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Published on June 15, 2007

Author: funnyside

Source: authorstream.com

A new concept and a discovery toolfor Astronomy and Astrophysics Research:  A new concept and a discovery tool for Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Virtual Observatory P. Benvenuti AVO Science Lead Astrophysics :  Astrophysics Observational science The information is carried by photons (of all wavelengths !) The Laboratory is the Universe Experiments in the Lab-Universe were made, so far, with telescopes Technological revolutions…:  Technological revolutions… Radio andamp; Space (multi l) astronomy Digital imaging Large telescopes Fast computing World Wide Web Large digital Archives on-line New perspectives:  New perspectives The Lab-Universe is digitally reproduced on the web Astrophysical experiments can be done on our lap-top as well as with real telescopes New experiments become possible The data acquired by the large Observatories, multiply their value Opportunities for New Science:  Opportunities for New Science Mining Large Data Sets as a discovery tool: Exploit the multi-wavelength domain with statistical significance: base our knowledge on billions of objects instead than few hundreths Explore the time-domain: discover transient phenomena like Supernovae, Near Earth Objects, Gamma Ray Bursts Discover unkown, unexpected phenomena: dark matter and dark energy (quintessence) signatures ? Slide6:  Multiwavelength astronomy Statistical Significance:  Statistical Significance Why a Virtual Observatory ?:  Why a Virtual Observatory ? On-line digital Archives do exist Friendly web interfaces for browsing and retrieving data do exist Analysis tools and affordable workstations do exist What do we need more than that ? Reality is different !:  Reality is different ! Calibration, data quality and data description are highly non-uniform across Archives Merging multi-archive data is possible, but it is still a manual, tedious affair New instruments and surveys generate huge quantity of pixels (to be processed and analyzed…) Algorithms and analysis tools that can operate on distributed large data sets do not exist yet Numbers from the sky:  Numbers from the sky T2 andlt; 1 year 1990-2000 Compute Power:  Compute Power Moore’s Law: T2~18 months Network Bandwidth:  Network Bandwidth Nielsen’s Law : T2 ~ 20 months The technical issue…:  The technical issue… The increase in the data acquisition rate is larger than the increase in network bandwidth and local computing power The GRID approach offers a solution: The data stay where they are Processing is distributed The network is used to transfer the results, not the raw data How VO can help?:  How VO can help? Defining new standards and using the GRID paradigm : It makes archives really inter-operable It creates a new generation of algorithms and procedures It offers a friendly interface and technical expertise to its Users Discovery space:  Discovery space The VO approach, already in its early stage, has made new discoveries: asteroids, supernovae, brown dwarfs … Stay tuned on the AVO pages… http://www.euro-vo.org/ Slide16:  1st Demo:  1st Demo Multi archives andamp; Catalogues remotely interconnected on lap-top 1st Demo:  1st Demo Algorithms running remotely on remote data sets The Rare:  The Rare Eyes on the Sky:  Eyes on the Sky T2 ~20 years The Unexpected:  The Unexpected Dark Matter Bubbles? Science Data Volume:  Science Data Volume Projected Growth:  Projected Growth

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