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Published on August 19, 2013

Author: ddwmumbai


Name of Innovation:: Name of Innovation: Team/ Individual Name: J.Nishanth Members of the Team: J.Nishanth Name of College and City: Sona college of technology Course of specialization: BE ECE Year/ Batch: 1 year/ 2013 College ID: Sona college of technology Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: Mr. Bala Murugan Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted:: Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Established: it has been established in national science exhibition and approved by people, judges and was awarded for my innovation Idea Prototype Established Scaling The Innovation: The Innovation Summary of the innovation needs to cover the following titles: Chosen industry (one industry): (3) Public Services Objective : Name of innovation: Automatic electric shock tripper i ) To prevent human being and animals from death or accident from electric shock in electric appliances and due to damage in electric distribution. ii). To switch off the power immediately in case of a short circuit or a electrical leak in any electrical appliance and damage to the power distribution system from a given source. iii.) To switch off automatically the power for three times within specific intervals of time incase there is a power leak or damage to distributive system incase the defect is not rectified and to switch off the power completely. Maximum Points: 10 PowerPoint Presentation:  iv.) To inform the electrical distribution authorities by automatic call system through phone incase the defect is not rectified within the three times warning and if the defect is not rectified, to disconnect the power distribution even after three times warning v.) When a rain indicator is connected to the present electronic equipment, to inform the electrical officers about the fact of raining in a given particular place through voice mail information Approach : This is the very new innovation to prevent the people from electrical shock death from transformer wire lines and it automatically switch off the power supply and gives a call to EB and it will inform the place there is a electrical leakage . Describe the innovation developed : there are no products presently in EB to inform by call suddenly and switch off power immediately when the power line wire cut off and touches the earth. Compelling need for the innovation: Compelling need for the innovation I saw the news in TV that the people got the electrical shock and they are killed due to leakage in electricity. (more than During the time of cyclone there are most of the power line cut off and the current passed by the water the people are killed by the shock. I saw if it is fused in transformed due to electrical leakages in distribution lines no one is to clear immediately and if they came to clear manual process acquires much time. If the EB helpers tried to clear immediately they got the shock due to wetness of rain water and humidity level is very high. No one ( EB helpers ) should identify the fact of fused in remote areas such us hilly regions Villages etc.. For this reason there no power supply in those areas and not only those areas also in city, town IF the people detected the damages in transmissions wire, lines touching the trees are buildings or cut off and touching the earth, the have to call through telephone to inform to EB about the area, problem and to switch off the power in those lines and not to switch on Maximum Points: 20 PowerPoint Presentation: Manual call acquires much time to inform, search of correct phone number, During the time there will be danger (leakage of electricity). When the fuses are so huge the transformer got failure. Once transformer failure there will be no power supply from the output of the transformer until the transformer replaced with a new one. To replace the transformer has to wait for day to day. And the government spend huge amount for new transformer and labor to transport and replace By this reason people affect so much. Effects of long power failure affecting people They want to fill their overhead tank, even cannot charge their home inverters, cell phones etc… Impact: Impact My invention mainly used to prevent the people from electric shock during rainy season from the EB transmission lines. When the out put of transformer line wire cuts off immediately, automatic electric shock tripper will switch off the power. Next no need to switch on manually. It will switch on for three times, problem is solved it gives output (for minor problem). When problem is major ( electricity wire touching the earth or any major dangerous leakage) it permanently switch off the power. And it automatically call to required EB power house and it will inform the area (place of fault), transformer no) etc.. By making call immediately. When the problem solved (By EB manually) automatically switch on the power and it will inform. It is also possible no need to replace fuse of transformers. Maximum Points: 30 PowerPoint Presentation: If the rain indicator is connected to tripper system. The tripper system Make a call and inform when the rain starts, stops . So they switch off power in power houses to avoid sparks, damages in EB materials in their input of transformers lines (not in transformers output because we using my tripper system) Presently EB facing so much problem in this lines. This is very new method with cheap (very low cost) and (easy construction without affecting present system, never repair) best Implementation: Implementation Demonstrate that you can successfully implement your idea by providing a feasible timeline, possible budgets required along with the potential challenges you foresee and the solutions to tackle them. Support your innovation with possible collaterals such as by uploading video links, photographs, reference material of the innovation developed, etc. YES sure the idea was successfully possible implement in feasible timeline Yes the budgets is very low and easy construction In this innovation no need to change any system already present there. It is simple, more useful to public and high efficient (many years to gets repair). Yes it must be solutions to tackle them because it is great need to us to prevent life of humans And to inform a process suddenly to EB men's to rectify it. Maximum Points: 50 prototype link : prototype link Explanation about video (for better understanding):  Explanation about video (for better understanding) In the video you can see the bulb, switch board, mobile phone tripper box opened view etc.. Step 1 Consider as the wire I tested is main wire with supply, bulb as output like to homes, factories, hospitals etc.. (transmission lines) and mobile phone for the purpose of transmission Step 2 Normally the bulb glow thus means the output supply present. When I touched or plugged the power transmission wire (which is in my hand) in earth port. Now the bulb suddenly switched off thus means the out put of transformer line is disconnected in the real field. Step3 It will be reset and gives supply to the bulb. Again I plucked in it the process will be done once again PowerPoint Presentation: This process continues 3 times Step4 Finally the bulb will switched off and You can see the mobile phone call to another number and the voice will be heard there After few seconds you can hear the voice of a another phone ringing. The call was make by tripper phone. When you attend the call you can hear the voice Voice –electricity leakage power disconnected (any type of information voice can be settable & in any language) If I saved the phone number of EB station the voice call information sends to them & if they need sms can be settable. References: I developed my innovations practically for that I got the awards from Indian scientist. : References: I developed my innovations practically for that I got the awards from Indian scientist. The Competitive Advantage: The Competitive Advantage Analysis of competitive innovation that are in the area that you are presenting. What is the competitive advantage of your innovation? My area to help Electricity Board by using (electrical, electronics, communications circuit appliances or my new innovative devices. In my innovation there will be a call to phone when EB transmission wire cuts off so it a call no one can miss it(EB helpers) . If it is a sms no one give attention at a present time. So I gave a call and it will inform by voice (like other calling to us) & also and later it sends sms . (if we not attend the call). Presently no innovation are there in India to prevent animals, humans from electrical shock in transmission lines, output of transformer. Risk in electricity leakage may be reduced. No need to replace fuse often. It switch off and after a few seconds or a minute it will resettled again. If it is a minor problem it will handle it selves. If the problem is huge it tries to clear it self but it can’t . It switch off the power in that line immediately and inform to EB powerhouse. Maximum Points: 30 PowerPoint Presentation: Sources of guidance you received to develop the innovation to be mentioned. No there is any source of guidance (as I am a guide) I developed my innovation my self with self interest to protect people from electrical leakage death and also developed my innovation up to date present now. But encouragement from the people and I referred with EB to make it develop. Are you pursuing a patent for your innovation? Yes I registered for the patent and it in process. Applied in the year 2010 in Chennai patent office Guindy Thank You: Thank You

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