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Published on September 18, 2014

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Karuna Traders is authorized dealer and distributor brand products of Aviva, Unilam. Karuna Traders are a professionally managed and customer driven company. Since the establishment in the year 2004, we have grown tremendously to entrench ourselves as one of the most Dealer, Trader and Supplier.


: IMT ' About Aviva Flush Door Specifications Veneer Lamination Door Series Laminate Designer Door Series Gel Lamination Door Series Moulded Door Series F. R.R Door Series 11 17 18 19

Our doors are always open for you at Aviva. India. as a nation. has always been welcoming new ideas and techniques from across the globe. in the year 2010. Aviva Door made its entry into the Indian wooden industry. Our team makes an effort to establish higher standards of artisanship in every detail. With our aesthetic sense of design and state—of—the—art machinery. we constantly push our limits to make room for improvement. Our far—sighted vision leads us to achieve goals on the other side of the door. The good news is. with your support, we know Aviva Door will soon emerge as the key player in the Indian market for assembling and decorating Flush Doors. Veneer Lamination Doors, Laminate Designer Doors, Moulded Doors. F. Ft. P. Doors. We have the experience. Our engineers bring in with them their expertise. Now. we are equally confident about your belief in us. With an agenda to innovate something that simplifies the art. we are bound to create a niche in the market for our entire range of products globally. It is an initiative to provide excellent quality products at extremely competitive prices. thereby, building business relationships with our valued customers that may last a lifetime. Touch wood. We are reaching door-to-door to win your trust. In a span of three years, we have attracted three hundred major distributors who are now our clients. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude because the credit goes entirely to you. You believed in us. Touch wood. we lived up to your expectations. Now with this comes greater responsibility to maintain our proven quality and quick services ahead. We are happy and proud of our friendly staff who is dedicated to open every door for you until your needs are met. They are a young. dynamic and talented bunch of individuals who are more than willing to work with your team of architects, designers and builders to strictly understand the nuances before providing you with superior products and ensure you complete customer satisfaction. View slide

We deliver you gold, saying it is wood. That is how we make sure you do not compromise with the quality at any stage. Right from the procurement of raw materials. identifying the durability of materials used. crosschecking design specifications and finally processing finished goods, we undertake rigorous measures to conduct strict quality control checks. We make it possible by applying advanced techniques and futuristic technology at our fully equipped manufacturing plant. This ensures that our products are at par with high quality international standards. The reason we do this is to make sure you knock only at our doors. We wrap your products like gifts in our arms. We handle your orders with love and care. To facilitate safe and secure dispatch. we offer packaging that endures long-distance transportation. All the doors placed in a corrugated box have a roller identification attached to them during the delivery. Whether you choose our special packaging or you decide to customize as per your convenience, we guarantee you trustworthy and hassle—free experience. View slide

Flush Door is not just any door. It's the face of your house. A widespread range of Flush Doors opens a world of limitless possibilities. With a plethora of options to choose from. these doors add beauty and charm to every home. The finest quality of Flush Doors pressed by Veneer, Lamination and l°. V.C are available with Aviva Door. All Flush Doors come in various filler materials with high durability to render exceptional service to their owners. Aviva Door (Flush Door Specifications) Side Frame of Pinewood / Hardwood -- Pinewood Filler or Hardwood Filler Core of 2.5 MM Gurjan Fase

Eco-friendly Particle Board is your contribution towards the nature. Keeping in mind the changing global trends. we have generated our new Eco-friendly Particle Board at Aviva. Its structure and special positioning of particles provides an ideal combination of lightweight and powerful resistance. They are also termite and borer resistant. The USP of Eco-friendly Particle Board is its ultra-low thickness swelling. which is not common for a wood-based material. This particular characteristic makes it suitable for doors with delicate surfaces. When compared to a solid door. the weight of Eco-friendly Particle core is reduced by up to 60%. Aviva Door (Eco-friendly Door Specifications) Side Frame of Pinewood / Hardwood —--- Eco-friendly Particle Board Core --- Core of 2.5 MM --- Gurjan Fase

VENEER LAMINATION DOOR SERIES When you buy a Veneer Door, you do away with the label of a next—door neighbor. There is a certain status attached with our doors. it makes people treat you special. We understand this because our high—quality Veneer Doors are elegantly designed to spruce up your life inside/ outside your offices and homes. Veneer Doors. carved out of select hard wood are meant to stay with you forever. After all, they come along with a protection film too. A unique coating of wooden polish such as PU finishing can be done over them to achieve desired results. Colours available in these doors are Golden Teak. Walnut, Sapeli. Wenge and Ebony.

VENEER LAMINATION DOOR SERIES , ;i'a '1 ¢AVL1(l2 >I~‘Iv'w‘l: ' I , I arm I ". ‘ “aw in AVL 10 V '§I.

,5’- Ail . l'_". I' V é will ‘l‘Eli‘I ! vl I "' P3‘



LAMINATE oes; IeuEa= :oa». IseIrIresa Replace a mirror with : e.ur— Laminate-: Doer in your room. .. Find your reflection smiling back at you as you stand opposite any of our Laminate Doors. Such is the shimmer and shine that they exuberate. A well~organised unit of professional designers conceptualises these doors with unique raw materials to create a classy visual impact. A distinguished assortment of Laminate Doors are brought out in various sizes. eye—catching colours and both single & double units. Although. imm is the standard thickness of the sheet of these doors, it may wary within 10%, which is an acceptable margin for a product. Our Laminate Doors also require no polish or varnish on their surface. You may install our Laminate Doors in your bedrooms. malls, libraries, commercial complexes; or at main entrances. jewellery counters. bar counters etc. , where there is no direct contact with the sunlight. 11

Also made available in Veneer Lamination Door i I I I I I I. Also made available in Veneer Lamination Door I l_j. __. ..__. __. .__ _. --. ._. ._. ... ..__. _-, _.-. _ - . -,. _-_ . .'

Hi )1 Ell 1,2331}; ~»I», iI, gII¢Ij. ,.. IIIeIt. Izgr. I I -iv, ‘I


I“. I ADL 103 “ft LAMINATE DESIGNER DOOR SERIES ' ' . t,-(5:‘''‘‘ . : '7 I

f«‘v, ‘x«‘: ~‘. $ 12‘ LAMINATE DESIGNER DOOR SERIES ‘ 1, ~ H’: 1 , &I_£; :1.~. n»I-I -. hl'uL‘: %§%u * I§j. ‘.'-: ""‘ LI‘: Ii I 5.‘; -u'‘- v . E F ADL107 I_; §L1o6V[ ' "". ~L‘ ‘. ;l 51‘ I34: . 'I "<3 v ; I II. &“j ADL108 ‘(I '4 1"‘ '""IE0"'t“, "TI'J‘“'W.5 - 4‘ = fiEE$§§ ; ;$&£§@£L '.1‘r “_‘. -**Vi. !fTFln , V‘ I? “ ‘7,l? -i. I‘«- Q -5-»? ’

GEL LAMINATION DOOR SERIES Following textures and colors are available in Gel Lamination Door ‘Series

MOULDED DOOR SERIES “I Three Panel Oval Two Panel Oval

FIBERGLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC DOORS (F. R.P. ) SERIES «-. . 7 Feel protected behind our F. R.P. Lining Doors. That is the power of our well constructed F. R.P. Lining Doors that are strong. sturdy and energy efficient. Every door is ge| —coated and seIf—pigmentedl In addition. they are resistant to bad weather, harsh water and termite attack. These eco-friendly ERR Lining Doors do not demand repaint or maintenance for the lifetime. The range of qualitative EFl. F! Lining Doors is available with filler options such as puff core/ wood core. and with a solid wood core for your terrace. However. Trimable Doors are made available on special request. It is an easy job to install either light or heavy F. R.F! Lining Door in your washroom. balcony, or other usage areas owing to their resistance against water.


Give us a knock at our door soon. ~_a<= . -~ v“‘~"'5‘~ II- ‘Kt I I I l I -‘ . I‘ - I I I l I V Dealer's Stamp / Sales Office: E—83. Adinath / Society, Pune Satara Road. “/ I Pune -41 I 037 I IN B m IVIObIIeI +91 9922404077 DO Website: wvvw. avivadoor. in . ELEGANT. s,IFm. TRUsT Email: avivadoor@gmail. com ‘DISCLAIMER: ALL DOOR DESIGNS AND COLOURS DISPLAYED ARE ONLY FOR REPRESENTATION. THE ACTUAL PRODUCTS WILL VARY. Designed by www. lhelorest. In

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