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Published on May 27, 2016

Author: Varnish_software


1. Automating tasks with VARNISH PLUS

2. Hugo Cruz Product Manager About me • Oslo based developer, from Portugal • Lots of hats, mostly Front-end Email: IRC: hugo on Twitter: @hrcru

3. AGENDA • The Varnish Plus minimum stack • Playing with stats • VCL version control with Git • Cache invalidation • Increase value with VCS

4. Live demo ahead

5. Besides black magic, there is only automation and mechanisation - Federico Garcia Lorca

6. Monitoring Configuration Statistics Automate your tasks Integrate Varnish Plus in your existing toolset.

7. The minimum value stack

8. BenefitsSetup Management tools Realtime monitoring JSON API for everything $~> Setup Varnish Plus repository $~> Install Varnish Cache Plus $~> Install varnish-agent and vcs-probe $~> Install Varnish Administration Console $~> Install Varnish Custom Statistics

9. Varnish Cache Plus Supercharged version of the popular open source HTTP reverse proxy, Varnish Cache Varnish Administration Console Cluster controller for you Varnish(s) installation Varnish Custom Statistics A real-time statistics engine Varnish agents and VCS probe Varnish agent and VCS probe are responsible for extracting data for VAC and VCS Minimal Value stack

10. VAC VCS 4.1 VCS probe Varnish agent Varnish Cache Plus 4.1 VCS probe Varnish agent 4.0 VCS probe Varnish agent 4.0 VCS probe Varnish agent { UI API UI API Varnish Customs Statistics Varnish Administration Console

11. Playing with stats

12. Different aggregations available RRD statistical data gathered in the VAC Completely configurable Varnish Stats through VAC

13. More VCL fun

14. automatic deploy and rollover. setup a git hook with VAC API change VCL VCL + GIT

15. Purging

16. Benefits high performance purging $ curl -X PURGE -H ‘X-Cache-Group: Production’ -H ‘X-HMAC: 0xf7bc83f430538424b13298e6aa6fb143ef4d59a14946175997479dbc2d1a3cd8 ‘ -H ‘X-Timestamp: 1391641007 http://vac-server:8088/purge-url purge several instances in a group, fast $ “ No need for extra setup. Purger is up and running with VAC, on port 8088.” Issue a purge acl purgers { “”; “”/24; } sub vcl_recv { if (req.request == “PURGE”) { if (!client.ip ~ purgers) { error 405 “Method not allowed”; } if (digest.hmac_sha256(“secret-key”,req.url + req.http.x-timestamp + req.http.x-cache-group) != req.http.x-hmac) { error 405 “Method not allowed”; } return (lookup); } } Extra security Super Fast Purger Fully secure

17. Increase value with VCS

18. Benefits Live Production debugging Business indicators Realtime statistics engine sub vcl_deliver { # This creates a grouping for each specific value of the Host request std.log("vcs-key: " +; # This creates a key based on both the Host header and the URL std.log("vcs-key: URL-“ + + req.url); # This will create two keys 'MISS' and 'HIT', each counting # stats for requests matching one of the two conditions. if (obj.hits == 0) { std.log("vcs-key: MISS"); } else { std.log("vcs-key: HIT"); } } Time series API VCS Basic setup (counting hits and misses) A/B testing

19. Minimum stack Setup the components Playing with stats VAC powered Varnish stats VCL version control Integrating VCL and GIT Cache Invalidation Using the Super Fast Purger VCS in production Debugging with VCS Summing up

20. Thank you! Reach out to me if you have further questions Email: IRC: hugo on Twitter: @hrcru

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