Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Club - Write-Up

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Information about Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Club - Write-Up

Published on January 6, 2017

Author: DuncanCameron6


1. Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort ThisweekendsawafriendandI playingacourse that I have neverhadthe pleasure of playing, AwanaGentingHighlandsGolf &CountryResort.In the 7 yearsI have beeninMalaysiaIhave never had the opportunitytoplayas thisgemof a golf course isnot reallyadvertisedtoattract local golfersfromKL,howeverthishasnowbeenrectifiedanditcertainlywasone Ithoroughlyenjoyed and will definitelybe back. Awanaisa 30-45 minute drive from KualaLumpurdependingwhere youstayandit’sa verynice drive inthe morning,headingupthe mountain,throughthe cloudswe gotveryexcitedtoplaya course that was reasonablycoolerthanKLtemperatures…..andatover3,000 feetabove sealevel it was almostlike playinginthe UK……almost! Registrationiseasy andparkingisimmediatelyoppositethe golf counter,downthe stairstothe restaurantand lockerroomsand the bagsare takendownreadyfor the 1st tee.The staff were very friendlyandeverythingrunslike clockwork. On to the firsttee…..Ohgreat,notonlyisthere rainforest,jungle andsharpdrop offseverywhere, It’sa dog-legrightwithaverytightfairway…..Ohand it’sstroke index 1……Whatan awesome startinghole tomake you think!!! Thankfullyit’sabogey!!

2. My friend and I both play a lot of golf and he has had the opportunity to play Awana on several previous occasions….which, should help me…..Unfortunately he’s forgotten the course so we were shooting blind for a lot of the holes…..Thanks Colin !!!! The firstfewholescame sweepingthroughthe jungle andeachshotmakesyouthinkaboutthe next, not because the course islong,butbecause manyof the firstfew holesthe greensare notvisibleand you HAVE TO PLAY STRAIGHT…….What a back drop to a golf course.

3. There are a numberof what youcan call signature holesonthe course andthe 4th isprobablythe one I wanted to conquer the most, with a new back tee completed earlier this year, it’s certainly a challenge from the blue tees……especially when you put the first one in the lake !! Damn it!! (ThankfullymyfriendandIhave 1mulliganto use anywhere onthecourse….”I’lluseminenow,thanks pal”…..That’s par with a 2 putt from 30 ft) Aswe moveddownthe mountainandlowerintothe course itstartedtogetveryfoggyandmistyand the temperature dropped which was great, however having not played to course before it made judgingthe tee shotsanddistance alittle tricky,howeverthisfogtendstodisappearbyaround11am most days and we did tee off at 8.30am.

4. DidI mentionfog????Blindtee shots?? thiswasthe par 5 8th holesanda view of my secondshot downthe …….fairway???Thankfullywithalittle breeze inthe Highlandsthe misttendstomove fromhole to hole andI was luckyenoughtostickmy 3rd about3 ft forbirdie…….Missedit!!! As we came downthe 10th & 11th the fog worsenedandwe nearlywentbacktothe clubhouse fora coffee andwaitforit to clear…andthenwe saw this….the 12th hole,elevatedtee,90degree dog-leg par 5……I’ve gotta go for thisin2….evenwhenIhave no clue where Iam going….Smash !!Cut the corner and170 metresin ….secondshothita tree !! Damn it !!Third on anda 2 putt….PAR! As we came throughthe back nine itwasobvioustome that its definitelyalittle trickierthanthe frontnine,lotsmore tightertee shots,lots of veryunevenlies,andalotmore trouble togetyourself in….evenif youhitagood shotthere wasa chance you couldbe blockedoutbya randomtree…It reallyisa challenge andthoroughlyenjoyable…infarbetterconditionthanitsGentingHighlands compatriotBerjayaHills.

5. I was informedthatAwanahasinthe past had issueswithballsplugginginthe fairwaysdue tothe weatherhigherupthe mountainandalsothe bunkersbeingwashedawayfromconstantrain…..this has nowbeenrectifiedwithalarge amountof money,care and attentiontodetail beingmade to the course and althoughdampat thistime of year we had no issuesatall…….apartfromme shooting 51 on the back nine !!!(40 on the front) All inall the course is a fantasticchallenge, well-keptandwill nodoubtgetevenbetteroverthe next fewmonthsas the weathergetsbetter,the golf managerhas years of experience and the staff seem to care about the course…..We will definitely see you in 2017, especially with the total hotel renovation planned in stages throughout 2017, the new shopping mall and nightlife further up the mountain and perhaps a cheeky few RM’s in the casino…. If anyof youavidgolfersouttherehave neverplayedAwanabefore,thisisaMUST PLAYcourse !! and luckily KLEMGC has both a golfing weekend in June 2017 & 1 day competition in March.

6. For more information about golf packages at Awana for both individuals and groups please clickon the link below asBed&Breakfastpackagesstartat400RM including1roundof golf,single occupancy and 500RM twin share which is great value for money,especiallywithall the otherfacilities…..There isevenhalf boardoptionsavailableatasmall surcharge - AwanaGenting- Special OfferPackages2017 For more informationandif youwishtojointhe golfinggroupforour monthlytournamentsplease email withyourcontactnumber&handicapand youwill be addedto the mailinglist. Thanks Russell and your team for a thoroughly enjoyable round at Awana, see you soon !!!

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