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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: VasilisTsardaklis


1. Hello! We are F.G.C. Group. (Future Greek Consulting) We are here to demonstrate a brand new product for Volvo.

2. Panagiota Lemoni F.G.C. Group General Manager

3. “ Fashion fades. Only Volvo remains!

4. 1.1 Volvo’s History - Milestones 1927 200719731959 2013 Volvo was established by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson. The first Volvo Truck were introduced in the American market. Volvo Trucks introduces the “Volvo Dynamic Steering” technology with the viral “Epic Split” video. In September, the company presents the world's first CO2-neutral vehicle plant in Ghent, Belgium. Bulb monitor is invented by Volvo. This is a lamp that lights up when any of the car's instruments are not working. Source:, 2016, 2016

5. 1.2 Volvo Nowadays Volvo operates in the automotive industry with subsidiary brands like Renault Trucks, Volvo construction equipment, Volvo Buses, Volvo Trucks. The company has 3 main vehicle production plants in Belgium, China and Sweden. Volvo has branches and representatives in over 100 countries. Volvo employs more than 92,000 people across the globe. Volvo’s worth is approximately $25,2 billion with $41,2 billion in sales last year. The company is ranked #490 in Market Value. Source:, 2016, 2016

6. Vasilis Tsardaklis F.G.C. Group Marketing Director

7. 1.2 Volvo Nowadays – SWOT Strengths: • Efficient and world class safety • Inclination towards maintaining quality of driving experience • Attracts elite class with its elegant as well as classic style • Volvo subsidiaries include big automotive brands Opportunities: • Expanding automobile market share • Craft a technological breakthrough • Manufacturing new vehicles and services • Possible partnership Weaknesses: • High competition • Exclude people from a low social class • Absence from the motorbike market Threats: • Financial capacity • Fluctuation in exchange rates • Increasing usage of government transport and high fuel costs • Different environmental regulations and norms in various countries

8. 1.3 Automotive Market Analysis

9. 1.4 Competitor Analysis

10. Emmanouil Toulis F.G.C. Group Consultant Executive

11. 1.5 Consumer Profile

12. 2.1 Automotive Market Trends Sooner than we think 50% of the vehicles will be driven with electric power. Big automotive brands are investing billions in electric vehicles. Technological evolution will make vehicles more personalized. Automotive industry has recovered from the crisis and it’s value has increased by $78 millions. By 2020 is predicted that there will a further increase of 24.7%. Regulations & restrictions by the International Transport Federation forces automotive brands to produce more eco- friendly vehicles. Source:, 2016 KPMG’s Global Automotive Survey, 2015, 2016 McKensey Analysis: The road to 2020 and beyond, 2015, 2015

13. 2.2 Perceptual Map – Market Gap

14. Nikolaos Vozaitis F.G.C. Group Product Analyst

15. 2.3 Brainstorming Session New Volvo Product Excellent Excellent Useless Interesting Interesting • Noise Reduction • Eco – Friendly • Economy • Innovation • Environment Aware • Electric Engine • Arrogant Style • 3-wheel motorbike • Reduced Sales in general • Uniqueness • Break Recharging System • Costly • Completing the market gap

16. 2.4 Mind Mapping

17. 2.5 Lateral Thinking New Product: Volvo Future Electric - Engine Motorcycle Features & Specifics: Electric Engine Traveler Style Modern Design Breaking Recharging System Smart LED lights GPS Tracking Software Driving Range: 200 – 300 miles Capability of function with petrol fuel

18. Conclusions Volvo is a leading brand in automotive industry. The company focuses on safety and innovation. The automotive industry has overcome the crisis years and there is a significant growth rate. Electric engine vehicles will emerge as automotive brands invest billions of dollars in the new technologies Brainstorming & mind mapping are tools that helped us to generate the final product, the Electric Engine Motorcycle.

19. Thanks! Any questions? You can find us at:

20. Drive future with safety!

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