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Published on August 17, 2009

Author: rasadler



This is the season 2 Autobot base

The Autobot Base Do to me getting a new room, The Autobots got a new base. It is much bigger! Classified

This base is able to fight 50 Autobots Do to me getting more Autobots I used this desk as my Autobot base. It will be featured in Season 2 Classified

Do to me getting more Autobots I used this desk as my Autobot base. It will be featured in Season 2

Autobot HQ Classified

R and R area Classified

Recharge Area Classified

Peace Area Classified

Entrance Classified

Telatran 1 Classified

Simulator Classified

Briefing Area Classified

Weapons Depot Classified

Leader Area Classified

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