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Published on October 10, 2016

Author: DarylBishop2



2. Informed – The Automation Specialists INFORMED.IO WAS FOUNDED BY INDUSTRY VETERANS TO HELP CUSTOMERS RAPIDLY DELIVER IT AUTOMATION Tell me about Informed • We were tired of seeing organisations spend time and money on strategy only to see it gather dust in the bottom of a drawer • We believe strategy is delivery, our unique philosophy, approach and methodology is based on developing strategy that works and strategy that can be immediately delivered Delivery 1. • One of the reasons that the current approach to IT strategy fails is that it lacks flexibility and interactivity • Delivered in PowerPoint it remains largely static and quickly becomes outdated • At Informed we think this is wrong, hence we built a strategy platform from the ground up built for change and built for currency. This platform is the foundation for the Informed-way Automation strategyFlexible 2. • Our model is the combination of industry experts and a software platform to drive strategy delivery • Our people are industry veterans, when we deliver an automation strategy using our software platform we don’t walk away. Our consultants will help optimise delivery and work with you to overcome roadblocks Our People 2.

3. Automation – The Informed Way OUR APPROACH TO AUTOMATION STRATEGY WILL SET YOUR ORGANISATION ON THE RIGHT PATH TO SUCCESS • Automation tools alone will not deliver IT Infrastructure automation for your organisation • To be successful you must have an Automation strategy and plan that drives automation across process and technology • The Informed approach is based on a ground up re-design of how strategy is delivered….we think you’ll like it Let’s Start at the Beginning…….

4. Lets first look at Car Manufacturing THE CAR MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY HAS BEEN AUTOMATING FOR OVER ONE HUNDRED YEARS 1901 1908 1913 1956 2016 Ransom Old's invents the assembly Line (Oldsmobile) • 500% output improvement • 20 cars per day Ford Model T Introduced • Build time – 12 Hours Ford Introduces the Moving Assembly line • Build time – 93 Minutes • 2 Million cars produced in 1 year • $550 per car ($14K in 2016), decreasing to $290 in 1925 Invention of the Industrial Robot • Half of all factory robotics is used in car manufacturing • In the KIA factory 240 Robots fuse a car together in 90 minutes Car Manufacturing Automation • Toyota manufactures 3.3M cars a year • Average output is 575 cars per hour

5. IT Infrastructure is still in 1901 EVEN WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF TOOLS, INFRASTRUCTURE PROVISIONING STILL HAVE MANY MANUAL COMPONENTS AND DELAYS Compute Storage Network Security OS Config Apps Process – CMDB etc QA • Enterprise Organisations, on average, take 10 days to build, configure, QA and commission a workload. • Characterised by a large number of manual tasks and lengthy wait-times

6. IT Infrastructure is a Car IT INFRASTRUCTURE PROVISIONING NEEDS TO MODERNISE, MAKING USE OF THE IT EQUIVALENT OF A ROBOTIC ASSEMBLY LINE Compute Storage Network Security OS Config Apps Process – CMDB etc QA Automation is the IT Infrastructure equivalent of a continuous Robotic Assembly line The IT Automation Assembly Line

7. The Problem is…. ORGANISATIONS STRUGGLE TO BUILD A PLAN TO MOVE FROM 1901 MANUAL PROVISIONING TO 2016 AUTOMATION To modernise and automate your infrastructure provisioning across the dimensions of people, process and technology, you will need a clear unambiguous plan that: # Plan Rationale 1 Includes a Clear Automation Strategy The entire organisation operating to a common goal 2 Includes a Financial Analysis Why are we automating – A financial perspective 3 Has a clear highway for delivery A detailed plan to move the organisation from current state to future state including resources, actions and milestones 4 Can be updated to reflect changes No project is static just as no business is static, the plan must change to reflect this

8. Informed has the answers THE INFORMED SOFTWARE PLATFORM AND ENGAGEMENT PROCESS IS DESIGNED TO CREATE YOUR AUTOMATION ASSEMBLY LINE What? The Informed team will work with your organisation to understand the end-to-end provisioning process Outcome – A completed understanding of your existing provisioning process How? • Focused workshop • Interviews • Data analysis Step 1 - Understanding What? A plan built on the Informed Software Platform providing current ‘at your fingertips’ data to drive automation adoption Outcome – An interactive plan that will drive implementation Includes? • Current state – target state tasks • Financial data • Recommendations & Analysis Step 2 - A Plan What? Use the Informed software Platform and consultants to drive the project through to delivery Outcome – A delivered automation strategy Includes? • Interactive software platform – always current • Informed Consultants to assist as required and at set checkpoints Step 3 - Delivery The 3-Step Informed-way to quickly implement an IT automation assembly line

9. The Informed Software Platform (1/2) THE INFORMED SOFTWARE PLATFORM CHANGES EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT THE DELIVERY OF STRATEGY Interactive Process Canvas Detailed analysis of Tasks • Map current state and future state provisioning processes • Move processes for ‘what-if’ scenario analysis • Click on each task to understand the activities, resource and cost that make up the task • Deep Dive into each current state and future state tasks • Understand costs, resources, activity description and tooling involved for each activity • Enable advanced features such as opportunity dividend and outsourcing costs

10. The Informed Software Platform (2/2) THE INFORMED SOFTWARE PLATFORM CHANGES EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT THE DELIVERY OF STRATEGY A ‘real-time’ interactive project plan Financial Analysis • Full Feature project Plan • Adjust tasks in real-time to dynamically reflect project changes • Add milestones, dependencies as required • Build out project delivery sprints • View graphically the provisioning times and costs • Break it down by team or stage • Multiple graph views • Graphs are exported into presentation view Includes a Presentation view to present real time strategy and project information to stakeholders

11. Ready To Start Please call or email us, we can talk all day about automation…we seriously can  02Contact Us We’d love to visit and talk through the engagement, demo the software and answer any questions you may have. 03Site Visit Check out our Web Site. It has more information about our Automation engagement and the company 01WEB +61 3 84592116 | PLEASE CONTACT US, WE’D LOVE TO TALK TO YOU MORE ABOUT YOUR AUTOMATION GOALS

12. +61 400 501 010 +61 432 903 138 INFORMED Contact Us Customer Centricity are not just words to us, rather a philosophy that drives all that we do

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