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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Shariyar

Source: authorstream.com

Yi-Hsiu Jack Lin:  Yi-Hsiu Jack Lin March 13, 2007 Aviation:  Aviation Fuels for Aviation Forecast:  Forecast What is the possibility of a fuel-efficient jet? Forecast:  Forecast In theory, yes! HOWEVER… Forecast:  Forecast Aviation Fuels Outline:  Outline Introduce aviation fuel Types of Jet Fuels:  Types of Jet Fuels JP-1 (Jet Propulsion) JP-2 JP-3 JP-4 (U.S. Air Force fuel) JP-5 (U.S. Navy fuel)    JP-6 JPTS JP-7 JP-8 (U.S. Air Force fuel)  JP-8+100 Jet A/Jet A-1 TS-1 Jet B (Canada and Alaska) Jet A/ Jet A-1:  Jet A/ Jet A-1 Jet A is used in U.S. Jet A-1 has a lower maximum freezing point than Jet A (Jet A: –40ºC, Jet A-1: –47ºC) Jet A-1 more suitable for long international flights Fuel Consumption:  Fuel Consumption in U.S. it went from 32 million galloon per day in 1974 to 70 million galloon per day in 1999. Which means… It had doubled in 25 years, quarter century. U.S. uses ~42% Fuel Refining:  Fuel Refining jet fuels are made from petroleum Fuel Refining-1:  Fuel Refining-1 What is it? Process of converting crud petroleum/oil into products that can be used. Gasoline Jet fuel Heating fuel Wax Lubricating oil Fuel Refining-2:  Fuel Refining-2 Separation (distillation) Upgrading (sweetening) Conversion (catalytic cracking) Fuel Refining-3.1 :  Fuel Refining-3.1 Distillation is most widely used method for separation. Petroleum products are defined by their boiling range (light and heavy). vaporize  overhead condenser  collected Fuel Refining-3.2:  Fuel Refining-3.2 Sweetening: removes sulfur-containing compounds called mercaptans from jet fuel Mercaptans: corrosive, foul smell One way: converte them to disulfides Fuel Refining-3.3:  Fuel Refining-3.3 Hydrocracking is a major conversion process change the molecular structure of the originals "crack" large molecules into small ones Fuel Tank:  Fuel Tank Fuel Distribution:  Fuel Distribution Pipeline (refinery to near airport) Distributed a large multi-product pipeline Ship Railroad tank car Tanker truck Pipelines:  Pipelines Storage Tank:  Storage Tank minimize the effects of particulate and water contamination a low point on the bottom tanks also use floating suction to draw fuel Contamination:  Contamination aviation fuel will spend time in storage tanks and also be transferred Contamination every time its transferred Particulate matter and water solid corrosion products Cleanup:  Cleanup Filtration (remove particulate matter ) Salt drier (remove water) Filtration:  Filtration Salt Drier:  Salt Drier Sodium chloride (sometimes calcium chloride) Free water combines with salt to form brine Summary:  Summary Types of jet fuel JP, Jet A/Jet A-1 Fuel consumption Fuel Refining Separation, Upgrading, and Conversion Fuel Distribution Pipeline Storage tank Contamination Cleanup Filtration and Salt Drier The End:  The End Yi-Hsiu Jack Lin

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