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Published on March 16, 2009

Author: HardSteal

Source: authorstream.com

THE PROBLEM : THE PROBLEM Projectors and related equipment are stolen from: classrooms & training rooms houses of worship bars, restaurants & night clubs rental & staging environments digital signage installations ….every single day. THE SOLUTION : THE SOLUTION Understand basic security in general, and your needs in specific Identification of assets Identification of threats Selection of countermeasures “onion” methodology Cost/benefit analysis Security 101 : What are we protecting? identification of assets > the asset survey and inventory record What are we protecting it/them from? theft internal vs external pre-planned vs crime of opportunity Threat management probability of occurrence (risk assessment) countermeasures Security 101 Security 101 – Risk Assessment : Security 101 – Risk Assessment Other risk factors include: “street” value of assets incidence of property crime in region Risk Assessment table 1.0 Security 101 – Risk Assessment : Security 101 – Risk Assessment Probability of occurrence Do you feel lucky? Low incidence of theft is not evidence of low risk, but rather of LUCK. White-collar criminals routinely take advantage of poor security, informal credit systems, insufficient checks and balances, outdated inventory procedures, and either the ignorance or the compliance of educators. The theft of $400 million in supplies and equipment each year from U.S. schools and universities indicates that something is seriously wrong. Louis R. Mizell, author of Masters of Deception: The Worldwide White-collar Crime Crisis and Ways to Protect Yourself “ ” Security 101 – Risk Assessment : Security 101 – Risk Assessment Number of burglaries, property crimes & thefts known to law enforcement at US colleges & universities in 2005: 182,058 - (Dept. of Justice – Federal Bureau of Investigation) “As we are putting in more smart rooms, security issues have become even more important. As the number of installations increases, unfortunately, so does the potential and opportunity for loss. - Michael Field, senior technical support specialist at Temple University in Philadelphia ” Security 101 - Countermeasures : Security 101 - Countermeasures “But we lock the windows & doors” Perimeter or “Maginot Line” security (door & window locks, bollards, bars & gates, access controls, lighting, intrusion detection etc.) Can create false sense of security Vulnerable to key/card/code loss or theft Must be combined with other theft reduction measures in order to be effective, such as: Surveillance systems, zone intrusion detection Asset-specific countermeasures The Security “Onion” : The Security “Onion” To be truly effective, a threat management strategy must employ a combination of psychological countermeasures: Alarms, lighting, surveillance, engraving/labeling …and physical countermeasures: Access controls, gates, bars, bollards, locks, cables & cages The AV Cage is a highly effective asset specific physical AND psychological countermeasure. The AV Cage : The AV Cage About the AV Cage: A complete commercial grade anti-theft projector mount Heavy duty 12 gauge cold-rolled steel construction Adjustable to fit most projectors Does not interfere with inputs, cooling or IR One key access for ease of maintenance No exposed fasteners Compatible with standard 1.5” NPT pipe 70 mm disc lock included, with keyed alike options available The AV Cage : The AV Cage Typical unsecure mount Consumer grade Steel or aluminum Powder coat, paint or anodized finish 12 gauge 18 gauge 22 gauge AV Cage Commercial grade Steel Durable powder coat finish The AV Cage features much heavier construction than typical consumer grade mounts. Its sturdy appearance also enhances the AV Cage’s psychological value as a countermeasure. It looks like serious protection….and it is. The AV Cage : The AV Cage Each of the AV Cage’s vertical components is adjustable on ½” stops, making it easy to ensure that inputs, onboard controls and intake/exhaust vents remain unblocked. Perforations allow passage of IR signals from remote controls. Changing projectors? No problem – just readjust the AV Cage to fit the new model. The AV Cage : The AV Cage Unlike many “one-size-fits-all” enclosures from other vendors, the AV Cage can be easily adjusted to precisely fit a wide range of projectors The AV Cage : The AV Cage Superior security Unlike the “security fasteners” used by competitors – the drivers for which are commonly available at hardware or electronics stores – the AV Cage employs truly secure proprietary fasteners and drivers. We leave nothing to chance. Once the AV Cage is assembled and the projector is placed within it, there are NO EXPOSED FASTENERS. Even if you have the driver, you can’t remove the projector. Common security fasteners Hard Steal proprietary security fasteners The AV Cage : The AV Cage How is the projector secured in the AV Cage? A full-wrap wing around the perimeter of the AV Cage secures the projector within . A 70mm disc lock anchors the full-wrap wing to the lock tab. The lock tab itself has six different mounting positions on the AV Cage top plate. Optional upgrade disc locks feature serialized keys and premium mechanisms. Want to have multiple “keyed alike” AV Cages? No problem – just order upgrade locks with matching key patterns. You can reorder by key pattern for future installations. The AV Cage : The AV Cage Why is the cradle design superior to a conventional mount? Conventional mounts rely on tiny threaded brass ferrules cast into the plastic housing of the projector for their connection points. These ferrules can be pulled or levered right out of the projector housing – a major vulnerability. The AV Cage is a cradle mount – it doesn’t rely on these ferrules. Your projector is encircled in a perimeter of 12 gauge steel for uncompromising protection. Need to service the projector? Simply unlock the full-wrap wing and slide the projector out. No tools required, no bolts or screws to undo. Quick & easy! The AV Cage : The AV Cage How easy is it to align the AV Cage? It is typically faster and easier to align the AV Cage than most other mounts. The ball & collar provides up to 15° of yaw/pitch adjustment via two set-screws in the collar wall. Simply align the projector with one hand, then tighten the set-screws with the other using the included hex key. No knobs, dials, gimbals, “u” brackets or other complicated adjustments or mechanisms to fiddle over. How secure is the connection? A set-screw in the ball keeps the ball (and the cage) from being unscrewed from your standard 1.5” NPT pipe. This set-screw is completely concealed by the collar, and the collar fastens to the AV Cage top plates from inside the cage using our proprietary secure fasteners. Once the projector is within the cage, the fasteners are no longer accessible. The collar – like the AV Cage - is extremely resistant to attack, and features a massive ½” wall thickness. The AV Cage : The AV Cage How secure is the alignment? The use of two set-screws, combined with the large surface area of the ball (over 9.25” in circumference), makes for a very secure alignment. Built-in lens offset correction The ball & collar can be easily repositioned to correct for lens offset. How long does it take to assemble an AV Cage? For a one-off, allow 15 minutes for assembly of the AV Cage using a power driver. You can knock 3 – 5 minutes off per cage when doing multiple assemblies to fit the same model projector. The AV Cage : The AV Cage How does the assembly time compare to that of a typical unsecure mount? A typical unsecure “universal”-style mount will be a few minutes faster to assemble, but this would be an apples/oranges comparison. To add security measures to such a mount – say, a security cable, audible alarm, or “one-size-fits-all” box enclosure – would require at least an extra 10 minutes. Even then, the resulting combination wouldn’t be nearly as elegant or secure as the AV Cage, and would add significantly to the time required to install, service or replace the projector. US them Cost/Benefit Analysis : Cost/Benefit Analysis Hard cost of equipment loss versus soft cost The purchase price of a replacement projector may only be $2K - $3K, but the soft cost is typically 3 – 5 times higher. The soft cost takes into account: Lost productivity (often 12 weeks or longer to replace) Lost opportunity (money spent on replacing stolen equipment is money that could have been spent elsewhere) Requisition/purchasing/receiving/payables costs Installation costs In a high risk environment, it is always more cost effective to implement a countermeasure such as the AV Cage than it is to replace a stolen projector. If you are specifying or installing a projector mount in a high risk space, choose the AV Cage – it’s both good sense and good insurance. Review : Review What we do: Hard Steal manufactures the A/V industry's leading anti-theft projector mount. Our approach to projector security is fundamentally unique and our AV Cage is unlike any other mount you might be familiar with. Our patented design provides the highest level of security available while maintaining a price point that has made us the clear winner in the security marketplace.   About the AV Cage: A complete commercial grade projector mount Heavy duty 12 gauge cold-rolled steel construction Adjustable to fit most projectors One key access No exposed fasteners 70mm Disc lock included, with keyed alike upgrades available A very effective physical and psychological countermeasure In use from Alaska to New Zealand Review : Review Why you need the AV Cage: Projectors are stolen from classrooms every single day. When the economy goes down - crime goes up. Many are unaware that anti-theft mounts are available, and would have preferred an anti-theft mount if given the initial choice. The soft cost of replacing stolen equipment is typically 3 - 5 times the hard cost. Using the AV Cage is inexpensive insurance against theft. This is really Security 101: is the level of protection you are implementing appropriate to your level of risk? Are you still using unsecure consumer grade mounts in your institutional or commercial installations? TIME TO SWITCH! Slide 26: Visit www.hardsteal.com today Toll Free 877-473-8777

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