Autonomic nervous system (ANS-3)

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Information about Autonomic nervous system (ANS-3)

Published on September 28, 2015

Author: medonaeem99


1. physiology Si plified BY…. Dr.M7md El-Bshany

2. • Sympathetic supply to Head & Neck. • Sympathetic supply to Thorax. • Sympathetic supply to Abdomen. • Sympathetic supply to Pelvis. • Sympathetic supply to somatic structure. Objectives

3. Sympathetic supply to Head & Neck Eye Salivary gland Cerebral vessels Skin

4. Sympathetic supply to Head & Neck Salivary gland Vaso-constriction of blood vessels. Trophic secretion. Contraction of myo-epithelial cells.

5. skin Sympathetic supply to Head & Neck VC mainly. Contraction of pilo-erector ms→Hair erection.  Sweet secretion. Cerebral vessels Mild VC.

6. Horner syndrome. Ptosis. Miosis. Enophthalus. Anhydrosis. flushing

7. Sympathetic supply to Thorax. Heart Lung  ↑ heart rate ,contraction ,conductivity , excitability.  Coronary vessels Direct effect → VC Indirect effect → VD  Broncho-dilatation.  ↓Mucous secretion.  VC .

8. Sympathetic supply to Abdomen.

9. Sympathetic supply to Pelvis.

10. Sympathetic supply to Skin & skeletal ms. Orbelli phenomenon Symp. stimulation to skeletal lead to • better contraction , • delay fatigue , • early recovery after fatige. Mechanism  Vaso-dilatation.  ↑Glycogenolysis.  ↑Sensitivity of motor end plate.

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