percentage from 20PV + 50PV. This bonus is paid for working with your downline distributors to enhance the sales volume.

5. Leadership Bonus •  Emerald and above will get 2% of the entire OBV from the 7th Level as Leadership Bonus upto Infinite depth all the way down to the next‘same’ or above rank.This include all the volume created by all lower ranks within the OBV. •  Egs: Diamond will get 2% of the entire OBV starting from the 7th level upto the next qualified Diamond or above. This include the BVs of all the Emeralds, Rubys and all ranks. OBV- Organizational BusinessVolume             Note:Some one in Emerald Club and above will have to lead a good number of distributors in their sales organization. He/ she needs to work closely with the team in the field and also train the distributor force on products,sales etc. This bonus is designed to incentivise these efforts

6. Mentorship Bonus •  This is awarded for mentoring your downline to qualify the same rank as that of yours. •  2% of the Entire BV in the first 6 levels of your first level ‘same’ rank is paid when you maintain‘paid as’ rank. •  This Bonus is paid from Emerald level Egs: A is a Diamond and B is a first generation Diamond under A. A gets 2% of the entire BV of the first 6 generations of B provided A maintains Diamond as Paid as Rank. Note:Just like in any other profession,mentoring plays a key role in this business.A mentor is a supervisor and guide. One needs to spend time,money and energy to make their next level distributors to move to higher ranks. For this they are paid a Mentorship Bonus from the sales generated by their downline Mentee’s sales organization

7. Business Coaching Bonus •  This bonus is for supporting and coaching your immediate downlines to earn high level of income. •  You will be paid a percentage of the Performance Bonus Income of your downlines to certain levels. Rank   Levels   Income   Gold   Level  1   10%   Ruby  &  Emerald   Levels  1  &  2   10%    10%   Diamond  &  Above   Levels  1,  2  &  3   10%    10%    10%   Note: This bonus is designed with a purpose of rewarding the senior distributor leaders for their efforts to coach their next level distributors move up in the ranks and even to achieve higher ranks than their Coach.All Performance Bonuses except Business Coaching Bonus earned by the downlines will be counted for paying this bonus.

8. Lifestyle Bonus This will be paid from Crown Diamond Club and above •  Crown Diamond: Rs.80000/- per month for one year from qualification •  EX Cr Diamond: Rs.100000/- per month for one year from qualification •  Royal Cr Diamond: Rs.200000/- per month for one year from qualification •  Cr Ambassador: Rs.500000/- per month for one year from qualification  

9. Crown ClubAwards Once you achieve Crown Diamond, you will start receiving amazingAwards based on Ranks, which include: – Participation in Global Crown Pool: Paid annually based on the total turnover in your entire organization from a fixed % of the Global Business ofAyusante – Car of your Choice: brands will be fixed based on the ranks

10. Leadership Seminars •  Based on Ranks you can travel to various destinations with Family and your team to learn and to have leisure. •  Ruby Club –Asian Countries •  Emerald Club – Cruise •  Diamond Club – Europe/USA •  Crown Club – Dream Destination Trips are for Husband &Wife. Crown Club trips are for the entire Family. In addition company will be announcing promotional Incentive trips time to time basis.

Multiply your Business   Additional Business Centers when you qualify Diamond Club, Crown Club and CrownAmbassador.

Inspired by Ayurveda Powered by Science Propelled by education

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